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Ki To Do

By KiOui llc  (released May 22, 2012)
A Gadget/Widget for Selling Manager that displays informations on the state of your sales.
Categories: Shipping & payments, Research & reporting
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Have physical problem. App great
Created By: mindful-vision
On: Oct 28, 2018

I love this very much...
Created By: hawkin2960
On: Sep 26, 2018

Created By: remaresteve
On: Jul 06, 2018

Does not show up at located it says it does.
Created By: ctg*
On: Apr 10, 2018

App does not work. Tried several times to upload but doesn't appear on Selling Mgr. Page
the link shows on selling manager page but just refers back to "where is my app" page and never shows the things it purports to do on selling manager page. Tried customer support but they sent another link that did nothing.
Created By: fylbrig
On: Apr 09, 2018

good app, cmd to try !!!
good app, cmd to try !!!
Created By: ashplusq-0
On: Apr 03, 2018

Free and nice
Great app
Created By: crimsonsoccer5521
On: Mar 23, 2018

Wow I don't remember them. but I must have liked them at the time.
Created By: lauriebennett
On: Mar 16, 2018

Request for your complete support
I dont have much experiance ,i only need your support on getting what i want in an affordable price for me.
Created By: tshimangadzndo_0
On: Mar 10, 2018

Complete waste of time, the good reviews are fake
App needs to be updated to be aligned with eBay's new UI. Can no longer access gadgets/widgets so this app is literally unusable. You are 10000% unable to access this app from anywhere within Seller Hub, Applications, etc. App landing page shows instructions on how to find
Created By: pvb413
On: Mar 04, 2018

This app didn't work for me... literally!
I followed the instructions to a tittle but was unsuccessful in locating the gadget/widget. I also looked on every other page on my ebay account and found nothing different or new. I don't like to give poor reviews but this was a complete waste of time.
Created By: aire-rite
On: Mar 01, 2018

sleek design
sleek design, it just works!
Created By: jamer69-us
On: Oct 05, 2017

Sorry but it does not work!!
It can't be found.Not worth the trouble.....
Created By: kb2ayfo
On: Sep 05, 2017

very good
without ki to to i can not work on Ebay
Created By: egyautopart
On: Sep 02, 2017

can't access
unable to access the app
Created By: thursdaysrecords
On: Sep 01, 2017

Well that was fun...
This is apparently an invisible application. It doesn't seem to exist anywhere after signup
Created By: mondo_bongo
On: Jul 24, 2017

it wont even open its some trash and a waste of time
Created By: laquinnofficial434
On: May 29, 2017

It never showed up
Subscribed to app, can't find it anywhere. Wasted 2 hours of my time. unsubscribe.
Created By: greenthriftylife
On: Apr 18, 2017

Very good tool.
Thank you.
Created By: thaisale17
On: Feb 19, 2017

Never worked
Crap 3rd party nonsense never worked. Stop spamming me, too.
Created By: victorysurplussupplies
On: Jan 18, 2017

Great app use it every day!!!!
use it every day to see what I need to ship!!!!
Created By: jb.com
On: Jan 16, 2017

Can't do without Ki
I love this app because it saves me time by giving me a quick look at what has to be shipped
Created By: wand7
On: Jul 01, 2016

Created By: iriscarrillo
On: May 06, 2016

superb results excellent marketing
ki-to-do provides excellent and accurate searching words i.e,result oriented!
Created By: redneck711990
On: Mar 20, 2016

where is it?
I installed it and can't find it. Stupid app
Created By: laffine-style
On: Feb 19, 2016

very good
Created By: rasilimpex14
On: Feb 18, 2016

It is not working
Try to contact all did not here back. Can not find in my e-bay account per instructions provided
Created By: eastsidecollections2015
On: Jan 05, 2016

Easy to Use and All in One Place!
I love this widget. It is very easy to use and it gives me everything I need in one place on my Selling Manager page. I'm able to look at what needs to be shipped and offers/bidding at a glance. It also alerts me if I'm about to go late on a package. Can't be beat!
Created By: livinintheboonies
On: Dec 21, 2015

Love this app!!
Makes it much faster and easier to manage my transactions. One click.
Created By: sheepishlyhonest
On: Dec 19, 2015

