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By MyStoreCredit, Inc.  (released Aug 18, 2009)
Track your buyer locations – regionally or internationally -- by easily adding a customizable, rotating map to your listings.
Categories: Shipping & payments, Marketing & merchandising
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Excellent Customer Service!
I developed an issue with this apps due to my fault without realizing it. Customer and Technical supports worked with me above and beyond in getting me back on track! This apps really does increase sales. While I was down for almost 3 months I didn't have 1 international sale and I have them all the time since I subscribed to this app. I'm retired from a corporate sales support career and I know the difference between good, average, and bad customer service. I rate MyStoreMaps app a 5 Stars as it has increased my sales, is user friendly, and I rate their Customer Service as Excellent, Superb, Fantastic, and Incredible! Why? Because they not only have the expertise, proficiency, and ability to be problem solvers, they actually CARE about their customers. ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
Created By: bigbunny01956
On: Jun 25, 2018

Excellent customer service!
I was having problems for several months with a glich in the billing for my account. I finally emailed customer service at MyStoreMaps. Michelle and her tech team got my account back up and running. She was extremely helpful and patient in researching and fixing the problems. THANK YOU!
Created By: pgssbuy1
On: May 01, 2018

Shows buyers all of the countries you have shipped to
Gives buyers in every country confidence that they will get what they order. We ship all over the world every day and I give MyStoreMaps the credit. It really drives international sales! (It's good for U.S. sales too)
Created By: heartforethiopia
On: Apr 23, 2018

Ultimately ended up costing me thousands of dollars in,lost revenue! and HOURS
Incredible losses based on an application, that didn't update. eBay actually pulled, and deleted every single one of my listings, because of this stupid application's java-script, and hyperlink. What a stupid thing to lose all that money, and deal with such frustration over. Never Again!
Created By: pinnacle-liquidation
On: Mar 14, 2018

Have Used This App For 6 Yrs
Created By: steeda059
On: Mar 08, 2018

Does Not Work
This was a nice free service that I used for several years. They made some changes
Created By: collectibles_unlimited
On: Mar 07, 2018

They have this thing called refreshing your token. It's such a long road map to try and get this done. No phone customer support. Not worth having.
Created By: bond007pho
On: Feb 08, 2018

This app is a must have. I have had people from other countries tell me the only reason they decided to buy from me over someone else was because i showed how experienced i was with MyStoreMaps. Well worth the small fee they charge, I highly recommend using it, and I only use a couple apps and this is one of them.
Created By: bostonsales2017
On: Jan 18, 2018

Don't advertise on my listings.
This is a paid app. If I wanted ads from you under the map for your service, it should be free. Canceling.
Created By: thisisonlineshopping
On: Jan 07, 2018

Awesome when things work out so well.
Easy and accurate
Created By: cnkj1
On: Dec 29, 2017

most functions only work after trial.
Created By: dru-3d
On: Dec 14, 2017

This map has given me a lot more sales!Thanks!!!
very nice!
Created By: vianebeaute
On: Nov 25, 2017

The page you have requested does not exist: 'https://newage.mystoremaps.com/help'
Created By: tlw1865
On: Oct 27, 2017

I te been doing a great experience thank You
Created By: chikitabh
On: Oct 24, 2017

a great promotional application.
It lets future customers see where my guitar straps have sold nation wide.
Created By: downtoearthleatherwerks
On: Oct 23, 2017

Hard to get in touch with TWO STARS rate
My storemaps works great I love the Map, but its just hard to get in touch with them, had it for 3 years never could get in touch with them they never call you backs
Created By: losangeles-discounts
On: Sep 07, 2017

MyStoreMap support is NONEXISTENT !
After repeated emails - NO SUPPORT BY MYSTORESMAPS PROVIDED. Very disappointing !
Created By: tools4docs
On: Aug 23, 2017

Like previous one
I liked the previous map where it showed all the states and countries you ship to.
Created By: shabbychic6912
On: Aug 03, 2017

How the heck do you rid of this??
Left an ad on every listing after I cancelled. .99 cents a month I'd do it. $12.99 no way.
Created By: twincitiessales
On: Jul 09, 2017

poor service
charge my PayPal but no maps
Created By: mbdiesel1
On: Jul 06, 2017

Great product !
Great tool !
Created By: cremeusa
On: Jun 05, 2017

Does not load up
You pay for the program to load up. 10 minutes and nothing loads up. Not impress and would not use.
Created By: oemwheelsdirect
On: May 18, 2017

Excellent program. Horrible customer service!!!!
The application on the listings is great! Contacting customer service is an extremely difficult and BAD experience.
Created By: acebestbuy
On: May 09, 2017

Nice App for keeping track where your buyers are located. Where there's a demand for what you sell.
Had app for about a year then for some reason it just wasn't there anymore. Plan on getting it back again.
Created By: antweekers101
On: May 08, 2017

Created By: discobunny57
On: Apr 25, 2017

Created By: young-electronix
On: Apr 16, 2017

you wrecked it by not allowing detailed info anymore. If you change it back let me know
Created By: comicbookparadisecy
On: Apr 12, 2017

Worst services ever....
This service is so terrible and I would never refer anybody for using mystoremaps. After you cancel the subscription, then they will email you over 100 times in 3 days about this Dear my_bc3137, MyStoreMaps Automated Removal Process couldn't automatically remove the HTML Code of your map from all your eBay listings. While your maps are no longer showing, the HTML code may still be present in some of your listings. This can be because of the following reasons: Your eBay token has expired You no longer have any listings on eBay eBay doesn't allow automated updates for certain listings such as listings that will end soon, and so on. You must remove the MyStoreMaps HTML Code manually. To do so, follow these steps: Log-in to your eBay account Edit each active listing Remove all code between these tags: GE and Then follow these steps in order to completely uninstall MyStoreMaps: Do not used they services, you will regret it.....
Created By: my_bc3137
On: Apr 11, 2017

Excellent application
Used the application for one year, very like
Created By: l_store
On: Apr 11, 2017

Straight downhill
Was Great back a few month - then overfilling, double billing and probably now billing after i quit.
Created By: arizonarich0504
On: Apr 11, 2017

Loved it at first...then they kept telling me that the acct was suspended?
If your Paypal acct doesnt have the necessary funds to pay them, they send you continuous suspension notices that just get your BLOOD BOILING. Even when funds are added to Paypal acct, the harassment continues.
Created By: coolparts2go
On: Apr 09, 2017

Very usefull application. Highly recommend!
Use this app several years and it help for my customers and for my hobby.
Created By: alexcatfish09
On: Apr 07, 2017

Great app
Great all-around app
Created By: chicomarley
On: Apr 05, 2017

The world map with pins where I've shipped -- SO COOL!
So cool! It shows all the places I've shipped on a graphic map in all my listings. Yay, I'm taking over the world! :-)
Created By: raducugut
On: Mar 13, 2017

OK for free...but $12.95 every month?...!
The map is a fun thing to look at, but I'm glad most eBaY buyers don't read much-the thing says our last shipment out was in June of 2015! There is absolutely no evidence that it is an aid to sales. The slow times are still just as slow; and the 'good' times have a LONG WAY to go to get back to 2013 levels. In truth, most buyers never scroll down far enough to read the description...much less to see this map at the very BOTTOM of the listing. It was OK for free, but $12.95 per month? Not in this life! Thanx, but no thanx.
Created By: mmoran0513
On: Mar 06, 2017

I like the way show the deliveries around the world
Created By: holacolombya
On: Feb 24, 2017

1st month free trial, never saw the ap on my site.
Cancelled service in the same month as free trial, continue to receive past due notices for payment. If anyone from this ap reads this please stop sending past due notices. The account shows cancelled.
Created By: backroadfinds
On: Feb 20, 2017

