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By MyStoreCredit.com  (released Aug 14, 2009)
FREE way to increase repeat sales by as much as 500%. Easy to use. You control rewards.
Categories: Marketing & merchandising, Research & reporting
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Excellent service!
Very simple to use, looks great on your listings. Very professional. Glad I tried it!! Highly recommend.
Created By: siouxzivb99
On: Jul 11, 2018

I have not tried it yet. But i'm insured services ebay
I have not tried it yet
Created By: electroshop_99
On: Jul 01, 2018

It has been over a week and the app is not working
I am unable to download the CSV file to pay the subscribers who have asked for Store Rewards - customer support has not replied despite repeated reminders. I unsubscribed but then I have to remove each listing individually - pathetic.
Created By: santmirausa
On: Jun 28, 2018

Great tool
Created By: ravecornerstore1776
On: Jun 26, 2018

seems to work well
no clue how many return cause of this app but its worth trying
Created By: apluscarddealer
On: Jun 24, 2018

Do not recommend
App is poorly designed and you have to manually delete information that is added to items description. Now I have to manually delete description from almost 3k items. Customers is service takes more than week to respond, and it offers no help. I do not recommend this app, and I wish I had never tried.
Created By: brandaomerch
On: May 19, 2018

every time I try to sign onto app it's always down. Can not log in 9 times out of 10 very unhappy.
site always down. Have emailed site many times still no response.
Created By: gotservice
On: May 18, 2018

I Really Like This Service! Very Useful! Works Great!
I signed up for this years ago and it really works great! I can see that I have definitely gotten more repeat business because of it. I just wish that more of my customers would sign up for it.
Created By: supplement_superstore
On: May 01, 2018

I am an excellent seller ,im your one stop shop!
im an excellent communicator , seller resolution solver,im driven to always get a great rating I love the products I sell, im humble patient and understanding ,I give good descriptions unique to each product.making me a unique and and heartfelt seller.
Created By: lr7li.us.k6jgk04w
On: Apr 17, 2018

muy practico gracias
voy a probar que tal funciona espero que bien saludos
Created By: fineluxurygold_8
On: Apr 10, 2018

Best Recommend !!!
works as described It is an excellent way to automate - just one less thing to do
Created By: ply2nite
On: Apr 06, 2018

Great app!
It is a great way to reward return buyers and encourage new to buy again!
Created By: mtmineralsandcrystals
On: Mar 31, 2018

Excellent Free App For Getting Repeat Buyers
This is an excellent application. Buyers absolutely love getting cash back. This app can help you turn one time buyers into repeat buyers, fast. Once they realize they can get more rewards for more purchases, they are likely to return to purchase more. One issue I see with the application is it seems some people are afraid to enroll and I don't know if they are aware this application is offered by eBay or not. The customer needs to know that this application is AN EBAY APPLICATION and is safe!
Created By: rnazarkewich66
On: Mar 22, 2018

Almost like having a store card
Pretty awesome that it offers a free way to provide a "sellers club card" where you get points and cash back for repeat buyers.
Created By: breakingwaxcollectibles
On: Mar 19, 2018

Created By: frajo98
On: Mar 16, 2018

little response
Haven't received too much interest in the product, but one never knows.
Created By: cot-26
On: Mar 15, 2018

Never worked and we get trouble to our customers
stay away for this app this app never refunded rewards for your customers and customer trying to email you about they rewards this app typically charge you for nothing and then your customers get back to you about rewards and you get extra works to explain this rewards not manually and not my fault when you not received your rewards back !!!!!
Created By: armanisgroup
On: Feb 12, 2018

Ebay store Rewards
Ebay Credit card arrived. I want to stop using pay pal. I want to get my reward and my purchase; while each Seller get their pay and invoice revealing Barb Guster is a Ebay/Mastercard Shopper
Created By: barbus_dpq4ujvsy
On: Feb 10, 2018

Left hand doesn't talk to right hand
Provides reward program however, doesn't follow through and blames Paypal for rewards not being dispursed. Then Paypal says it is My Rewards job to handle this. Bottom line is my customers are NOT receiving the rewards I have committed to through your app.
Created By: captn-krunch
On: Jan 18, 2018

Really helped boost repeat sales
This app has been a great success for my company. It has helped bring in a lot more repeat customers.
Created By: triplefictionproductions
On: Oct 24, 2017

Great Except Prohibited Content
The app drew many customers to my store. Drawback is that the HTML content is forbidden on ebay
Created By: beckysbonanza12
On: Oct 23, 2017