Love it! Use it every day!
Load this on your "My eBay" home page and you'll always see all of your sales at a glance and you'll always be able to quickly and easily identify "expedited" shipping orders. Fantastic little app, love that it's free (and it's why I use other ki apps), and if eBay gets rid of it I would be very upset because it's such a useful tool. Good job ki apps!
Created By: gooutdoorgear
On: Dec 16, 2015

Does Everything It's Supposed To
Love this app!
Created By: txmadetrailerparts
On: Nov 06, 2015

awesome serive
allowed my online to achieve greater numbers and much more clicks onto my store
Created By: astar112055v7o
On: Jul 17, 2015

Extremely valuable app for running our eBay store.
We this app daily to track when our shipments need to go out and all the other features that it offers. Fantastic app for anyone Selling on eBay !!!!!!!!!
Created By: michelle-1211
On: Jun 18, 2015

Works great!
Works great!
Created By: chaos-games-and-collectibles
On: Jun 03, 2015

Excellent support
Had an error on eBay summary page, application would not load. Support was quick at getting it resolved and now working again.
Created By: hometooutdoors
On: May 15, 2015

It is a nice shortcut to the ebay summary
it remind you to ship the sold products etc..
Created By: techbowie
On: Apr 30, 2015

Created By: avec5150
On: Apr 21, 2015

Makes doing business EASY!!!
Created By: heavenlybodeespt
On: Mar 24, 2015

n1ce customer service,fast response,solved my problems out very soon.
Really thanks,bro,dear dennis,he is very helpful for solving the problems,hope you guys subscribe this "Ki To Do",it's very helpful to manage your business.
Created By: shawncheng
On: Mar 23, 2015

very helpful app keep me on track thanks
very helpful app keep me on track thanks
Created By: systems-warehouse
On: Mar 12, 2015

Great way to know at a glance what needs to be done.
This is a great app or widget to have. We can see from a glance on our dashboard what needs to be done.
Created By: jvlz84
On: Feb 14, 2015

Good job!
I was amazed to see my items on google search. Good job!
Created By: mcguicur-mlerc
On: Nov 05, 2014

I have been using this application for a short time but it is great !!
When you only have a few items on E bay , it is easy to keep track of everything . As one gets bigger and starts selling more items it begins to get more difficult . Since using Ki To Do everything is super easy to track everything . It tells you at a glance any items that have to be shipped with the amount of time that you have left to do it according to the shipping parameters you have set up for your store and it shows a ton of other pertinent info right at your fingertips . Keep up the good work.
Created By: theurbanarchaeologist777
On: Sep 21, 2014

Does what is says
Good product and free! at a gland to know order status.
Created By: anythingindianbiz
On: Jul 28, 2014

Awesome little tool...
Because I dropship my orders from a supplier I need to stay on top of the shipping status. This kindly reminds me how many hours I have left to upload tracking info on time. That is the most important feature among all of them. Works well and does it's job as intended. I have had no issues with it over the past 2-3 months.
Created By: balyra
On: Jul 27, 2014

Great way to keep track of your pending orders
An easy way to make sure your shipping your orders on time.
Created By: bid-win-enjoy
On: Jul 19, 2014

I never stress about being late for shipping anymore.
Created By: partywig
On: Mar 25, 2014

Like a lot of people, I tend to forget things that aren't in my face. This app really helps me.
Created By: uncleelmo10
On: Jan 25, 2014

great job
Created By: jirapraserts
On: Jan 21, 2014

Love it! Keeps me on track so I don't miss shipments, or best offers!
I love it, and it's free! Does a great job of helping me make sure my tracking gets uploaded in time so I can be a Top rated seller. Great product at a great price!
Created By: *blizzard*
On: Nov 15, 2013

This should be an eBay standard.
I'm unsure why eBay doesn't have something like this by default. It's such a great time saver. clicking around to each page to check on your status ca really add up, this app solves that.
Created By: call_me_james
On: Sep 04, 2013

Follow @zacharyatkins1
Created By: altruistauction
On: Aug 13, 2013

Very handy reminder
Lets me see everything I need to get done in one little box!
Created By: cookiebabe
On: Jul 24, 2013

This widget is really nice. Shows me whats happening all in one place.
Easy to install. Works without configuring anything. Best of all its free !
Created By: splicer9
On: Jul 03, 2013

