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Feedback Pro

By High Volume Seller  (released Mar 24, 2011)
Improved feedback results in more sales! Increase your feedback score with powerful eBay feedback tools! Feedback Pro reminds customers to leave feedback and alerts you when they do. You can also automatically leave buyers feedback. Moreover, you can send personalized follow-up messages afterwards, so more customers remember who you are. Feedback Pro consistently improves feedback scores by 10-30% or more. It is a must have app for the professional eBay Seller!
Categories: Customer support, Checkout
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I kept trying to unsubscribed after free trial but they kept on billing me.
I do not want this application, I've tried to get rid of it many times and for some reason, it keeps charging me a fee for something and it doesn't provide me with any details. I already pay my eBay seller fees, I don't need to pay for some "feedback" application that I don't need and for it to stop charging me a subscription fee!!!!
Created By: erikgman476
On: May 17, 2018

Love it!
If you are a real seller looking to get your rating up. This application is a must have. Totally worth the automation it gives you to focus on more important parts of your business
Created By: stonedgenie
On: May 08, 2018

Great customer service
Great customer service.
Created By: thumper_racer
On: Apr 20, 2018

summer app
summer app sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't on ebay says 6.95, and got bill for 13, i have unsubcribed, its called bait and switch
Created By: vaporside
On: Apr 20, 2018

This app gets higher response from good feedback from customers.
During brief time without Feedback Pro, my feedback percentage has declined.
Created By: cwmidwest35
On: Apr 17, 2018

So far so good
has worked with sending automated feedback after customer pays. don't know if it is sending feedback reminders because there's no way of checking and they dont send me an email to say they left a reminder.
Created By: fylbrig
On: Apr 09, 2018

User error...........
I left a not so positive review but due to the excellent customer service and FBPro reaching out to me, I feel I must amend it as the service is great. Hopefully, I will add even more positive feedback with their assistance!
Created By: lotsastuff951
On: Mar 27, 2018

small bump in positive feedback
the normal feedback ratio is 15-20% without any service. this bumps it up to just over 20%. it also brings any issues to light by emailing customers several days later by asking "is everything going alright?" or "still happy with the product?" you get answers like "it was fine, but now that you bring it up, this tiny issue or that tiny issue". can you help me fix it? and if you don't, as a seller, you feel like the customer is threatening to leave a negative for any small reason, whether its your fault or not. not sure if this could be remedied, but this is the down side of reminding people to leave feedback. anyway, good app overall bc its not very expensive, good luck.
Created By: crp-mobile
On: Mar 22, 2018

Not happy with this Feedback Pro
I have had this application for 15 months and I can not see any evidence that the service has done anything to help me at all. Requesting a full refund.
Created By: powerwoodmb
On: Mar 06, 2018

Created By: stammersuspect6616
On: Feb 08, 2018

Nope, not for me.
Didn't like it from the beginning. The fact that you have to pay for it is terrible. Out of my sales, it's like 1 in 5 people leave feedback. Should be free.
Created By: wolverinevsx23
On: Feb 07, 2018

The app my be good for others......
It just did not work for us. No change in feedback.
Created By: sologyg
On: Jan 06, 2018

Tried this for 3 weeks- NO OBSERVABLE BENEFIT
Why pay for feedback reminders if buyers don't want to leave feedback?
Created By: 5fatcatzz
On: Jan 05, 2018

Used this for 6+ months now and it helps get lots of feedback.
Created By: korrasoutlet
On: Dec 29, 2017

nice job
nice job
Created By: cot-26
On: Dec 27, 2017

Nice tool and support!
These tool made my listings more trusted to my customers and it cost a few dollars! I think everyone must have it(if you not my competitor of course:))))) Also these guys made some even more that promised - they fixed all my listings for new ebay rules and Im really happy with this!
Created By: vannadiy
On: Nov 17, 2017

Cancel My Account!!!! NOW!!!!
Created By: favorstoday1
On: Nov 08, 2017

Great !!!!!
very useful apps
Created By: exploreshop
On: Nov 06, 2017

Great Help for Feedback
Prior to using feedback pro, we had almost no feed back history. We now show a 99.6 positive feed back and have become a top seller.
Created By: sos_optical
On: Nov 05, 2017