I love it
it shows all the states and country's you sold to. I love it
Created By: losangeles-lowprice
On: Feb 17, 2017

Good information
gives my customers at a glance where and when my sales are
Created By: mitzisgreatfinds
On: Feb 04, 2017

it is a fine automatic graphic. That does nothing
It says they will charge you $8.95 per month. The bill was 12.95 per month. Customer care doesn't respond to this app or any of the other ones. No thanks. I would like a refund. It will take me a month to get your HTML off all my listings. and that still is more harm than good.
Created By: suzyssurplus-ishkabiblemoney
On: Jan 07, 2017

Love the app. Works perfectly without a hitch. Shows our customers that we are truly an international seller.
Created By: americanmade-us
On: Dec 30, 2016

Great visual information of where buyers are purchasing from.
I like it very much.
Created By: interveza
On: Dec 20, 2016

Free plan is discontinuing
Free plan is discontinuing
Created By: esspos
On: Dec 19, 2016

Was nice, years ago. Not worth paying $12.95 a MONTH for! That's far too much for a script.
This is a very good way to show your customers that you are actively selling and helps build trust, but eBay Feedback is really the only true trust builder, and free, so its just not worth paying for to everyone. They slowly took all the features until they are now finally forcing all free accounts to the paid version. They should've been happy I promoted their links on my listing for so long. You can do this yourself very easily yourself. Hint: upgrade to paypal business (free), download transaction report (this will include EVERY zip code for YEARS of sales history) Finally, use those zip codes to create your very own map, free. With some research and work its possible to make this process automated. It was good while it lasted, but I will be removing this from my listing now.
Created By: nwtradepost
On: Nov 25, 2016

good so far
good so far but haven't used for very long.
Created By: gmgauge608
On: Nov 14, 2016

Great to have in my site for the extra sales!!!A+++++
This is helping me a lot to increase my sales as many buyers are looking now where the item is been sold and its easy to see from the buyer's end. It's a Great tool.
Created By: rizaniya
On: Nov 12, 2016

problems using it
Created By: djadammartinez2012
On: Nov 11, 2016

does not work
Used to work fine, but eBay does not work anymore. Very disappointed, has cost my store money and lost sales.
Created By: wickedtickle
On: Nov 11, 2016

fun to see my buyers
think its a nice idea for buyers to see the sales you had.
Created By: rbdean1
On: Nov 10, 2016

Maps don't always show up; billing system is unreliable; not user friendly; ebay no longer allowing.
After a couple years, I'm unsubscribing. Hard to do business with.
Created By: buttonfun7
On: Nov 06, 2016

I love the map embedment to listing. AWSOME, AWSOME, AWSOME
Have been using this tool for 3 years already, has definitely helped in sales. Great tool.
Created By: sdbizman
On: Nov 02, 2016

Good while in subscription but after that complicated to delete html codes.
It should automatically delete html codes once the subscription is finished. This way it's complicated for users.
Created By: constantinopolis
On: Oct 23, 2016

Created By: sawasdee.thailand.store
On: Oct 19, 2016

Love this app!
This app works well and I love being able to show potential customers a map of all my previous customer shipments
Created By: thewestcoastpeddler
On: Oct 19, 2016

Great PR
I believe that when potential buyers see this and see where I have shipped it coupled with my excellent satisfaction ratings influence buyers---especially international buyers to make a purchase. It is visually very pleasing and updated without any problem Have not had a single problem with this app!! Love it
Created By: sym1947
On: Oct 14, 2016

great way to show sales
Like sharing the statistics
Created By: xxxclusivxx
On: Oct 07, 2016

I am pay for My store map!I don't have my maps on the my listing.
I am pay for My store map!I don't have my maps on the my listing.
Created By: vrazici2013
On: Sep 30, 2016

I love it for now
I love it it's useful
Created By: us2015.fatn
On: Sep 23, 2016

Great app
I like being able to see where the location is when I make a sale.
Created By: bonniesart
On: Sep 11, 2016

if you sign up for free, they will not contact you to let you know they are billing
free is only for a second then they charge month over month, but don't notify you until they've racked up a few months worth of fees. A SCAM!!!!
Created By: electrifymi
On: Sep 08, 2016

Created By: easyliving100
On: Aug 31, 2016

The Best Ever
we love this app and would really feel losing this app to ebay eliminating active contact would create a great business loss fo us. This app allows international customers who do not speak English to be assured that we successfully ship to their location. We really appreciate what this app does for us and would not want to do without it!!
Created By: justathome
On: Aug 29, 2016

I love being able to see where all I've sold. I've sold in every US state but one (New Mexico), and almost all of Canada! Thanks for a great app, that is fun to watch. Christina OddBodies Boutique
Created By: salme3
On: Aug 20, 2016

Great app
I feel that this app has increase my international sales. I believe that it helps buyers feel confidant with purchasing from my eBay store.
Created By: olympicposter
On: Aug 19, 2016

Excellent App
Created By: merchandisejungle
On: Aug 06, 2016

Nice to have!
great application!
Created By: allforall2015
On: Jul 26, 2016

Great To see Productivity on Ebay !!
Its a wonderful Feature
Created By: whwauthentichomme
On: Jul 09, 2016

I love this app
It really help a lot it boots up your sale quickly.
Created By: l.a.discounts
On: Jun 25, 2016

love it
love this app. It to me serves as a personal motivation tool as well as showing my buyers they can sorta trust that I send packages all over. I can not say if it helped my sells in any way except motivation to list more and more. its still worth every penny in my book. I love it.
Created By: daniedod0
On: Jun 10, 2016

love it
Created By: artgabriella
On: Jun 04, 2016

neat how it populates the various states and countries
neat and awesome how it populates various states and countries.
Created By: kyim4966
On: May 27, 2016

Great, just great!
Best free app!!
Created By: pristup
On: May 22, 2016

perfect app
perfect app
Created By: curemurakami
On: May 16, 2016

this app is awesome that shows how world class you are....
Created By: migooch214
On: May 11, 2016

This helps business.
Created By: abigail*2000
On: May 08, 2016

Great application. highly recommended.
This application is great because shows places you already sold your items, and customer know that you are a good seller.
Created By: allur51718
On: Apr 24, 2016

Works fairly good.
Created By: mike1326
On: Apr 24, 2016

I notice I have more buyers since I am subscribed to My store maps
I notice I have more buyers since I am subscribed to My store maps
Created By: littlesunshine2015
On: Apr 09, 2016

Pretty cool!
It is very interesting to see your shipment distribution on the map!
Created By: aaliva
On: Apr 05, 2016

Nice add on
Map is a nice feature to listings
Created By: uziekalla
On: Apr 02, 2016

awesome app
Tracks and shows others who Ive sold to....awesome!
Created By: sodac
On: Mar 30, 2016

Bad App - Bad Company
App is worthless
Created By: dx3group
On: Mar 17, 2016

(There have been no reviews for this application.)
I don't think so increase the sales
I don't think so increase the sales. if was free , doesn't hurt to have it
Created By: ketas2640
On: Mar 08, 2016

Do Not Use - They Charge You To Remove Maps and Bad Code
Do Not Use - They Charge You To Remove Maps and Bad Code
Created By: midwestcoin_dot_com
On: Mar 06, 2016

Charged my account
Without notice charged my account $64 and phone number is bogus and emails not returned. They will take your money and RUN !!!
Created By: urbantoyz71
On: Mar 01, 2016

great apps shows where customers are
great apps shows where customers are
Created By: burnstaruber0
On: Mar 01, 2016

Great input for customers
I enjoy the visual impact of this application. It shows the appeal of my listing across the whole country.
Created By: cherylkth-2008
On: Feb 29, 2016