Alerts eBay to security violations
Immediate action required. Remove policy and/or security violations from your listings.
Created By: diy-landscaping
On: Oct 14, 2017

not working cant get the red off.
it keeps doing somehting in red cant get the red text off.
Created By: fred96002001
On: Sep 23, 2017

Created By: saborvenezuela
On: Sep 19, 2017

App won't work.
Been trying for days. Still won't work
Created By: highvisprousa
On: Sep 16, 2017

The best app available from eBay
This app rocks! Is the the perception of value that will get the customer to purchase from you by using this app. We have made an additional $2,486.41 by using this app and we have only paid out $8.43. Plus, the system is automated so long as you setup the PayPal end of it (all in the instructions). Perceived value always gets you the sale.
Created By: planettactical
On: Sep 12, 2017

Whatever you do don't quit your day job because coding apps is not your thing. APP does not work and is a waste of time.
Created By: shooterssupplycorner
On: Sep 07, 2017

not good
Does not help buyers to keep coming back and buying stuff
Created By: billigbrantner
On: Aug 20, 2017

nice app
Created By: lilbrickhouseantiques2
On: Aug 20, 2017

i unscribe and still appear in my Listing
bad app
Created By: hopeoflife
On: Aug 20, 2017

So bad
Don't get when you get then cancel the subscribe app still working on your new listings
Created By: meraki_collection
On: Jul 01, 2017

Waste of time
Useless APP that you can't remove in bulk
Created By: automotivepartsrecyclrs
On: May 30, 2017

Cool idea but didn't help much.
Most of our customers are monthly so it looked like MyStoreRewards would be boon to our business. The effect was tiny. After about 5 months, we've seen a couple of return customers out of tens of thousands. Nearly all people get the MyStoreRewards emails but seem to disregard them. I don't know why. So it appears we're spamming our people. Another problem is that MyStoreRewards gives out the rewards but makes it difficult for customers to return and find OUR store, which looks a lot like other people's stores. So our rewards are promoting the parent company but not our branch of it. I found a way to include our Ebay store's address in the emails MyStoreRewards sends, over their objections by the way, but I don't know that helped. I've suggested that they need to add some ways to customize the outgoing emails so OUR store gets promoted instead of promoting MyStoreRewards so much. It costs us very little but rewards are small. Might help you more. Hope so.
Created By: youngevityisawesome
On: May 17, 2017

This app is awesome! Repeat business Because of MyStoreRewards!
I have received multiple repeat orders because of the MyStoreRewards app! I am able to offer a % of their cash back. It goes up % for repeat business! Love this app! It has at least doubled my sales! Thank you MyStoreRewards!
Created By: queen-darlene
On: Apr 25, 2017

Great Booster
Every extra booster helps to reach as many viewres as possible.
Created By: AmandaBDixon17
On: Apr 18, 2017

Unfortunate Experience with this app.
I have come across the idea of using this app. on a few occasions. The first time I tried it, the rewards were not being issued out. The second time, it shows the website is unavailable or is having difficulties. I am not too impressed so far and do not understand why it would be offered to us if it is faulty. I do hope that the glitches get fixed. The idea of giving my customers rewards is excellent. I would like something similar if not this specific application.
Created By: pyxiegurl
On: Mar 31, 2017

I think it will be able to help :-)
I think it will be able to help me with the most important things :-) :-) :-) !!!!
Created By: ovedag_jwij8g0
On: Mar 10, 2017

Created By: bbuerhaus
On: Feb 23, 2017

hard to understand, very difficult, no reasons
bad bad bad
Created By: uka767
On: Feb 08, 2017

Created By: pgeoble2012
On: Dec 30, 2016

A 1 seller
Fast shipping good products great communication
Created By: ibcitysliker
On: Oct 10, 2016

Created By: ame5343
On: Sep 21, 2016

Ordered coach glasses
Ordered coach glasses on Apr 14, 2016, Received them on Apr 18, 2016 and after only 2 a 1/2 months of use the frame broke in half I thought these were titanium? all I was doing was cleaning them
Created By: sherim617
On: Jul 30, 2016

times out
I cant make a campaign I get error messages. I think this app is a good idea. it just doesn't work on my computer.
Created By: triplecrownsportscardsandgames
On: Jul 29, 2016

No one would contact me back. Ebay can not help with issues
I had my 1st opt in. MSR sent me an email with a complicated list of how to issue my buyer the rewards. However, no information on who my buyer is? Called and emailed MSR for 2days. NO RETURN Calls or message. Ebay says it is 3rd party app and they can not help. Now im stuck waiting for my buyer( whoever it is) to leave negative feedback so i can go in offer a return and ask for their removal of negative feedback. (NOT A GOOS EXPERIENCE)
Created By: attictreasuresul
On: Jul 19, 2016