Great App
I wouldn't even consider selling on eBay without this app. It is simple, easy to set up, and makes like a lot easier! Thanks Feedback Pro!
Created By: superswiftshipping
On: Oct 19, 2017

Been taking my money for months i see no difference in my feedback
i cant even see how to opt out of the crap service.
Created By: tycharm2
On: Oct 18, 2017

Works as it should!
Definitely helped us improve the number of reviews we were getting! This is an important tool for any serious eBay sellers.
Created By: gpmsurpluscom
On: Oct 10, 2017

not working, took the money for the test period
Created By: boom_market
On: Oct 06, 2017

no very useful
waste of money!!!!
Created By: malovabay
On: Sep 06, 2017

Great application
Automates one of the most tedious tasks on eBay and does it really well! After spending 30 minutes to set up the whole application, I saw my percentage of people leaving positive feedback go up by 15 which is a considerable increase. Worth every penny if you ask me.
Created By: techtank
On: Aug 31, 2017

dont work, never receive feedback
Created By: alltruckcorp
On: Aug 03, 2017

looks good to me
it dose what its described to do
Created By: bhydeals
On: Jul 11, 2017

Love the app. no more leaving feedback that can take hours. great. works perfect
Created By: decalznstuff
On: Jun 21, 2017

Awesome Program to make feedback easier
This is a nice way to get feedback sent when you want it and even what you want sent. Make a difficult thing to remember automated.
Created By: kell-coo
On: May 31, 2017

Easy and convenient
Not bad
Created By: dnselectronic
On: May 31, 2017

Great app no problems.
Created By: chickietreasures
On: May 30, 2017

The Owner Will Treat You Right
This system is great for that seller who just does not have the time to put in for getting feedback the old fashion way of one email at a time. You can adjust or change your reminders to your own wording whenever you want. And if a problem does come up the Owner, John, will work with you. His communication is second to none.
Created By: pcment
On: May 29, 2017

Ran for three months and I have not noticed an increase in feedback being left
Ran for three months and I have not noticed an increase in feedback being left
Created By: tinned_marine_wire
On: May 02, 2017

Good customer service
Good customer service
Created By: issoy12345
On: Apr 30, 2017

Great followup product
has given us the opportunity to talk with customers before their review to correct any issues.
Created By: glassartpatterns
On: Apr 20, 2017

Created By: borsu4ka
On: Apr 02, 2017

Feedback emails without a headache
Great program, worth the price.
Created By: cimousa
On: Apr 01, 2017

Helps in providing positive feedback and also keeps me on track
Helps in providing positive feedback and also keeps me on track
Created By: lja45deal
On: Mar 31, 2017

It is a Double Edged Sword
Unfortunately, this great application few times backfires when buyers reply to a feedback reminder, and they do not use instead the eBay messaging system. I have received threats, and extortion several times. I will use it again if the application would block the buyer from replying to the "feedback reminder email"
Created By: knighthood_444
On: Mar 25, 2017

Outstanding Customer Service!
Contacted John at High Volume Seller support via the email address found at the bottom of our invoice. Not only did I get an immediate response, but the personal reply listed step-by-step instructions I could take to resolve our payment issue and an offer to take care the issue for me. High Volume Seller Feedback Pro could give lessons to others on providing outstanding communication and customer service. Roseanne Gallo, Director Marketing computergalleryonline
Created By: computergalleryonline
On: Mar 23, 2017

their communition sucks they will NOT reply to emails why do eBay allow them to operate, if sellers cant communicate to these 3rd party company then why have them listed. I would give 0 stars and 2 thumbs down, no excuse for this type of action
Created By: ace_thrift_store
On: Mar 20, 2017

Would not use this one again
Poor set up and lack of information
Created By: overstockshoesonline
On: Mar 20, 2017

Created By: banks2001-1998
On: Mar 19, 2017

Good product
works great, saves time
Created By: electronegg
On: Mar 10, 2017

The Best Feeback helper
This application makes it possible for me to have the best correspondence with my clients. it is well worth it. thank you for making this app.
Created By: smd-makeup
On: Mar 09, 2017

works perfectly fine!!!!
excellent app!!!
Created By: mrmaskmancom
On: Feb 22, 2017