Great Vision of a world full of customers!
I love this app because it simply and elegantly shows who's bought from you in the past and where in the world they've bought from....it's great!!
Created By: resale.universe
On: Feb 22, 2016

No "Unsubscribe" option anywhere!
It's a good app and does what it describes. Nice map at the botom of each listing with flags. I decided to cancel because I needed to tinker with html of my listings and wanted simplicity of code. Turns out, in "Manage Applications" even under "other actions" there is no Unsubscribe or cancel in sight. Other applications do have it. I wrote email to customer service asking to cancel. After that I got eBay message that my account is under delinquency and will be canceled in 30 days unless I pay balance. But if I pay balance now, it will be reinstated. I have to endure in delinquent status for 30 days??? I rate the app as excellent, no problem. Just hope they will fix this flaw.
Created By: punkedelics4u
On: Feb 14, 2016

the is a great app
works as described
Created By: onfairywingsfl
On: Feb 06, 2016

Helps Sales!
It gives customers confidence in our ability to ship to their location. It is also a great visual that helps build trust in us as sellers. I love this app!!
Created By: night-owler78
On: Feb 02, 2016

See where\ my stuff is going
pretty neat to see where all of my stuff is going.
Created By: athens4sale
On: Feb 01, 2016

Great App.
Increased my International sales greatly
Created By: fotomagicusa
On: Jan 23, 2016

Not bad, but too expensive
As I said in the title, not too bad, but too expensive. And how can they prove what they claim, that if you had it you sell more abroad?
Created By: motoricambi.minoldo
On: Jan 22, 2016

Excellent !
This application gives my eBay store an excellent upgrade.
Created By: styleandyou
On: Jan 21, 2016

doesn't work at all
Created By: floridadeals2
On: Jan 19, 2016

allows people to see who you do business with
Created By: micksbarginbunkerpa
On: Dec 28, 2015

Worst Customer service and relation ever
I subscribed and cancelled this app before the trial period. it showed in my apps as cancelled a few days after i signed for. Got an invoice from them and tried several times to call them but they don't take calls and messages left are not returned. They took the money from my paypal account which i had to call paypal to create a case before paypal refunded the money back to me. Don't ever get this up. the trial is not even worth it and once you sign up they will not stop billing you even when its shown in your app as cancelled.
Created By: jonjusjay
On: Dec 22, 2015

Very nice idea! Clients can see we are shipping to any place around the world!
Instead of contacting us asking if we can ship to whatever country they are from, clients can just take a look at the maps and see that we are shipping everywhere!
Created By: art-in-part
On: Dec 20, 2015

This is a big pain if you add to all your items and then decide not to want.
This will waste a lot of your time. I doubt it is even useful at all as they claim. They would try to get you to subscribe for a fee and they have glitches as well. If you like to waste ton of time trying to edit each of your item to move the code then go ahead if you do not than better stay away like a plague as it will only create frustrations. They claim that they have an auto removal link. Yes they do but does not work since it require a Token and you may have to change that when you unsubscribe. Just a pain in the @ss .
Created By: lvbazaar
On: Dec 13, 2015

Not Good
I previously reviewed this app and gave it 1 star because it would not start, well it was working the next day, but the map looks ridiculous. It say customizable, but good luck figuring it out. It just quickly rotates between countries and you can't see any real detail as to where you've sold, just some large red arrows. If you click on map details, you get a message that says data can not be retrieved, no pins will be shown. As far as all the reviews that said you can't cancel your subscription, I did not have that problem. It said I had 6 days left on my free trial, PayPal had not been charged. I just clicked on the actions arrow in my apps and selected cancel subscription and it was done immediately.
Created By: augusthillsales
On: Dec 07, 2015

Knowledge is Power!
MyStoreMaps is a great app to have on eBay. It shows my potential customers that I've sold items to various locations in the world. Most importantly its shows my last shipment, which is good. They know I'm an active seller and that builds trust.
Created By: press_kit
On: Dec 04, 2015

Lazy people runnig a business should never exist ever.
The worst service ever, customer service is nonexistence and the Automated Removal Process that they offer is a scam, you'll have to do it yourself.
Created By: authenticlowsales
On: Nov 24, 2015

Great revier
Thank you for this short preview!
Created By: kdnpro
On: Nov 18, 2015

Mildly interesting app but NO customer service whatsoever. They will not renew or cancel upon request, indeed there is no communication at all. Don't bother.
Created By: senator.blutarsky
On: Nov 15, 2015

Love it overall but would like it to also show international sales.
Only my US sales show up on the map, and I have had many international sales. I can't figure out why. Otherwise, it's great.
Created By: panda-oma
On: Nov 15, 2015

Very useful!
Help me to make more businesses!
Created By: brain_team
On: Nov 06, 2015

This app not only gives your buyers valuable information but their customer support is OUTSTANDING!!
Being totally honest when I first installed this application I felt that it gave my lookers and shoppers valuable information helping them to make a buying decision. I later discovered that there were some internal issues that I felt were giving me incorrect information. I contacted their customer service team and the service that I received from them was second to none. We all worked together as a team, they kept in constant contact with me, kept me in the loop and my concerns were corrected in a timely matter. I do business the old-fashioned way, I believe the customer comes first and I believe the definition of good customer service is giving the customer more than they expect. MyStoreMaps has the exact same philosophy. It's a GREAT tool to use from a VERY reputable, reliable company. I only wish I could give them more than a 5 star rating. They deserve it. Nowadays it is not easy to find a company with these standards. You can't go wrong using MyStoreMaps!
Created By: mrunclephil
On: Nov 05, 2015

Its great when it does work, unfortunately the application rarely works.
I would not recommend this application as it is unreliable. It rarely works and frustrating to have to check, then wait hours to see if it will work after starting it over.
Created By: bigdtoys
On: Nov 03, 2015

Good looks cool map
I like it.
Created By: superjusticeforever
On: Oct 17, 2015

Love it!
It works perfect. I have it since I opened my store. We need more apps like this one. Thank you
Created By: erikarubisjewelrycollection
On: Oct 10, 2015

Created By: grandmasgreatgoodies
On: Oct 07, 2015

Does not show map. Shows invitation for other sellers to opt in instead.
I signed up to show how many shipments I made and where. All it shows is a message inviting other store owners to opt in. No map. I opted in the invite in my own listings. it replied you must be linked to a Pay Pal account. I am linked. It is not free. Used me to advertise and gave me nothing in return.
Created By: vtg.pickin
On: Oct 06, 2015

Less then poor, will not return calls.
No communications at all, after three calls.
Created By: rdsrls
On: Sep 28, 2015

Refreshing to seller mind to see all the happy customers!
Created By: cyndimc0331
On: Sep 25, 2015

You tell me I have to refresh, but I can't.
It will not let me refresh.
Created By: pegsecondserve
On: Sep 20, 2015

Will increase your international sales and exposure for sure
It does give confidence to international buyers to buy from you, it works.
Created By: ferdefer
On: Sep 20, 2015

Horrible...App does not work and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE
Worthless app, ZERO customer service provided dont waste your time and money
Created By: mmablastore
On: Sep 16, 2015

This is an excellent tool for sellers to show where their items are being sold
This seems to benefit my sales.
Created By: bighornnevada
On: Sep 15, 2015

It lets me and my customers see all the different places I sell to
I just think it is very valuable. Please refresh my Token. Thanks in advance.
Created By: lovemyneedles
On: Sep 09, 2015

Great app
I use this Application to display all the places where by buyers are locate worldwide.
Created By: alobalo
On: Aug 24, 2015

