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Ki Tracking

By KiOui llc  (released Jun 11, 2012)
Track your packages in one quick easy view, communicate with your customers easily about their packages.
Categories: Marketing & merchandising, Shipping & payments
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Created By: storehotsalesfree
On: Nov 22, 2016

Great value to use!
Good to remind me about the delivery delay. This Apps save me several times.
Created By: watchvshop
On: Jan 22, 2016

Super Easy To Use
This little widget has saved me many times. I'm able to spot a package that isn't arriving at my buyer and troubleshoot the shipping BEFORE an angry customer contacts me. I love it!
Created By: livinintheboonies
On: Dec 21, 2015

Love this app!
Helps me stay on top of deliveries to avoid disappointing customers.
Created By: sheepishlyhonest
On: Dec 19, 2015

This program does a fantastic job of keeping your customers informed and a visual for you to follow.
Who hasn't had a package shipped and you never hear from it again until EBAY says the buyer did not get their order. This tool makes it easy to see what is delayed and lets you know there might be a problem.. Helps your feedback by keeping your buyer informed on the progress of their order in the shipping process.
Created By: kansascityliquidators
On: May 26, 2015

Great App
Great App
Created By: mobile-us
On: Jan 15, 2015

Helpful and a great time-saver
I love having the Ki-Tracking app on my Summary page. At a glance I can see which of my shipments are still in the works and one click shows me the details of the shipment, another click shows the tracking details. I also set it up to send an email to the buyer when it is marked delivered as a heads-up that I know they got it and hope they will leave feedback without actually asking for feedback.
Created By: purrfree
On: Sep 26, 2014

Love this service -- solves a recurring problem.
Before I signed up for this app, I'd been getting a number of buyers contacting me a week or two after their package had been delivered and saying they hadn't gotten it. It's a lot harder to track it down that much later. I don't have time to do this manually, but this automated system sending buyers an e-mail when their package is delivered is perfect !! This will reduce time spent on customer service and reduce complaints.
Created By: aintshesweet!
On: Sep 17, 2014

this product works great
this product not only tracks when it is shipped and delivered but you can included message to your customer with it to. terrific program
Created By: techdealrus
On: Sep 16, 2014

Improves customer satisfaction
I love this app. It lets customers know you are concerned about when and in what condition they receive their package. It keeps me from wondering if my packages have arrived. I don't have to look up the tracking on each individual item. It is faster than the update on the shipping label page. It also lets you customize the customer message which is awesome. GREAT VALUE.
Created By: mscurvy
On: Sep 04, 2014

Great App!
Does just what it says it does-easy set up, works great!
Created By: scoobie458
On: Jun 02, 2014

Loving it!
Very, very helpful! I can track all my shipments in one place.
Created By: joyfulhaven
On: May 02, 2014

Glitchy but hidden savings treasure
This app PAYS FOR ITSELF by showing me items that USPS forgot to scan at delivery that I can file an insurance claim for. $295 and counting.
Created By: mdxone
On: Mar 05, 2014

I've been using Ki apps for over a year, so after all this time, I finally give up. Apps are extremely glitchy. I just give up!
Created By: the_factory_shopping_mall
On: Feb 22, 2014

Very Usefull and helps to keep on top of shipments
This tool rocks. I can see all my tracking info in one place and know when something needs to be looked at. My customers love getting the your item has shipped and post delivery emails.
Created By: rkmerc
On: Jan 30, 2014

Useful tool for us and our customers!
Without overkill, this app keeps us and our customers in the loop on what's going on. On our end, we also receive alerts when something should have been delivered, but hasn't arrived. Gives us a chance to double check things or see what the USPS failed to do. Highly recommended.
Created By: diversifiedcompany
On: Jan 16, 2014

send a wrong message to the buyer I receive a negative feedback
the message is not right and the buyer give a negative feedback poor service
Created By: digitalstech
On: Jan 05, 2014

Works as indicated
Had a few bobbles with emailing very old customers and causing us to have to explain when we first turned it on. Otherwise it seems to do what it is said to do with no issues so far.
Created By: davefant
On: Nov 30, 2013

I love this app. It takes care of asking for a feed back for me. Never forget
I receive most all feedbacks I believe because of this little program. Thanks to it a have a greater number of feedback with out any effort.
Created By: bel0ngs2sherry
On: Nov 24, 2013

Great app
Created By: bradrecon3043
On: Oct 17, 2013

I have seen an increase in feedback however I find the application difficult to navigate.
I would like questions answered on how to proceed with international shipments that are highlighted in red. Where does all the information go once delivered, it just falls off before I get a chance to check status and how many days it took to deliver? I love the feature of sending an email once the item has been shipped but I am beginning to think this is all KI tracking can do.
Created By: 2cuteyorkies
On: Sep 15, 2013

Very Nice App!
I luv this app but it has not been timely on important occasions. That is why I did not rate it higher. I really Luv it it is so much better than having the postal carriers send me the data. I like the way I get to modify my color schemes and use emoticons. I highly recommend this app to anyone who needs their updates especially via their smartphone!
Created By: spoiled*material*girlz*blingz
On: Jul 17, 2013

Great idea but I don't like people that bought something 2 months ago just now getting notification.
Am not able to contact customer support. This is embarrassing for you to be sending emails to people that bought things weeks ago and they were delivered ago. Hope this doesn't happen again. I got lots of emails at once from you so I am assuming there was a problem.
Created By: carolokie3
On: Apr 12, 2013

Makes your buyers even more appreciative.
Firstly, all ki oui apps are well worth the price. This is no exception. I really only got this one because I value the others so much, but I didn't really see the need for this initially. Shortly after beginning my trial, and long before the free period ended I saw the value. Customers love the "I've been notified you received your item, just want to make sure everything cool email." I have received maybe 15 positive responses in the two weeks I've no had it running. Great app the value of which I initially missed.
Created By: beckett6
On: Apr 10, 2013