I did not get the results I expected.
There were 28 buyers and only 3 feedback
Created By: vectromed
On: Feb 08, 2017

The Best Feedback App
I know you have options but I tried both and this one is the best one
Created By: hidden_treasures_resale
On: Feb 02, 2017

It works!
I struggle to collect feedback until I got this app - it made me 100 reviews in no time and support was immediately available - great!
Created By: optimalbay
On: Jan 30, 2017

Excellent Service, the app works flawlessly!
This is a must for customer feedback. In today's era you can't do business without customer feedback and this service automates the process of collecting customer feedback.
Created By: livstylish
On: Jan 29, 2017

This app really makes life easier, it helps me as a seller "collecting" my feedback from buyers.
Application is easy to use and has the e-mails all written and sent for you. John is very helpful and assists at any time if i have special requests. Worth every $$. Enjoy it.
Created By: ocshoptop100
On: Jan 29, 2017

I like it
Created By: bestskinpeel
On: Jan 18, 2017

Created By: vitacabi_net
On: Dec 07, 2016

I think it worked, definitely didn't NOT work :)
My feedback numbers have been better and better, not sure how much to attribute to this app, but definitely good correlation
Created By: mikebo911
On: Dec 07, 2016

I've been using you for years.
Created By: dogfencebatterybarn
On: Dec 05, 2016

23% more feedback this month!
I don't have time to remind people, this app seems to work very well.
Created By: oldmillmercant
On: Nov 02, 2016

We Are So Happy with Feedback Pro . .
We would never have gotten the hundreds of feedback/reviews that we did without Feedback Pro.
Created By: overstockliquidatorsinc
On: Nov 01, 2016

Created By: bigunlock
On: Oct 24, 2016

Created By: baypartspro-5
On: Oct 18, 2016

goood tools
Created By: lbgelber_shop
On: Sep 26, 2016

Great APP
Really helps to bring more Feedback to our site! Excellent customer service as well!
Created By: byfrm_me
On: Sep 12, 2016

excellent app.
I highly recommend this app to all sellers. SAVES me alot of time and has helped me retrieve more feedbacks that would have been forgot and never left. I give it 5 star and hope you will try this app and give them 5 stars too
Created By: bjmiller06071984
On: Sep 10, 2016

It's worth the money
over all good.
Created By: ispa2011
On: Sep 10, 2016

Did the trial time and did not see any difference in amount of feedback.
Did the trial time and did not see any difference in amount of feedback.
Created By: txcycles2012
On: Sep 10, 2016

Beyond satisfied
Definitely worth the money! I would spend so much time sending reminders to leave feedback. This takes care of it for me! Highly recommend this service!
Created By: southsidedata15
On: Sep 06, 2016

Bad customer service! They don't answer
Bad customer service! They don't answer
Created By: big_pop_sale
On: Aug 27, 2016

I recommend it. Very good option to increase your feedback... AAA+++
In a few months my feedback increased more than 70%. It is awesome to my business! Thanks!
Created By: wemgroup
On: Aug 17, 2016

of the 20 sales probably only got 2 pitbike, my program does not work
of the 20 sales probably only got 2 pitbike, my program does not work
Created By: vasya.koryabin_6
On: Aug 10, 2016

Hello. I experienced no pickup of my buyers leaving feedback.
Created By: r_lemore
On: Jul 30, 2016

It really works great and gives you more feedback
I have been using this tool for the last 7 or 8 months and it has increased the amount of feedback that I have been getting. It will not get everyone who purchased from you to give feed back. I believe it would be better if you were able to set more than two customer contacts. I do believe if they designed it to allow more contacts you would get better results. But it has been great for me.
Created By: guilkir
On: Jun 29, 2016

Does the job so well, I'm so thankful for it!
USE IT! Does the job so well, I'm so thankful for it!
Created By: ludashop
On: Jun 27, 2016

has dramatically increased the amount of positive feedbacks we get, and seriously helps our eBay business succeed more!
Created By: payless4apple
On: Jun 19, 2016