After speaking with Brian the President of MyStoreMaps application he assured me of the changes to come and let me know that they truly care about being of service to all members on eBay but even more so those of us that have reached the pinnacle of Top Rated Store Status. The price was a little prohibitive but they are working on fixing that issue. I would highly recommend this app it allows International and National buyers see you are a real business and have sold all over the USA and the world.
Created By: bobssportscollections
On: Aug 20, 2015

Love seeing the maps fill
Adds a level of confidence in a sellers ability to deliver
Created By: tique0
On: Aug 20, 2015

Maps for the Ages!
Shows buyeers how sucessful you are!
Created By: dwwine
On: Aug 19, 2015

i have try to contact support more then 10 times but no one have answer me,not once,i have bill for
you are billing me but not providing service !!!!
Created By: samba9876-rs
On: Aug 18, 2015

Was quite happy, until recently
Just recently noticed map isn't updating properly. Now I've been advised that it isn't mobile-user friendly and upgrading for a monthly fee is recommended. But after reading many poor reviews about billing issues and customer service being nonexistent, I think I'll pass. For now, at least.
Created By: oldcoolclosetbuys
On: Aug 16, 2015

I love to see where my items go
I like to know where my items go
Created By: jnlantiquecollectiblebargains
On: Aug 14, 2015

works like it should great app
allows my buyer more info.
Created By: pawnexpress1
On: Aug 13, 2015

I love it!
Very helpful for customers to validate your shipping history.
Created By: luckysparkles
On: Aug 11, 2015

Interesting and Enlightening!
I don't know if it makes a difference to the buyers, partly because of the products I sell, but it is interesting to see where most of my sales come from. I wish I had the world map right now but it's at the bottom of my to do list! I haven't delved that deeply into what it can do, but it would be great if you could zoom in and see sales for specific regions as well as the customer reviews that apply to that region. Overall, though, it's a cool app and I'm glad I got it!
Created By: exquisitesportstreasuresllc
On: Aug 07, 2015

Created By: shyumiha
On: Aug 06, 2015

Works well
Created By: bostonartauctions
On: Aug 06, 2015

Horrible. Did not work well
Did not load properly and many did not load at all. Ruined my listings even after I cancelled.
Created By: newagetogo
On: Aug 04, 2015

Very poor
Unable to complete my payment due to an [UNEXPECTED ERROR].PLEASE CORRECT THIS ERROR.Thanks.
Created By: 515george
On: Aug 02, 2015

Great way to build confidence from your buyers
THis is one of my favorite apps. I like how it gives your customers an idea of how many customers you've had before them. It also gives an idea of where you ship. Helps to build confidence in you as a seller. Good app
Created By: homelivingandmore
On: Jul 30, 2015

The app is 5 star but the CS isn't
One of the best apps I have seen and used. But Customer Service has been unresponsive and the lack of updating has a decidedly negative affect on potential buyers.
Created By: atmktg
On: Jul 20, 2015

Trying to renew does not work.
I tried numerous times to renew the app but it wont renew so I gave up. It's a shame because I really liked this app!
Created By: ximora2005
On: Jul 14, 2015

no support from the customers service
It was a good application when I tried it as a free trial.The maps are not working after I activate it with payment.The customer service is not replying or solving the problem.I had to cancel it after paying some monthly fees.
Created By: nly2012
On: Jul 10, 2015

Provides Value
Good Reporting For Free Can't Best That
Created By: auctionjohn2011
On: Jul 08, 2015

never updates
waste of time
Created By: the1garagesalequeen
On: Jun 27, 2015

Excellent service
Positive addition to listings.
Created By: abletrailer
On: Jun 21, 2015

I've seen it on other sites and was impressed looking at things I was not looking for and buying!
We will see if it gets me more customers
Created By: josepraino
On: Jun 18, 2015

good app
good app
Created By: cpt316
On: Jun 16, 2015

Looks great on listings! Love it.
I got this app a few years ago out of curiosity and I do not regret it. It records the location of where you sent your items and places it on a map. Not only does this give spice to your description, but every now and then I like to look at it. I never really payed attention to where I send my item, but after I used this app, it's just mind-blowing to see all the different places you have sent your items. Oh and one last thing, I appreciate the fact that this app doesn't nag you to buy the paid version nor does it deprive you of essential features when you use the free version.
Created By: boracho1
On: Jun 12, 2015

Love this App
Let's both customers and us see where we do business and ship too...fun and cool
Created By: fromestates2u
On: Jun 12, 2015

looks fantastic on my listings- thank you for providing this for free.
Created By: corysmama
On: Jun 11, 2015

really super...love the idea...accidently let it run out and now wish to resubscribe
can't seem to activate...must try again
Created By: mj2463
On: Jun 06, 2015

the shipments are not showing up on the page
the shipments for the past 30 days are not showing up on the maps.
Created By: 15advocate
On: Jun 03, 2015

Installed just as free period ended. Cancelled and still billed.
Untimely service. No way to reach a live person regarding issues. The map only showed a few of the current deliveries so is unhelpful to me at this point. My previous store map showed delivery all over the world. Still charging me even after cancellation. Wasted expense for what is offered. If I could go in and add past shipments then it would be worth it.
Created By: bodyspandex
On: May 31, 2015

super easy and helpful app that puts you on the map!
shows customers that your ship everyone in a glimpse!
Created By: witmer2007
On: May 22, 2015

Please Fix this Issue I am being Biolled and for over a Year ... service.. now ???????
Created By: wolfjeff
On: May 20, 2015

i have cancel the suscription
i have cancel my suscription have from my paypal account the payment for this month please i need refund and cancel total in my account
Created By: bmw-ser
On: May 18, 2015

This app is everything it says it is and more, it's a very nice VISUAL AID tool that shows on bottom of each listing the sales UP TO DATE with your store. I chose to manually install ALL OUR SALES since we started selling, I must admit the ticker tape scrolling below map IS VERY IMPRESSIVE. ****I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP
Created By: djmj1006
On: May 17, 2015

Application Does Not Update or Add On To New Auctions
We currently have a subscription, but maps do not update nor does the app work on any newer listings.
Created By: eclectic-addict
On: May 16, 2015

Gives buyers insight into sellers international activity
Shows a buyer where a seller has shipped, provides valuable info.
Created By: mudcreekmc
On: May 11, 2015

Created By: 1947transistor2012
On: Apr 28, 2015

Created By: tolly4
On: Apr 15, 2015

Very good
It helps to show how good my sales are.
Created By: ipg.usa10
On: Apr 14, 2015

Limited directions on operating app
Tempted to drop it. Not enough clear instruction. Not able to see map without going to a listing.
Created By: fathersontreasurehunters
On: Apr 14, 2015

Exactly What I Was Looking For!
It is so cool to see where most of your items are shipped!
Created By: cmichler2013
On: Apr 10, 2015

I have had this service for at least a year and it RARELY IF EVER WORKED RIGHT....They know how to deduct the $ from your account but they can't seem to get this app to work. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!
Created By: groovietoyz
On: Apr 04, 2015

Good homes found for my Ebay items!
What a great way to show the world and reassure me that my Ebay items have found good new homes within the United States and Internationally.
Created By: buyingoldthings
On: Mar 26, 2015

No New Shipments Have Shown Up On Map Since September, 2014
I like the Storemaps on my listings, but no new shipments have shown up on my listings since September, 2014. It is now nearing the end of March 2015. Why is this happening?
Created By: glassmanwch
On: Mar 21, 2015

customers love seeing that i do business all over
nice service, lets my customers know I do business across the ?US.
Created By: snowflakesnsparkles
On: Mar 19, 2015

Great App!
Great app that provides good data to potential customers.
Created By: harold_zeigler_ag
On: Mar 17, 2015

