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Ki Googalytics

By KiOui llc  (released Oct 04, 2012)
Track your Items with Google Analytics.
Categories: Listing, Research & reporting
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Could never get it to work
Could not get it to work
Created By: jecr1153.was8bna
On: Nov 02, 2018

Takes a little work setting up but well worth the effort!
Created By: lerei24
On: Mar 12, 2018

There is no way to add this code to all my listing automatically
There is no way to add this code to all my listing automatically, publisher suggests to use a promotional box (there are no such boxes anymore) I can not add it to shipping or return details because I can not add html code to these modules.
Created By: shopday.gr
On: Sep 10, 2017

Amazing App!
This app links to Google Analytics, which an absolute data monster compared to Terapeak. KiOui's app, Ki Googalytics links to my Analytics account, and my mind is just blow away at the metrics I can now analyze to better strategize on my eBay Store! Looking forward to how they integrate their tracking code into the new store version eBay made recently.
Created By: jubileeresale
On: Mar 21, 2017

I dont understand who would waste time on this app
I am not sure if it works on not, because I never made it working. Too many fields to configure, it could be done much simpler.
Created By: annfek
On: Oct 17, 2016

A great bridge to helpful Analytics.
I have had to update my ads often after the holidays and making sure Ki is on every page is as simple as a submit click.
Created By: electricsportsplus
On: Feb 01, 2016

I love this app
It has worked well for me. It's well worth it especially since we no longer have traffic reports.
Created By: wmcorcoran
On: Jul 03, 2015

You can't market if you don't know where the traffic is coming from
although it takes a a while to dial in the settings it's great to have metrics available on our bay store Had some installation issues but support was vwery good with both proactive communication
Created By: windy_city_parrot
On: Jun 09, 2015

Not worth it unless you sell a lot.
I have had the hardest time cancelling this. It's not easy to do. No useful information for a small seller like me.
Created By: mindypin98
On: May 05, 2015

Works great
Works Great
Created By: hussystore
On: Aug 22, 2014

Nice App, wish it would it did more
I like this app but the analytics for google a very basic. The creator needs to had the universal code to allow more retrieval of data.
Created By: estorerooms
On: Jun 27, 2014

Excellent for tracking the traffic of my products
Excellent for tracking the traffic of my products
Created By: syler27
On: Apr 19, 2014

Great service.
Very good customer support.
Created By: wbk23
On: Apr 10, 2014

Very Good, bit of a learning curve with google anaylics, but worth it.
Created By: williamh_24076
On: Mar 19, 2014

Bridge between eBay and GA
GA is the best data for what I need. Mobile is the way to go!
Created By: jessy-dus
On: Mar 04, 2014

Best tracking of its kind
Set up and done!
Created By: wigsrus
On: Feb 25, 2014

Excellent application and great technical support and follow up.
Great idea. Being able to link my traffic data directly to Google Analytics allows me to see my data in the format that I decide, unlike a 'canned' tracking app. Although it requires a little basic knowledge of Google Analytics, it is time well spent learning a few fundamentals. The KiOui support staff helped me through an initial lack of understanding on my part, and I was up and running in short order. They even contacted me a few days later to make sure that everything was running to my satisfaction. How often does that happen anymore? It's called great customer service! I highly recommend KiOui Googalytics and will be looking into some of their other apps.
Created By: militaryglassworks
On: Jan 27, 2014

didn't work
Ki Googleytics didn't add tracking info/logo to my listings at all after I set up everything.
Created By: blam22
On: Dec 19, 2013

So glad I found this application, it's so much fun seeing who visits my store.
The best part of this application is the you tube videos explaining the step by step method of how to install it in your store. Clear, concise and easy to understand. Did I mention the price, its only .99 cents. I love it!
Created By: billiesfinds
On: Oct 18, 2013

Nothing works.
Nothing works. Not even the Contact Support link. Filed a complaint on the company blog, and the problems have still not been addressed. Persistent :"Ki Googalytics You do not have access, try reloading your application!" It's inexpensive, so it's not about the money. It's about the waste of time with broken add-on.
Created By: libertyhealthnetwork
On: Sep 04, 2013

Didn't work for me. No customer service phone# for support.
It never reported anything. Analytics said tracking not installed. The contact link just directs me to a FAQ page. Too much of a hassle. I need real customer support. It would have been great if it had worked
Created By: art_kudos
On: Aug 07, 2013

Excellent Support, Very Useful App, Highly Recommended
Support is excellent, just as good as the app, is incredible useful. Thank you!
Created By: theinternetsmostwanted
On: Apr 13, 2013

Great product, provides great insight about the visitors visitng your product :)
In the begining I have no idea how to configure it, but I contacted the customer support any they solved the problem in no time, now I am able to track and see what item visitor are checking.
Created By: tulipfiesta
On: Feb 20, 2013

A must have for serious sellers
Amazing application that answers all the questions you have ever had about traffic sources and what listings work and why. You can also run tests to optimize your listings. Could not be happier with this interface to Google Analytics.
Created By: nxtleveljewelry
On: Feb 14, 2013

Excellent App, Great Support
Prompt response to my questions, watch the Video Tutorials!!
Created By: precision_electric
On: Jan 29, 2013

Amazing! I has been waiting for this tool!
You could get started after a few hours vedio learning.
Created By: wowpartspro
On: Nov 24, 2012

Best App EVER !!! Took some time to start it :) With a little help from my friend ...
Thank you for your patience and support! You deserve the 5 Stars like nobody else. Its your second app I'm subscribed to and I'm sure there'll be even more. Kind Regards, Peter
Created By: youcollect*me
On: Nov 23, 2012

Super Must Have APP with Great Tech Support
This is an app that every EBayer should have. I wrote to support with a few questions and they stayed with me well into the night making sure that all worked well. I feel like they are part of the family. Try it You can't go wrong.
Created By: hollysbest
On: Nov 16, 2012

Google Analytics in My Listings!
What more could I ask for?
Created By: cosplaywigs4all
On: Nov 14, 2012

I love this app
I love this app
Created By: jessydus
On: Nov 14, 2012

simple in design yet very powerful
Being able to use google analytics is awesome !
Created By: aceo-prints
On: Nov 13, 2012

very nice and easy
it simply let you track it all in google analytics. Love it !
Created By: unclebucksgarage
On: Nov 12, 2012

great service and quick reply on emails.
Created By: eastcoastcell
On: Oct 30, 2012

Ki Googalytics is the best!
definitely easy to use, great information!
Created By: partywig
On: Oct 15, 2012

What a great Idea!
This application is the best to track my items.
Created By: partywigs4all
On: Oct 07, 2012

Tracking buyers is a must
The information gathered from google analytics is indispensable.
Created By: wigspalousa
On: Oct 07, 2012

Very nice. Finaly I can get google analytics to track my ebay items
Very simple to install. Great how to videos. Thanks
Created By: stuff55121
On: Oct 04, 2012