My Store Rewards helps bring more customers to my ebay store
With My Store Rewards I get more customers viewing my items and buying items now the i did before i used this, it has been very helpful in my profits
Created By: trendyhometreasures13
On: Jun 27, 2016

excellent customer service!!!
simple to use and very helpful!!!!
Created By: jhasara
On: Jun 12, 2016

If you ever think you might want to leave this app.....be prepared to undo and edit all listings.
No more Comment
Created By: omaandopa1973
On: Apr 25, 2016

Works perfectly
Created By: tacticalshop124
On: Apr 21, 2016

Application keeps giving me a error
I want to opt out but you have to open the app but if you keep getting the error how are you to opt out. Sucks. Service poor
Created By: trades4me
On: Apr 21, 2016

nice store
nice coin gold and silver
Created By: bruc_alama
On: Apr 20, 2016

Created By: miamiwholesale2016
On: Apr 05, 2016

"Error: Oops! there was an unexpected error!" Didn't even let me start.
Created By: lcroneberg
On: Apr 03, 2016

Cannot activate this application
Paypal Mass payment API is the limiting step for this app. Think twice before you start this app.
Created By: aundamunskyline
On: Mar 30, 2016

added selling incentive for your items
added selling incentive for your items
Created By: world_wide_united
On: Feb 18, 2016

All I got was an error. I contacted customer service and have not heard back!
Created By: johniezahka324
On: Feb 09, 2016

Works Great!!
I've read other reviews with 1-2 stars, they must not be using the app correctly. If done right, it is on auto-pilot and it is giving me repeat business and my customers extra monies. It is "FREE" no hidden fees on eBay or PayPal. A+++++ app
Created By: jet0653
On: Jan 04, 2016

Pending forever! Not responde.
Pending forever! Not responde.. Painful experience
Created By: 05llc05_3
On: Dec 28, 2015

baddddddddddd not activate
Created By: patsioyras_chrysovalantis
On: Dec 23, 2015

Amazing tool for keeping clients and making them return again and again and again...
Very useful option to have a return client. I can choose whatever discount i wish to offer and i can also control who will have a discount! Increasing sales dramatically!
Created By: art-in-part
On: Dec 20, 2015

very good. mass payments too much trouble
Had trouble with mass payments and paypal
Created By: onlinemerchantstraders
On: Dec 12, 2015

Hardly free - more like +$20- per month at least
just more fees for ebay
Created By: diamondlinkz
On: Dec 04, 2015

all i got was a error!
all i got was a error!
Created By: boydsantiques4u
On: Dec 01, 2015

It's a stupid program, installs and Stop ! Servicing contacts and not return!
I have 15 minutes to wait to work and don't not work or th posibility to delete as a program. I contacted all services of this prog also do turns along!
Created By: antique.albania
On: Sep 14, 2015

Payout to Seller
How does a seller get paid out for this app? I'm charged a fee every month and see no return on it...
Created By: skaszynski85
On: Sep 08, 2015

great product
App is very user friendly. Thanks
Created By: shantelnroger
On: Aug 14, 2015

Very useful tool, runs behind the scenes
Using this tool has made it simple for my customers to sign up for rewards and quite simple for me to monitor. Would recommend it to other sellers.
Created By: jamapchi786
On: Jul 23, 2015

Used before pretty good at driving repeat business
Just keep your rewards low to max profits.
Created By: abbeyandred2012
On: Jul 21, 2015

Created By: jeffcomowerparts
On: Jun 09, 2015

Application not working
I have been in touch with customer service via email on two separate occasions about me not being able to access this app. Have done what they have suggested and still to no avail can't used this app. I have also called the and left a message this was a week ago still no emails or answers for further help. I am now deleting said app.
Created By: shop4uniquegifts
On: May 30, 2015

has increaded my repeat business with little effort
easy and user friendly app!
Created By: witmer2007
On: May 22, 2015

not worth the money, at least to us
over the course of 8 months or so using it, we hand double digits as far as taking advantage of it, and only 2 return buyers. even with the free period (90 days I think), we still came out losing like $2 over the course of the subscription.
Created By: vanmarkcollectables
On: May 18, 2015

Created By: zippy451
On: Apr 09, 2015

love this app to give a little extra added incentive for my customers
Created By: mainesellergirl2015
On: Mar 15, 2015

Too complicated and unrewarding
Too cumbersome and not easy to use and not clear
Created By: greenestshopper
On: Mar 11, 2015