Excellent selling tool. Highly recommended.
Customers can see where you shipped and how many items you shipped. It helps establish trust in the buying experience.
Created By: brezhen2012
On: Mar 17, 2015

Love this
Love this because it shows every location that I have shipped to.
Created By: connoraubreeandryder*nana*
On: Mar 16, 2015

love it
it allows more information to be visual
Created By: bellemagnolia555
On: Mar 10, 2015

I like to give more!
I thought that this App was the way to go to give my buyers something extra for buying from me, and it works great!
Created By: hobyman58
On: Mar 07, 2015

Great marketing tool but the price
We used mystore maps when they first started. The amount you paid was by how many feedback your had on your eBay ID. Now they charge $12.95 each month which is too high. I would prefer them charge based off you last 100 feedback's instead of a flat fee.
Created By: bandegifts
On: Mar 03, 2015

Adds a professional touch, shows I'm up to the challenge of being a worldwide seller!
Adds a professional touch, shows I'm up to the challenge of being a worldwide seller! I think it instills confidence in buyers from different countries. Plus it looks cool. And, what's a few bucks a month.
Created By: halle2lucy
On: Mar 03, 2015

Builds Great Credibility, and so cool to see where everything went! A MUST!
Absolutely worth it.
Created By: estateofdisbelief
On: Mar 01, 2015

I Love it
I think its Awesome seeing pins in the map. Shows everyone all the places I have sold items. Cant wait to fill in the whole world someday. Just curious I have two sales to Puerto Rico but they don't show as a pin in the map. Anyway to fix that. Would be great. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Created By: monsterdeal69
On: Feb 23, 2015

Fun and Easy
Excellent Visual Sales Aid- You can view the States on the Map you have shipped to.
Created By: oraclenam
On: Feb 23, 2015

It's something for customers to see that shows that your sales practically cover the map adding a sense of assurance when purchasing.
Created By: 1pigeon_racer
On: Feb 21, 2015

Will not return multiple phone calls
Easy to apply, impossible to cancel - Call mutiple times with no response from them very poor service
Created By: ctcsports
On: Feb 16, 2015

This application used to work well, but it hasn't updated ANY of my shipments since January 29.
I've refreshed my token on your app and it's not working. What's going on?
Created By: hotdealsforyou-com
On: Feb 03, 2015

Created By: ron19640_2
On: Feb 02, 2015

Great app!
Great app! Helps build trust amongst buyers.
Created By: artspawnshop
On: Jan 30, 2015

Fun app!
I get a lot of feedback about how much people love this on my listing....including me!!
Created By: thecutestclosetstore
On: Jan 29, 2015

good app
wish there were more details in the maps
Created By: lacretailer
On: Jan 29, 2015

Great selling tool!
Great selling tool...it shows customers that you will ship to any place and how many sales i have made throughout country and internationally as well!
Created By: charlottekay1219
On: Jan 27, 2015

Price is to high
I have good feedback from my fast shipping, not your maps,
Created By: epps99
On: Jan 24, 2015

This really SUCKS now, was working great for so long.....
I used the free trial several times, and all my listing looked great for at least a year. Then I made the mistake of upgrading for a fee, and none of my listing have maps. I get an error referencing a token. Made several calls, and sent many emails, no response. Wonderfulllllllllllllllllll, and I'm still getting billed. theskepticeclectic
Created By: theskepticeclectic
On: Jan 20, 2015

Great App
Amazing app
Created By: zipras
On: Jan 19, 2015

Customer service does not exist... four emails and three phone calls unanswered... horrible !!!
And ... after canceling the "unnecessary service" in December they still billed me for a "Fee" to renew my subscription...although I had canceled the service on ebay, PAY PAL, and by email. Stay away from these people ! The reason people subscribe is that it is CHEAP! Yes... and it should be... no customer service at all... Google "Problems with mystoremaps!" Worthless...and almost impossible to remove these bloodsuckers! STAY AWAY! ebay should wake up and put pressure on these people... who will not return questions, or requests... no return emails, no returned phone calls... and never an actual person to answer the phones! A very poor excuse for a business! STAY AWAY!!!
Created By: eventhorizonindustries
On: Jan 16, 2015

30 days free?? hmm...guess not!
I cancelled two days before it was due and I was still charged, bad business!! plus it does not clear itself OUT of your listings after u cancel
Created By: lisalynnst
On: Jan 15, 2015

Excellent App. A great addition to my auction.
Just great. I love it. No issues or problems. I would definitely pay for the international map service if my sales merited it.
Created By: juban62
On: Jan 08, 2015

Very Excellent product
Excellent product
Created By: computchase
On: Jan 07, 2015

Excellent tool for buyer reassurance and sellers geographic sales tracking.
Before finding this application, I longed to track my geographic sales, and was actually considering the old pin in a wall map method. Thanks MY STORE MAPS!
Created By: rnmagain
On: Jan 06, 2015

very good. App
I like very much.
Created By: koravisk1026
On: Jan 03, 2015

Provides Buyers with an excellent view of Shipment locations
Promotes confidence in your Buyers that you have previously shipped to their location, especially when it includes International Shipments.
Created By: riverspryte401
On: Jan 02, 2015

I like it, because it lets me know where I have shipped the items to
I like to know where my items are being shipped to. I think it is a good source of tracking the items.
Created By: babyunlimited
On: Dec 27, 2014

Created By: smartboy2098
On: Dec 18, 2014

Useless application. Does not work half of the time. My Paypal account was charged after I canceled.
The application is useless. It does not work properly. My Paypal account was charged after I canceled. I had to waste my time and open a paypal dispute to get my money back.
Created By: iar25
On: Dec 16, 2014

I love this app
I love that my customers can see where my other customers are, it validates my online presence and creates a good vibe on my listings.
Created By: fugitiveprices
On: Dec 10, 2014

added insight for customers
I like this application, it helps build trust between prospective customers and myself by seeing all the states I have shipped to and the number of transactions.
Created By: nflame
On: Dec 10, 2014

Created By: buymore-2005
On: Dec 05, 2014

The map contends that it will load 120 days of past sales when you start and that it did not do. Now it appears that I've sold 0 items and when I manually entered in my sale from a buyer in Israel the map didn't register the addition. Good idea but the execution has failed.
Created By: asmrauctions
On: Dec 04, 2014

Virtually worthless
Can only chose between domestic or international maps so, though I sell all around the world, potential buyers may never discover this fact by viewing the map. Also, even though I've been a subscriber to this app for almost a year, I've yet to discover, where and/or how to view the reports.
Created By: circa1820sfarmhouse
On: Dec 03, 2014

I feel this is an excellent product, but at this point in time I'm too small for it to be a value.
Excellent product. It adds value to your credibility. I'm just to small for it to be a useful value. I will add it if and when I increase my listings.
Created By: scf-us
On: Nov 24, 2014

Created By: chrifrank78milcia
On: Nov 23, 2014

Great tool for buyer and seller, easy to start! Highly recommended!
Use to track where there's a higher selling base of customers. Easy to set up in a few key strokes!
Created By: jdsattictreasures
On: Nov 23, 2014

Did not increase my International Business
Crazy ridiculous prices they expect you to pay for putting a simple stick pin map in your listings. This did not increase my international business any % over the previous year. Cash in the trash.
Created By: 9250laurie
On: Nov 22, 2014

Works awesome!
Great application!
Created By: happysandiegosales
On: Nov 20, 2014

Love the maps, allows me to see where my sales are going!
The ability for myself as well as customers to see where my items have been going!
Created By: rockie10697
On: Nov 18, 2014

Watch Out! Makes You Look Bad
I usually sell over 100 items per month, and have been doing so for over a year. The map shows five sales... it makes me look REAL weak. I'm still trying to figure out how to get it off my listings.
Created By: downsizingfamily
On: Nov 12, 2014