Wonderful customer service
The developer of these Ki applications is fabulous! On the stop support when I had a problem!!! I highly recommend these apps!!!!!!
Created By: lovetoshop570_3
On: Mar 25, 2013

here is a feedback: Great app and great customer service All these guys applications are great and helped me save a lot of time and to make my business more efficient. Great job !
Created By: bknycps09
On: Jan 27, 2013

The best!
This application lets me know where my items are through the Post office, and automatic e-mails to my customers lets them know when their package has arrived even if they are away from home.
Created By: sydneysydco515
On: Jan 15, 2013

Easy to Use. Great Ap.
Enjoy the automated reply and response.
Created By: save-on-designer
On: Dec 31, 2012

Excellent Program
Couple of minor problems but they have been repaired. I suggest this program to all.
Created By: billydm1947
On: Dec 20, 2012

Simple package tracking app
Tracks USPS packages by tracking number and shows how many days in transit. Also can send the buyer and email when the package has been delivered to confirm and to follow up (also to remind them to leave feedback). Many customers seem pleasantly surprised at the proactive customer service approach. This also helps me catch any problems with the item quickly before the customer has had time to be too angry about it. I'm almost positive this app has saved me from a few negative feedback by simply allowing me to be pro active in my customer service. Long time user, will continue to use it.
Created By: legion_collectibles
On: Dec 13, 2012

This my favorite of all Ki Applications ever (at least to date)
I get many many nice notes from happy sellers who always thank me for following up. Also since starting to use this application I have not had one single inquiry for item not received...Keep up the great work! Always look forward to seeing new Ki Apps.
Created By: sassnscooter
On: Nov 20, 2012

Not worth the time. Must be a better way to track information.
I cannot get rid of correspondence after removing the Ki application. I have received 2 emails from tracking for another Ebayer's account. This seems to be a violation of privacy...beware. Once you install this application, if you are not happy with it, it will haunt you...
Created By: prynncs
On: Nov 15, 2012

I love this app!
Tracking is put in an easy to read data grid, I immediately know when an item has not been delivered.
Created By: aceo-prints
On: Nov 13, 2012

Great App. Developer very helpful.
I had a few questions about the functionality of the app and the developer actually added some code to the app to give me the functionality that I wanted.
Created By: licensetagsandframes
On: Nov 11, 2012

Love this app!
I love this app! Ki Tracking gives me a much more comprehensive summary of what's going on with my listings than Ebay's default Alerts and To Do list. I especially like that I can customize it to display in wide column format at the top of my summary page. Now, I don't have to scroll through Selling Manager to see what's going on and what actions I need to do. I highly recommend all KiOui's Ebay apps. KiOui apps are some of few on here that ALWAYS work.
Created By: thedolltrunk
On: Nov 09, 2012

This powerful app does everything that is says it'll do and more!
This powerful app does everything that is says it'll do and more! It even has a widget to ad the tracking details to your My eBay page. Key info right where it's needed most. We are now able to able to check the status of our shipping in a glance. Then follow up with our customers as needed. Their forum is awesome...the designer of the app is the moderator and he replies to your questions, concerns and input within a day...most times within a few hours. Give it a test run - I think you'll like it.
Created By: pz-usa
On: Oct 31, 2012

Tracking Packages has never been easier.
customers really appreciate that I am on top of shipping.
Created By: partywig
On: Oct 15, 2012

Love This App!
This app works flawlessly. This app automatically updates my customers with their USPS tracking number.
Created By: cracktronics00
On: Oct 01, 2012

Love the countdown.
Maybe it helps me, or maybe it makes me a better procrastinator. But I always ship on time now.
Created By: unclebucksgarage
On: Sep 28, 2012

Tracking is no longer an issue!
Love that it e-mails the buyer when the package has arrived.
Created By: wigspalousa
On: Sep 24, 2012

Tracking numbers all in one place
It's nice to have all your tracking numbers in one place. You can have your customers emailed automaticaly when they received the item and the email can include HTML so I am able to promote my facebook page at the same time. And you can't beat the 99 cents per month price. It's like free.
Created By: cosplaywigs4all
On: Sep 14, 2012

Incredible Application with great support
I have been tracking my sales one by one and following up after delivery to make sure the buyer was happy with their purchase. This app does all that and more. You can quickly see if there are any issues with items you have shipped as well as follow up. Saves me a bunch of time. Was easy to set up and the few questions I had were answered quickly in the support forum. This is a must have!!!!
Created By: i-cellubuy
On: Sep 07, 2012

every tracking numbers in one place. Awesome !
so you can let your buyers know that your package is on the way, when they receive it and even let you know when there is a problem A++++++++++++++++
Created By: wigsrus
On: Aug 03, 2012

This is 100% Awesome!
This is an absolute necessarily for all volume sellers. It comes up right on the summary screen and it has point
Created By: hometwown303
On: Jul 28, 2012

Awesome, useful
whit this application you can keep track of your tracking numbers all in one place and even email buyers when the item is delivered.
Created By: partywigs4all
On: Jul 17, 2012

Great seller's tool!
This is a tool that is great for the casual and especially professional seller! This definitely helps with improving DSRs! Great support as well. Five Stars!
Created By: sell-it-now-industries
On: Jun 24, 2012

easy to use
not only does this app lets you see where your packages are at but it manages communication with buyers and even notifies them when it has been delivered.
Created By: jessydus
On: Jun 20, 2012

Created By: eastcoastcell
On: Jun 19, 2012

Ki Ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !
check the facebook page as well: http://facebook.kioui-apps.com
Created By: jessy-dus
On: Jun 11, 2012