Excellent- Used as a tool to help customers before they left feedback
I used this for my business to identify potential issues before feedback was left. The auto emails to customers allowed me to check with them for level of satisfaction and in most cases eliminated negative feedback for errors we may have made. I used for about 3 years and very pleased with the service.
Created By: goiptv
On: Jun 11, 2016

Been using it for years and years, it's always been the best FB app available.
Created By: wholesalesince2004
On: Jun 06, 2016

works perfect
Created By: e-herko
On: Jun 02, 2016

Great software! Saves us a TON of time each month - WELL worth the few bucks!!
Great software! Saves us a TON of time each month - WELL worth the few bucks!! Wish I had more software that did as much for me...
Created By: stonersports
On: May 31, 2016

works really well
Created By: dorextreme
On: May 17, 2016

Saves Time
I like this app a lot due to it saving me time for leaving feedback. Very convenient!
Created By: magiccityherbalz
On: May 14, 2016

Not so good.
I used this for about 6 months. In that time, I seen a zero percent increase in the number of feedbacks that I received. I did have an increase in Neutral feedbacks that came in. It seems that after 15 days of getting an item, some people who receive a reminder about a purchase have buyers remorse and decide to leave a Neutral or even negative feedback even though they never came forward with an issue with their item. One guy even left neutral because he found an item cheaper after he had already bought from me. I do not recommend wasting the monthly fee on this as there were no positive effects of using this application.
Created By: easyautoparts
On: May 12, 2016

great idea and low cost
Created By: thewalterscollection
On: Apr 22, 2016

Great App
Great App with nice results. John provides excellent customer service and I use a lot of his apps A+ Five Stars!
Created By: tweetman1
On: Apr 21, 2016

No way to track its effectiveness
Its works fine, its sends out reminder emails to everyone that forgot to leave feedback, there's just no way to track how effective it is without going through every sold item and seeing if I received feedback or not after the app sent a reminder. For what they charge, there should be an easy tracking system included on the app's effectiveness.
Created By: eyetiquecommerce
On: Apr 21, 2016

Take the burden off me.....woks very well for me
no muss no fuss
Created By: nothingbuttreadmilllube
On: Apr 21, 2016

Poor Feed Back Return
Paid for this service for almost a year. Of over 1500+ sales I've maybe received feedback from 400. I believe that the issue is the fact the app only sends out 3 request to buyers to leave feedback and that's it. I think it should send reminders indefinitely until feedback is left by the buyer.
Created By: theratchet2.0
On: Apr 15, 2016

Worked great till ebay unjustly shut our ebay store
A very user friendly app. Too bad ebay wasnt as user friendly. We will be looking for it on many major selling sites. Saved a lot of time. Wish it could be used on our clearlybetterdisplays.com site.
Created By: clearlybetterdisplays
On: Apr 12, 2016

Saves time!
Good app-frees up my time for other work.
Created By: squid21982
On: Apr 02, 2016

It works if you sell on a large scale
Works great for me. If you are a large volume seller then I would suggest it. If you sell here and there then I would pass.
Created By: jessiekaur121212
On: Mar 07, 2016

Wonderful little app!
I have a few apps on eBay, and this is the most useful one. It does exactly what it needs to, takes care of feedback so i dont have to. It leaves feedback after a seller makes a purchase and reminds them to also leave feedback. I love that i can set the amount of days for it to send an email, and that i can edit email and feedback info.
Created By: ap-supply
On: Mar 05, 2016

Great tool
Very efficient
Created By: easedecor
On: Mar 04, 2016

is a must for sellers
this app increased my feedbacks by 30% in a month, great! thanks
Created By: zsemito_trade
On: Feb 29, 2016

Just great
Created By: qualitygermanautoparts
On: Feb 23, 2016

Good Service!
Good service if you don't have the time to do it yourself!
Created By: massambaba
On: Feb 15, 2016

best service ever.
keeps your count up. you will be glad you used them, highly recommend.
Created By: nanaor
On: Feb 14, 2016