It gets a little spendy and when it stops working I have to find out from angry customers!
It gets a little spendy and when it stops working I have to find out from angry customers!
Created By: wifejo26
On: Mar 02, 2015

Created By: leelastarr
On: Feb 25, 2015

Can't get into my MyStoreRewards App!!!
I just had a customer inform me that they had not received their MyStoreRewards... so I went to check it out and Bammm I get UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS... I have had this app for over 2 years without any problems.... If for some reason I need to re up this app an EMAIL stating this would have been nice. I just put a phone call in lets see if they actually reply
Created By: draconiansgames
On: Feb 24, 2015

Created By: giftsita
On: Feb 19, 2015

Used to work great
This application used to work great, but not anymore. I continually reached out to support for help with this issue, but 90% of the time they did not respond. When they did respond, they sent the same message over and over, that I need to refresh my token. Whenever I sent an email stating that I did that and still had issues, I would not hear back. I think MyStore Rewards is too busy making affiliate income off of our sales to provide us with any type of decent support. 0/5 do not recommend.
Created By: authenticshoppingnetwork
On: Feb 10, 2015

from good to garbage....
subscribed in early 2013 ....had decent results the rest of that year , but in 2014 the program failed ....for the past year , no e-mails sent to buyers and anytime i try to access the app all i get is an error message that says "UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS"....i currently have no way to access the app , edit my settings , or even delete the app....
Created By: cmcjr99
On: Jan 30, 2015

good ka
I hope to buy morw..I just order today
Created By: daowstar8
On: Nov 08, 2014

I didn't even want this!
I did not want this apps and I have no idea how it ended up on my account, but once it did I have cancelled it, written to the app twice about getting it off my listings, TRIED to write them trough other means, and finally I tried to call them at their listed phone number. Of course the number didn't work! UGH! And naturally I have just seen a charge for this app go through my PayPal account. There seems to be no one to take account for this mess that is called My Store Rewards, and no way to stop it. Save yourself the headache and don't bother with this apps!
Created By: aktreasures4u
On: Oct 30, 2014

The application works well - just not for my business volume
The app does what it is supposed to do and if I had a higher volume store I would use it. I probably will when I start having repeat customers.
Created By: espo2199
On: Sep 27, 2014

It never worked. The rewards were never given to the customer.
I contacted the company many times. It was an automatic response. they never got back with me. I would not recommend them to anyone.
Created By: reclaimdame243
On: Aug 20, 2014

Confusing directions Not recommend
PayPal reps were not able to help me after being on hold for 26 minutes. I hung up. I will have to call again...love the guidance claim that only a few minutes are required to start this program
Created By: broncosjames
On: Aug 15, 2014

Excellent Marketing Tool
Very good! Easy to use and great marketing tool.
Created By: bkj-closet
On: Aug 10, 2014

Caused me problems
Suggests that you enable mass payment, but it does not not generate any error warning that this option is not enabled in your PayPal account. My buyers were left without receiving cash back and I seemed dishonest. The cash back is made as "Send money" and the buyer does not receive the full amount because of the Paypal fee. Also did not get the discount as if made by "refund". I had to do the 'Cash back' as manually refund for each buyer. I do not advise anyone to use this app.
Created By: lina_ogawa
On: Aug 07, 2014

Scripts did not remove itself
I had to manually remove them myself.
Created By: piscesshop
On: Aug 06, 2014

worst app!!! avoid download
Worst customer support, even though unsubscribe this app, the rewards text and link still display on my listings. I have not received any responses regarding of this matter.
Created By: thelovely2012
On: Jul 31, 2014

Good stuff!
Good stuff!
Created By: techstoreon18
On: Jul 25, 2014

I have been a long time user of My Store Rewards and have always liked the service and never needed customer service, until the site stopped working on my pages. I have been unable to access to program through any means, but the billing had never been interrupted. I have already placed three unanswered telephone calls to their customer support phone line over the past week. Having given up on the phone service of the customer support, I started emailing the customer support, although I did receive one email with very basic troubleshooting information that did not help me in any way, I have since sent three emails to customer support over the past three days with no response. It is beginning to look like I will have to cancel the service to stop the billing since I can get no customer service.
Created By: scorcherxxx
On: Jul 24, 2014

Doesn't work
Don't waste your time with this garbage! Just doesn't work!
Created By: franknarf124c
On: Jul 23, 2014

not worth it
6 month NO change in sales. revenue , multiple buys or return buyers. all it did was give customers who signed up money back. with no benefits for me
Created By: futervest
On: Jul 06, 2014