Well Worth it
Awesome app looks Great on the listing it"s an eye grabber. Highly Recommended
Created By: rainyday-usa
On: Nov 07, 2014

Very nice!
Very nice to see at a glance how many items being shipped to a particular state or region to help see what types of items are selling there.
Created By: sdmerritt65
On: Oct 28, 2014

I would like to change my prior review to Good!
I left a prior review that wasn't so flattering about this application due to the fact that I a number of problems with the app that weren't getting fixed. Well, they did follow through and fix the problem, so I would like to change my rating to Good. This really is a wonderful application because it enhances your sales due to the fact that each customer can see everywhere in the Nation and Overseas that you have made sales. They just click on the map and there it is....pretty cool. I would recommend.
Created By: chandlerjewelry
On: Oct 23, 2014

Very excellent app for sellers
I used this app for a long time and it is a very useful app that help customers to see the successful sales of the seller, and it helps promote the good reputation of the seller and increases the sales. 5 star app, thank you.
Created By: prettywoman2015
On: Oct 22, 2014

Confidence in the Seller
Helps buyers see where you have sold and have more confidence in you selling record.
Created By: purpladybugs
On: Oct 21, 2014

very bad customer services
more than 5-6 mails no replys
Created By: mahesha5056
On: Oct 18, 2014

My Store Maps is Wonderful
I have been wanting to use this app for some time, and found it. I still don't know what I will be charges but I feel that this has increased my international sales tremendously. I think it gives buyers confidence that you are serving all areas of the world, and whatever it costs I think will be worth it. I highly recommend this product it loads fast and shows buyers your sales, and along with your feedback it can provide confidence and boost your sales.
Created By: tennjoy54
On: Oct 15, 2014

Poor Customer Support All Of A Sudden Stopped Updating My Account Shows I Am Paid Subscribed Nothing
Terrible Customer Support, Not Sure What Is Going On, Signed Up As A Paid Account And All Of A Sudden Nothing, No Updates Nothing, Not Happy Liked It When It Did Work
Created By: fullcircleparts
On: Oct 08, 2014

Helps show sales and build confidence in both seller and buyer
simple auto update
Created By: thenewyorkstudio
On: Oct 07, 2014

Great App!
This is really great! I love that once I'm subscribed I don't have to remember to update every listing. I think that it gives buyers confidence to see where I ship and I have had a few international buyers -- I suspect they feel more like buying when they know I've shipped internationally before.
Created By: ameliaariella
On: Oct 06, 2014

Not to bad but not the greatest
Should be a little now interactive. Like current weeks sals show in a differant color. Shouls have a lower price. Be more colorful with say a goggle map style overlay, etc.
Created By: digital_numismatics
On: Sep 29, 2014

This will not work with Ebay
i spoke with this applications customer support and they said that the problem is now only on Ebay's end of the problem and to call them but then when i talked to Ebay they wouldnt even look to see whether or not i was the one that was causing the issue and it may not be any of either of there faults but Ebay refused to even look and that was rediculous i thought even though they do not handle third party apps its not about that i am an Ebay member that is what matters most
Created By: tomcard660
On: Sep 29, 2014

My sales increased the very day I started this app
Folks seem to be more secure now... with this info provided.
Created By: abcsofgardening
On: Sep 25, 2014

I love this app! It's easy and hassle free!
I give it a thumbs up!
Created By: seminoled131
On: Sep 25, 2014

Some times application doesn't update selling and also last shipping day for a long time
A few times application doesn't update selling for long time.(at least 1 week , after 1 week always contact the support ) There is not other solution then to contact the support. The solve the issue but it also take a few days. Bottom line 10 days without updated the selling quantity and also without updated the last shipping day.Very bad!
Created By: garinich
On: Sep 20, 2014

Excellent app for ebay sellers and buyers
i like this app, its fun and gives good info about seller activity.
Created By: astra4646
On: Sep 17, 2014

Created By: zet_japan
On: Sep 16, 2014

Great Map
Love the maps! Gives a great look into where I ship! Customers seem to like it.
Created By: allskills6782012
On: Sep 16, 2014

Can't make it work
Sent customer service several emails to no avail...
Created By: rt_mercantile
On: Sep 15, 2014

Have used since 2012, helps to immediately provide comfort to your customers
Have used since 2012, helps to immediately provide comfort to your customers
Created By: goiptv
On: Sep 15, 2014

Created By: stainglassartist
On: Sep 15, 2014

very nice program very nice
they do it for you great to have!
Created By: michaell4711
On: Sep 13, 2014

Very disappointed for 2017 rates. No more free version
Very sad the free version is going away. Cancelled my account for that.
Created By: greenbobns
On: Sep 13, 2014

Status pending for a week
Status Pending for a week now and can't get through to the company. Emailed and left messages, no answer. Horrible!
Created By: the_shopping_network
On: Sep 12, 2014

Works well.
This app works well, has several options that are easy to use and lets my buyers know my selling area.
Created By: uncleelmo10
On: Sep 11, 2014

Pending Status for a Week
Don't bother with it
Created By: ahsheems1
On: Sep 10, 2014

Status says pending for a day now and I can't take it off my apps
I thought the app looked good, clicked on it and has ever since been pending and it's over a day. When I try to unsubscribe to get rid of it, it says contact customer service by email or phone. No thanks!!! I don't need the hassle. I just want it gone if it's not going to work!!
Created By: *kreativekollections*
On: Sep 08, 2014

world map does not work
world map does not work.
Created By: unsubstantiation
On: Sep 04, 2014

Absolutely horrible!
Shows my last shipment as 2-1/2 months ago and a total of 17 items shipped. I shipped yesterday and have sold a LOT more than 17 items. By the reviews, it looks like it's going to be quite the process to delete this from all of my listings. It looks awful! Doesn't give my customers comfort in knowing that I have sold a lot on eBay. Does the complete opposite. Wish I would have never subscribed to this crap. I just e-mailed customer support, but it looks as though I will never hear back from them judging be other reviews. Ridiculous time waster. If you are thinking about adding this to your store, STOP. Read other subscribes reviews and walk away. No, run....
Created By: sweets4u2
On: Aug 31, 2014

Love it!
Works great!
Created By: kens281
On: Aug 29, 2014

Created By: hongjun291
On: Aug 24, 2014

No glitches
Has worked well from the beginning.
Created By: kims36
On: Aug 16, 2014

Created By: solarsails
On: Aug 15, 2014

just lost money and not help nothing..simple take out from my auctions.
i think this not help to sell ..im just stopping to pay extra money with certain experiences..i think buyer purchase by the item he is looking for ,not for aplications as this... take out from my ebay this !
Created By: wander6464
On: Aug 15, 2014

I love This App !!
Buyers can see all the sales you have all over the world , it's great !! The only problem I have ever had is that there are times when it is slow to update.
Created By: cherylssoutherncharm
On: Aug 10, 2014

Leaves HTML code in every listing
After realizing that free app wasn't showing all North American sales, I cancelled. Map made it look like I hadn't sold anything for the past 45 day. Looked at the reviews (too late;/ and realize this developer has not responded to any review for over 6 months. A lot of complaints about customer service. Got nervous and decided to un-subscribe. So far every single listing I have still has the HTML code. Have started to remove code from each individual listing. Going to take a while, but it just doesn't look good to have no sales showing for last 45 days. Not helpful. Really didn't need the extra work to try to get rid of code. A little help? Doesn't sound like I should hold my breath. Thank goodness I didn't sign up for paid international map.
Created By: mygrandpastreasures
On: Aug 08, 2014

Script did not removed after unsubscribed
I had to manually removed each listing.
Created By: piscesshop
On: Aug 06, 2014