+++++ Good ++++++
Great Buyer, fast payment, please come back anytime.
Created By: oneday414
On: Feb 10, 2016

Waste of Money
You will barely gain more feedback reviews from this App. Although its convenient they automatically give feedback, you still essentially get the same amount of responses. Most people who leave feedback will do so on their own accord, so this is a waste. It tends to stir up and potentially disgruntled customers who opted to not leave you feedback. Do yourself a favor and just leave feedback for those who leave it for you and that's all.
Created By: j7c1c9
On: Feb 07, 2016

ehhh Not really worth the money I spent every month
It kind of worked and there was a slight increase in feedback left but not enough to make it work the money I spent on it each month.
Created By: mustang_moon_creations
On: Jan 19, 2016

Works as described
this is a step up from seller manager pro version, not sure why i have it except personalize my messages and no ebay ads
Created By: kleenpro1
On: Jan 17, 2016

Effective, may need a new approach for those lazy buyers
I am happy with the success, although it may only be 22%. If ebay really wanted to keep the community safe via feedback, they need to offer an incentive. This may be a good plan for the John Wheelers of the world to approach eBay with this plan. If a buyer/seller does atleast 50 successful trans per year they are eligible for the incentive. The grounds for incentive would be based on a percentage as well! If a buyer or seller hits the minimum and leaves 55% feedback (so 28 out of 50) they qualify for a fee reduction/credit (if they are a seller, or a $5.00 gift card if they are a buyer) As true of every good incentive, as percentage increases, your reward follows. This would guarantee an increase in feedback without suffering an integrity loss of the content of the feedback. DO THAT AND ILL PAY MORE PER MONTH! You guys have a great service, I am happy someone realized there was a need to be filled. Questions about strategical improvement? Jonwegner@avantbellwether.com
Created By: avantbellwether
On: Jan 06, 2016

Wanted to wait
I did not want to write a review until I used this for a year to see how it performed. After a year it seems to work great. I have not had to contact support so I can't offer a review on that but overall I have to give it 5 stars
Created By: fasius2014
On: Dec 26, 2015

Simplifies and expedites the feedback process for my store. Highly Recommend.
Created By: stayfancy11
On: Nov 29, 2015

Great App
Fast and Easy
Created By: hrpawn
On: Nov 27, 2015

Perfect app!!!
Perfect app!!!
Created By: movaz-trade
On: Nov 22, 2015

Significantly increased number positive feedback rating received
Since I started using the Feedback pro Significantly increased number positive feedback rating received It is thanks to the Feedback pro
Created By: buy5.co.il
On: Nov 21, 2015

Contact Phone number is USELESS
Phone number provided does NOT ACCEPT CALLS! No developer support behind this app
Created By: partsreasonablypriced
On: Nov 21, 2015

It sounds really cool and easy to use
Created By: usbeautyinc
On: Nov 21, 2015

Has saved me a ton of time and increased the number of feedback I receive!
This is a great app that has helped improve the efficiency of my business.
Created By: libertycoinbeaverton2012
On: Nov 20, 2015

Love that this is automatic and it really helps our business grow!!
Love that this is automatic and it really helps our business grow!!
Created By: baddonkey
On: Nov 20, 2015

It is great.
Sends feedback reminders to my great customers and they are happy to leave a good feedback for us! Thank you
Created By: 303electronics
On: Nov 09, 2015

Created By: brilliant-jewelry
On: Nov 02, 2015

Great app
Very useful
Created By: ogatti
On: Oct 20, 2015

love it its amazing would not minde if they would do a 3rd reminder like a month later
would not mind if they would do a 3rd reminder like a month later
Created By: choic_vapor
On: Oct 20, 2015

really helpful
this one really helps us getting more feedback and newsletter subscribers.
Created By: valyriajewelry
On: Oct 19, 2015

Great small app ! my feedback score increased by 17%
Great small app ! my feedback score increased by 17%
Created By: goneil2015
On: Oct 19, 2015

Great feedback
Thanks for reminding my customers to rate my service. It really helps up my reviews.
Created By: quiltwhinny
On: Oct 19, 2015

this app saves me so much time I couldn't run my store without it.
Created By: l_mpartners
On: Oct 19, 2015