Easy to use, fun for customers and it brings them back.
Nice for the customers to earn rewards to your ebay store.
Created By: treasuresandmore1234
On: Jul 03, 2014

horrible no customer service and you have to pay on top of what your giving back horrible horrible!!
their customer service is horrible , how do they service millions of people and you have to leave a message than they never call you back, so now we put that we offer rewards and we cant figure out how to actually give the rewards back and if you have paypal do it you get charged more money to do so. def not worth the headache and whoever runs that company is a smuck.
Created By: apfcloseouts
On: Jun 30, 2014

works for me !!
this is nice to have my buyers really like it
Created By: tc-store
On: Jun 26, 2014

I went from 20 average sales a day to 3 once I started this awful program. I turned this program off once I realized what it had done, and within one hour after I STOPPED this program I sold 7 of the disks I sell (Which is normal for me). With this program installed I easily lost 100$+ due to confused buyers who decided not to buy my product thanks to this program's confusing system. BOTTOM LINE: DO NOT INSTALL THIS PROGRAM! IT WILL MUTILATE YOUR SALES! IT CONFUSES BUYERS, SO THEY DON'T BUY YOUR PRODUCTS! NEVER USE THIS PROGRAM IT WILL RUIN YOUR SALES!!! DOES NOT HELP YOUR SALES, ONLY HURTS THEM!
Created By: grandtimesupplies
On: Jun 26, 2014

love it
Great way to keep customers happy
Created By: jerther2005
On: Jun 13, 2014

not useful
Buyers would come back if they really like your items, no need to offer discount
Created By: ricks-imports
On: Jun 04, 2014

It works!
I'm getting repeat customers and my average sell to opted in clients is 2x.
Created By: jonahlevine123
On: May 19, 2014

Excellent App People love getting a reward for shopping with you! 5 Stars
I made a previous ratting on this app by mistake. I give this app 5 stars and recommend everyone try it!
Created By: kingcolescup
On: May 03, 2014

If you want to encourage your customers to spend more and return to your listings, this app is for you!
Created By: seanfoxbell51
On: Apr 24, 2014

Unauthorized access
why this app show Unauthorized access ?
Created By: thaiezy
On: Apr 20, 2014

Love it!
I love using this program. Many return buyers. Email campaigns are a great opportunity.
Created By: nowfaithiz
On: Apr 19, 2014

very helpful
help to bring more buyers
Created By: 2110307
On: Apr 07, 2014

This App definetely works
This app truly works! We continually have shoppers who repeatedly come back time after time, they love getting some cash back. I have been selling here for 12 years and highly recommend this amazing app!!
Created By: pinktwinkleboutique
On: Apr 01, 2014

Loved it.
Great app for the one who dont mine giving back to their customers!
Created By: bttg123
On: Mar 30, 2014

Worked perfectly
Created By: greatdeals-0
On: Mar 28, 2014

Doesn't work right.
Worked for a few transactions then stopped. Also no longer automatically inserting itself into the listings.
Created By: luschers_ent
On: Mar 24, 2014

my favorite store on eBay
my favorite store on eBay, I buy in the store since the early days of its opening, never had problems!
Created By: zelik69
On: Mar 24, 2014

Decided against using, customer support was great!
I changed my mind - decided this app wasn't for me and my customer base because of the small amount of repeat customers and the low number of listings I have active at any given time. That being said, I got a reply to my cancellation request in just a few minutes and I am very pleased to say it was handled with no problems. If the way they treat people who leave them is any indication of how great they treat active seller customers, this is a great app and company to use!
Created By: myxperts
On: Feb 17, 2014

It was hard to delete all html codes from 500 listings!
It was hard to delete all html codes from 500 listings!
Created By: storehall
On: Feb 09, 2014

Follow up emails are not sent
For the last 4 months I have been having problems with follow up emails being sent to customers, they have stopped and customer service is no help. They bill but cannot be reached by phone ..you get a Magic Jack commercial and then call cannot be completed. Requested my email file which is supposed to be mine and they don't have or will not send. No response. Stay away from this application !
Created By: pleasuresoaps
On: Feb 04, 2014

Created By: neilveroncorporation
On: Jan 29, 2014

This Thing Really Works!
This is such a cool app. You wouldn't think that offering a 1% discount to repeat customers would have a dramatic effect on sales, but in my case it has. This app puts a little discount notice at the bottom of your listing, plus it emails your customer when the sale is made. Love these guys.
Created By: old_tin_shack
On: Jan 24, 2014

This is a great app!
Created By: victoriavedrode
On: Jan 11, 2014

my application
I've dealt with this company for several years. Always quick and efficient -
Created By: maya2blue
On: Jan 10, 2014