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Store Design Themes

By PMIT Inc  (released Mar 22, 2010)
Apply animated professional design to your current eBay store. Only $3.95 per month.
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
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No Customer Service
Worked great, still working actually. But I can't open the app or make any changes. I keep getting the same error message. I have contacted customer support numerous times of the course of months with no response.
Created By: ms.bhaven247
On: Jan 26, 2018

It doesn't work
Useless, waste of time. Doesn't work. :(
Created By: dcybermind
On: Nov 03, 2017

Not worth paying for
Ads very little value to your store design.
Created By: weirdstuffantiques
On: Aug 31, 2017

Can't get the design to load
The instructions on how to get the design to load if it doesn't are weak at best. Step by step instructions would be nice. I am canceling.
Created By: wholesalesince2004
On: Jun 08, 2016

This application was created and then abandoned! DO NOT SIGN-UP OR GIVE THEM MONEY
I paid $3.95 for (6) six months with promise to fix the (false) cookie error message. Why do I say false? Because I had (2) two stores with store design themes since 2010 and one worked and one did not but they still charged a total $7.90 per month ($3.95 each store) and would never help me fix the (1) one store that was not working. They promised for months to credit my account but this did not happen.
Created By: budgetbook4u
On: Dec 25, 2015

Great Customer Service/Awesome App/Highly Recommend
Great Customer service and amazing app. I will be a long term customer highly recommend
Created By: jenp2012-2012
On: Dec 24, 2015

(There have been no reviews for this application.)
No help at all from PMIT.
You are strictly on your own. I have emailed them 3 times for help and NO response.
Created By: haleighbugscloset
On: Oct 10, 2015

Cant cjange wallpaper. Ive spemt all aftermoon and half tje nigjt trying to fix tjis and it wont chamge!
Created By: mousesqueen
On: Aug 13, 2015

I am paying a monthly fee and not recieving any store design or help.
This is terrible. I am locked into paying for nothing. No help No refunds. I signed up for a store design, then I never could locate PMIT again. No customer Service Phone is no longer in service.
Created By: emilio2806
On: Jun 20, 2015

Has great theme but not good
I only got the chance to try it out for few minutes and know right away its not good and its not a keeper.It has great and alot of theme to choose from,plus you can add your own mix into it.I like the fact that after the theme is apply to your store it doesn't show the name of the app that create it like some other apps.but what i hate the most is that when i revert back to my original ebay store setting theme it got messed up..it is completely change from the settings i had before.so for those we looking to try it out,keep that it mind that if you decide to no longer use it and revert back to original settings those settings might not be the same anymore.
Created By: johnandrene2011
On: Feb 26, 2015

Created By: thetreasurechestinbama
On: Jun 30, 2014

(There have been no reviews for this application.)
Generic poorly designed headers to choose from. Backgrounds are also poor.
THE IDEA OF THIS APP IS GOOD HOWEVER THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT IT! I've also tried to cancel my subscription and they keep on taking my money... The entire app is poorly executed, has no artistic qualities what so ever and has been a complete waste of time and money! there were only 5 or 6 out of a few hundred that were even remotely useable and I finally settled on what was I'm sure intended to be a furniture store header for a wig store. also...THE HEADERS THAT HAVE FLASH ANIMATION ARE ABSOLUTELY THE WORST. I'M EMBARRASSED TO EVEN ADMIT USING THIS. EBAY... GET SOMEONE ELSE IN HERE THAT CAN MAKE THIS WORK BY OFFERING COOL HEADERS TO CHOOSE FROM!
Created By: koolboots
On: Apr 22, 2014