Great customer service!
Great app, does what it says. VERY fast, courteous customer service!
Created By: evergreener42
On: Mar 20, 2013

Ki To Do's simplicity makes it easier to manage ebay.
Created By: pretty_styles
On: Feb 16, 2013

Very Helpful...
This app keeps me on track of the things that need to be done as soon as I log in...*smile*
Created By: karrolskorner
On: Feb 12, 2013

Helped me achieve Top Rated Status
Before I had this app I tried and tried to achieve Top Rated Seller. After this app I had acheived this in no time.
Created By: mom808m
On: Jan 27, 2013

Love the simplicity!
I rely on Selling Manager Pro to view my sold, bids and offers. Ki To Do Simplifies the view, has the time left to ship and shows the custom label on one screen. Love it!
Created By: stockexchangenc
On: Jan 25, 2013

Love It
I love this app, first thing I see and it keeps me on track as to what needs to be done. Thanks
Created By: rprosser1963
On: Jan 20, 2013

The countdown for shipping is a dream come true!
I told my customers I would send them their items within two days. This application has a countdown to the seconds of when I absolutely have to ship from when the customer paid. Mindless and perfect for me!
Created By: sydneysydco515
On: Jan 15, 2013

love it
so much eaiser to see the task list of "to do's" all in one organized box.
Created By: klkack
On: Nov 18, 2012

2 Thumbs Up for Ki To Do
I love this app! It gives me a much more comprehensive overview than Ebay's default Alerts and To Do list. And I don't have to scroll through my listings in Selling Manager to see what I need to do. I especially like that I can customize it to display in wide screen across the top of my summary page. I highly recommend this app and Ki Tracking to track your shipments. With both of them together, I see what's going on with my listings without having to scroll down through my selling activity. I've found KiOui apps easy to set up and use and some of the few 3rd-party developer apps on here that ALWAYS work!
Created By: thedolltrunk
On: Nov 09, 2012

Thank you so much for letting me in :)
Created By: idealsales2012
On: Nov 07, 2012

Created By: peruseller2010
On: Oct 27, 2012

A must have for trs- gives u a countdown in hours/minutes of when to ship your item-VERY helpful
VERY easy to use- best feauture (for me) countdown clock so I make sure item is out the door under ebay deadline for me to meet my handling time promise to buyer excellent ap
Created By: nycfitnessfamilyfinds
On: Sep 10, 2012

love it!
easy to see love the easy spot icons for usa or international sale....the timer for shipping! etc!
Created By: wwjd_visions
On: Aug 24, 2012

Very Good Very Organized Easy To Use
I like this app, it shows just the items that have bids and the time left, it is convient when your in a hurry and need to know how your sales are. I'll hold on to this one for as long as I sell on eBay.
Created By: sleepinggiant100
On: Jul 20, 2012

Where is it?
I don't even see it.
Created By: automatinteriors
On: Jul 10, 2012

very good APP!
It is so useful and easy!
Created By: youknowinc
On: Jun 28, 2012

Keeps me on my toes
Without any effort this app is always present, so I can see at a glance what needs attention right away. Great app and for free too!
Created By: sassnscooter
On: Jun 12, 2012

very helpful to get the time left before shipping for the new seller requirements
Created By: cosplaywigs4all
On: Jun 09, 2012

Super Application!!!
Started using it today..it works great
Created By: kimsclosetandcollectibles
On: Jun 06, 2012

Great app...
Even better people behind it.
Created By: allyssabeth
On: Jun 06, 2012

Love it !
Love it !
Created By: jessydus
On: Jun 02, 2012

Ki To Do
My task list simplified!
Created By: wigspalousa
On: May 27, 2012

Unbelievable !
I cannot believe these peoples give this for free ?!?!?! A+++++++
Created By: aceo-prints
On: May 27, 2012

love these kiwis guys !
Created By: jessy-dus
On: May 22, 2012

very nice little widget.
short, simple yet very helpful application. Love the name of these guys as well. ki oui haha !
Created By: stuff55121
On: May 22, 2012

Best free app I ever used
This free app is very practical. I beta tested it for KiOui's development team and it has been a life saver. It puts a new window in my selling manager that tells me if I have something to ship. The transaction search is also a life saver. Being able to pull the customer's info in seconds while they are on the phone is very helpful. Great work and best of all it's free !
Created By: wigsrus
On: May 22, 2012