I have sold over 30 items on this account and it shows only selling nine?????
Created By: hometowncustom
On: Aug 05, 2014

Application is a great resource!
Application is a great resource! Also helpful to me as a seller to see and keep track of the different areas that my sells are doing well.
Created By: evnsus
On: Jul 31, 2014

pretty good
very easy to use,upgradeable fast on all items.
Created By: sandoval0
On: Jul 30, 2014

Created By: computerwis
On: Jul 28, 2014

(There have been no reviews for this application.)
Great Seller Tool!
It's nice to see the seller's experience over time with these maps.
Created By: bravo-outlet
On: Jul 24, 2014

Great way to let buyers know where you have sold.
Created By: yeoldpicker
On: Jul 23, 2014

Gives a clear picture of your sales geographically
It does take a bit to load up but once it does it is great picture of your sales.
Created By: mtdavila11
On: Jul 21, 2014

Love it
Created By: bigcountrywill0909
On: Jul 21, 2014

Created By: gatornation69
On: Jul 20, 2014

Ok, But does not show All-time sales.
It should show all of my sales from the beginning.
Created By: tutone
On: Jul 12, 2014

java script to slow
Takes pages to long time to open!! Do not like at all, want it removed from my store....
Created By: venicebeachtreasures
On: Jul 07, 2014

Very good..
Nice App. no brainer help with my sales and customer trust me more and know it.
Created By: arroyo6422
On: Jul 07, 2014

More customers due to MY STORE MAPS!
AAA++++ I have gotten more customers from having this Map! Thanks so much!
Created By: fitnesssourceltd91
On: Jul 03, 2014

It works well collecting my sales
I think it gives buyers more sense of my sales being legit. One thought. How do I take off cancelled sales?
Created By: tinytools
On: Jul 02, 2014

Fantastic App! Love, love it!
It is not only fun to see where your items are shipped to but it also provides future buyers with confidence in buying from you, knowing that you are experienced in world wide shipping.
Created By: mstuck1421
On: Jul 02, 2014

Stops updating shipments out of nowhere
While people do like maps and while the app itself looks like a great idea it appears buggy. Showing prospective buyers that the last sale you recorded wss perhaps that very same day is great and surely causes some people to click buy since it is apparent the store is moving product and has done so recently. However, when it stops working out of the clear blue it has the opposite effect...and in a big way. Example: The first two weeks of this app being used my sales increased drastically enough that during those first two weeks I surpassed that same month from 2013. Then.... It stopped updating sales showing that I hadn't sold anything for a day, then two, then three, then a week. so that 'big bump' I experienced initially took a drastic nosedive as I went from moving 5-8 items per day to 5-8 per week. Very frustrating. If they work out the bugs - it has amazing potential - but until then - AVG at best.
Created By: epic_framing
On: Jul 01, 2014

Invalid Traffic Reports, Possible Glitches or Agent Push Invalid International Sales Expantion
Some items sell do not qualify international sales due foreign nations policy on goods or requires modification such as electrical adapter or converters or items not protected due copyright or patent protection clause. 99% MyStoreMaps reports or recommendations are views abroad outside the U.S.A. As past agent that traveled for a global manufacture that included work as installation, sales, training or etc - tested if reports accurate contacted old sources abroad to look at my seller site while on phone to communicate if they see it or items translated or etc. This valid test actual abroad views were never presented on MyStoreMaps. Done test Jan 4, 2013 my opinion was security breach reported thanked no follow up. Not best use determine authentic sales expansion or traffic if report invalid too glitchy Based this refuse International selling program.
Created By: circassian-2012
On: Jun 30, 2014

Neader good - bad
Never update my last selling item?
Created By: n_shadow
On: Jun 29, 2014

Never update
Never update my last selling item
Created By: bellevariety
On: Jun 27, 2014

This application lacks good support. Even after you disable MyStoreMaps it leaves a link in your listing, which is total BS! The APPLICATION SHOULD COMPLETELY REMOVE EVERYTHING...
Created By: jake_toney
On: Jun 25, 2014

Great App
Great App fro our clients
Created By: c3r_art
On: Jun 25, 2014

Devious App
If you ever decide to unsubscribe the app is sneaky and leaves their as on every one of your listings, unless you wish to go in and edit EVERY listings HTML. Avoid like the plague!
Created By: spellshoppe
On: Jun 21, 2014

Amazing Way To Track Where Your Items are being sold
I had no idea I had so many items being sold to the East Cost until I used this app
Created By: komickorner
On: Jun 20, 2014

very good APP
need for this app tobefree for more than just 50 listings!GOOD APP!
Created By: celestino001
On: Jun 16, 2014

Unsubscribed and still charges me. Customer Service never calls back.
Unsubscribed and still charges me. Customer Service never calls back
Created By: lili-thorn
On: Jun 11, 2014

Super app
The app is super!
Created By: 5446gijoe
On: Jun 07, 2014

Good and useful application.
Good and useful application.
Created By: pamplonac
On: Jun 02, 2014

Highly recommended app. Great value and a useful selling tool.
This is a great way to show potential buyers your sales history and boost new sales. The customer service and tech team are great if you have an issue. Thanks especially to Michelle Atkins for all her help with my set up. There was a problem initially and she worked with the tech team to get everything on track and working perfectly!
Created By: abouttime1010
On: May 31, 2014

pretty cool
I wish it was a bigger map,
Created By: rainbowmountains1
On: May 30, 2014

Good App
Good App
Created By: asia_value
On: May 22, 2014

good tool for marketing
I would suggest to make the graphics more up to date than it is today. but generally, it's a great tool.
Created By: diskfull12
On: May 21, 2014

works just like it supposed to
Created By: clark1987fa
On: May 21, 2014

(There have been no reviews for this application.)
I haven't got a increase in sales.. I used this for I think a year
Created By: choldingsceylon
On: May 19, 2014

Works good
had some issues not updating for last few months, but now work great. Thanks
Created By: abd_786
On: May 15, 2014

After uninstall in ALL your auctions remains "FREE! Sellers: Add a FREE map to your listings. FREE!"
I had to manually remove the remaining HTML code from all of my 500+ listings. I hate you!!
Created By: vitacell
On: May 09, 2014

(There have been no reviews for this application.)
Its very easy to read and pronounce
this is all new to me ,have no exsperience in this type of applications
Created By: jim_dor
On: May 07, 2014

Tease you with a low starting price and it inflates as your feedback inflates.
Then you cancel subscription and get billed for two months of use. No way to pay your bill, so, in the end what will happen???
Created By: ourtwojoys
On: May 06, 2014

Great, but not to great.
Very good, but it sometimes shows incorrect places I shipped to.
Created By: myriam5731
On: May 04, 2014

My store is really a good application
My store is really a good application
Created By: jonbeme47
On: May 04, 2014

(There have been no reviews for this application.)
Application froze at 26th March and map did not update
Application froze at 26th March and map did not update Until the error has been used very well. But history is on sale from March 26 will not appear on the map. Send e-mail to which you want to know why hayeotneunde, do not reply. I would like to know the source of the error. Although busy with work or problems, I want to tell you how to solve. Except for the error, but I think a very good program. The great programs and services that give very thankful.
Created By: helphome
On: May 01, 2014

I am very satisfied with this application!
This app helped me increase sales.
Created By: 17th_ab_513th_pir_f_company
On: May 01, 2014

Good experience after minor glitch
I had a glitch and received excellent coaching with high speed responses. I would recommend this App to all Ebayers. Superb value and very unique.
Created By: karendelac
On: Apr 30, 2014

I love being able to see where all my packages go by map.
Created By: jillybeanfarms
On: Apr 30, 2014

love this app
Love this app....
Created By: worcam7
On: Apr 30, 2014

Great APP - Shows your Worldwide Buyers
Really nice to be able to show your potential Buyers that you ship worldwide. It also shows the date the last shipment was made. It's colourful and a great addition to your page!!!
Created By: pinkkitty715
On: Apr 20, 2014

Nice extra!
Easy and sufficient!
Created By: cpreppe
On: Apr 20, 2014

Love it!
I love this app! My customers can see that I have shipped items all over the country. I think it offers a level of security. I would have given it 5-stars, IF there were also a world map view.
Created By: mrfeld
On: Apr 15, 2014

Cool thing
At the day of installing i sold few items, coincidence?
Created By: profru
On: Apr 12, 2014

A "no effort, great fun" app
It's neat to see where sales come from and challenge myself to find ways to sell to different places/markets. So easy to add to an account; almost a "no-brainer"
Created By: collegedreaminkid
On: Apr 07, 2014

Professional Boost to item, peace of mind
Professional Boost to item, peace of mind
Created By: 104metro
On: Apr 02, 2014

I thought it was pretty cool to see wear all my customers were
I was very surprised when I saw the map, but I son't know if customers would appreciate knowing their location was on a map even though it wasn't associated with a name in the age of big brother watching I'm not so sure this is a good thing?????
Created By: missmcduffstuff01
On: Mar 31, 2014

So Great!
Loads automatically and shows potential buyers that you have buyers all accrosss the country or world. Just has to generate buyer confidence in buying from you. I love it!
Created By: svensmithy
On: Mar 31, 2014

Just not worth the hustle.
They Promote free Upgrade to international maps and then bugging to get money for it. Also it adds update on revisions in description every time their spider come in which if you have 1000 items you will then have to manually remove. If a user has high ratings and a power seller this will not help much the seller but instead will help more this app owners because the international buyers will buy and view page regardless if it has this map or not. It is a neat app to have but i thing MyStore Maps need to compliment top rated sellers with it and not to charge unless they can find a way that their map contributed to a sale. That is my 10 cents. i just wasted a lot of time removing the update item date from over 400 listings and still many do have it.
Created By: $store
On: Mar 31, 2014

They take money out from you
This account was cancelled, but yet they keep taking their money out, even when you email them and call them to say you dont have this account
Created By: homeofheatherscorner
On: Mar 30, 2014

pretty cool to see where I send orders to .
it is free, try it out
Created By: joyelle3011
On: Mar 27, 2014

Created By: mrwubblescoins2012
On: Mar 26, 2014

I love it!
Created By: bestofferdeals
On: Mar 25, 2014

Bad, Won't go away. We apped it, looked bare, removed it. And the HTML won't go away. Please remove!
the HTML won't go away even though we have unsubscribed from this app, leaving the listing with a huge white space before 2 other apps. Please remove this app and all it's HTML from our listings!!
Created By: talinem
On: Mar 24, 2014

Terrible. I downloaded it and it looked bare, so I removed it. The empty space will not go away.
The app leaves a large gaping space in my listing. I deleted the app and it still shows up in my HTML feed on each item, leaving a HOLE in my listing before 2 other apps. Please remove!
Created By: mariewol
On: Mar 24, 2014

Total waste of time
Who cares where you have shipped items?? This is a RIDICULOUSLY PRICED AND WORTHLESS APP. Didn't realize it has charged me over $400 for services behind the scenes. WORTHLESS!!!!
Created By: chickenfarmer
On: Mar 18, 2014

I really like it
This is a very handy application. It works perfectly fine and it positions itself at a convenient location
Created By: nyugenius
On: Mar 17, 2014

It's fun to see where all your items going!
Created By: taceyweeisme
On: Mar 13, 2014

Cover Up
Your maps are right on top of several of my listing. Buyers can not read the description....Removed your app from my listing. Thank you.
Created By: 413krb
On: Mar 13, 2014

simple great application
Created By: uemk
On: Feb 27, 2014

Great App!
I really enjoy being able to see where I've shipped to all over the country. I also enjoy seeing on other people's Ebay pages.
Created By: partsandwares
On: Feb 25, 2014

Nice eye-catch module for listings
Good idea, good realisation.
Created By: united_parts_of_chicago
On: Feb 25, 2014

good app thanks
great tool to show customers how many people are buying from my store.
Created By: mystic_andara
On: Feb 24, 2014

Love It!
Looks great and works as advertised! Wish other apps worked this well.
Created By: limpiacreek
On: Feb 24, 2014

I still dont have this on my page, emailed several times no response very disappointing paid service
Would like to have someone respond. This is horrible that it is offered but no response or no action taken
Created By: jessejamescomics
On: Feb 22, 2014

very difficult to fix a problem.
last shipment has been stuck on oct 13,2013 for 6 months
Created By: null
On: Feb 20, 2014

very satisfied! describes in detail the products delivered!
Created By: vlublennij2012
On: Feb 19, 2014

Excellent App
I love this App. It shows my potential customers where my products are being bought from.
Created By: phantomwarrior1327
On: Feb 13, 2014

Make Foreign Buyer Comfortable Buying from You!
I feel that it has improved my foreign sales because Foreign Buyers know you have a track record of selling to Foreign Countries.
Created By: lojo-curiousgoods
On: Feb 13, 2014

Bad customer service!
Doesn't seem to increase international sales. They take 5 or more days to respond to emails. Save your money and buy yourself an extra cup of coffee every month!
Created By: southerndiscountdeals
On: Feb 11, 2014

Works great! I havn't had any problems yet
Created By: dealz1155
On: Feb 11, 2014

I love showing my customers how many places I have shipped too!
Works well, no problems.
Created By: ramsaysvapor
On: Feb 07, 2014

love this
lets potential customers know I ship everywhere
Created By: secondscount1
On: Feb 03, 2014

Created By: joseph6568
On: Jan 27, 2014

Completely screwed up my listing ability. Once you have it, you can't get rid of it!
When I try to relist, I get computer text in the description box. I can do it, but it takes to long. I cancelled the app, but just the map disappeared. Everything else is still running. THIS SUCKS! Fix it! I DON"T WANT IT!!!!!!!!
Created By: drgb333
On: Jan 26, 2014

Created By: nadirgold1970
On: Jan 18, 2014

no contact information horrible
can not contact support????????????????? gives me error messages when I try, yall over charged me I want my credits
Created By: mowerpartsusa
On: Jan 18, 2014

Awesome. Helps to know that I could have a future of more buyers!
Created By: joeandandysdiscountstore1
On: Jan 17, 2014

worst software and support ever
When I contacted them to resolve several outstanding issues their response was to ask permission to simply cancel my account.
Created By: worldofautographsinc
On: Jan 16, 2014

no way to contact them!!
Why when I hit contact support it give a error? is not way to contact you!!
Created By: buzzyhook
On: Jan 15, 2014

Accurate, detailed, overall a great addition for a seller!
Created By: soccerskillz101
On: Jan 13, 2014

Created By: search-4-jasound
On: Jan 12, 2014

Never Worked
Item wouldn't load and couldn't get it off my sales pages.
Created By: boomersoonerorangepower
On: Jan 10, 2014

dont work paying for no service
dont work paying for no service, why is there always problems with this ???????????
Created By: richdesbiens
On: Jan 10, 2014

(There have been no reviews for this application.)
Not updates since March
Makes it look like my last shipment was in March! Cant get map off my site!
Created By: thebamboolady
On: Jan 06, 2014

OUTSTANDING . It lets your Buyers Know Your working Hard and All People are Buying from You
I hope it will Give the Buyers More Convinced in My sales. vietvet58
Created By: vietvet58
On: Jan 03, 2014

Free version
Free version is very limited!
Created By: bv1978
On: Jan 02, 2014