Helps with Feedback
I love the emails that they send!
Created By: shop-toit
On: Oct 19, 2015

Works great!
Besides reminding customers to leave positive feedback, it gives customers a chance to let us know if they have issues so we can avoid negative feedback. Thanks!
Created By: upward-mobile
On: Oct 19, 2015

Very Nice ! Thank You !
do the job
Created By: repairmanualmaster
On: Oct 19, 2015

Recieved 1 or 2 feedback from customers
feedback was slower than usual would not recommend.
Created By: vavaavoom
On: Oct 11, 2015

Works great!
I've been using this app for a couple of years and it works great. I haven't had any problems with it. Thanks.
Created By: hays-hobby
On: Sep 28, 2015

good !!!!
good !!!!
Created By: dulce-bay
On: Sep 18, 2015

Great tool worth every penny
Big time saver and worth the dough
Created By: listflip
On: Sep 16, 2015

Great tool for sellers
Feedback left has increased dramatically since using this tool. Highly recommended.
Created By: greggygonz
On: Sep 15, 2015

Awesome! We love Feedback Pro
We love Feedback Pro. It's accurate and works flawlessly for us.
Created By: diamonddazzlerz
On: Sep 15, 2015

Thank you for all of your great services!
Created By: heavendeal
On: Sep 10, 2015

Best app ever
Outstanding app
Created By: bestmerchendize
On: Sep 10, 2015

Like this application.
So far this has been a help to me. I would recommend it to others to try.
Created By: simplelanie
On: Sep 08, 2015

Created By: coco_dior480
On: Aug 21, 2015

does the job. good app
great app.
Created By: gooddealsfly
On: Aug 19, 2015

Didn't really work with my settings or watch its actions BUT It did help and took a Huge load off my shpulders ! So Yes it works Thanks Again
Created By: bracing03
On: Aug 18, 2015

great app
it was very useful
Created By: bella1255
On: Aug 18, 2015

No hassle feedback manager
Unfortunately only 11% of customers responded, however we did not play around enough with the message options to see if we can improve that. All in all the app is definitely worth the $7 a Month.
Created By: classyuinc
On: Aug 17, 2015

do not feel as it worked
was quoted 1 price but got billed for a higher rate. not good business.
Created By: motomayhemllc
On: Aug 17, 2015

Unresponsive developer and doesn't work at all. don't waste your money !!
Created By: sharkaire
On: Aug 09, 2015

great app, would recommend
since using feedback pro my feed back score has been great , thanks for a great product
Created By: moore1716
On: Aug 05, 2015

Great App
Created By: bmiller06_07_1984
On: Jul 28, 2015

Simply Amazing
I love this application and have been using it for over 3 years. I would recommend it to anyone.
Created By: gameaddict444
On: Jul 27, 2015

Not satisfied
Doesn't work. Very expensive. Very poor customer service.
Created By: brilliant_stones
On: Jul 16, 2015

Excellent product
It is the best automatic feedback I have tried
Created By: aluminumbird2
On: Jul 15, 2015

Created By: unlockbaynet
On: Jul 02, 2015

Awesome Application
I have closed my store, so I am no longer in need of this application. It was a great app while I used. Thank you for everything.
Created By: tforkan
On: Jun 16, 2015

No issues. Works as advertised.
Created By: primetimemerchants
On: Jun 14, 2015

The App Works Great.
The App Works Great.
Created By: chaos-games-and-collectibles
On: May 20, 2015

Great !!!!!!!
works wonderfully.. real time saver
Created By: btvbulbsales
On: May 19, 2015

Because of this app i got a NEGATIVE
Good idea... but make sure you check all settings. Buyer left me negative because this app sent him a notification few days after transaction.
Created By: wesellem
On: May 18, 2015

I have noticed an uptick in my feedback since using this app. Very useful.
Love it.
Created By: bkismobil
On: May 17, 2015

Very good product!
We get the nice reports each month that show how many of our customers were given feedback. it would be nice to have more information in those reports, especially about feedback GIVEN as well as RECEIVED!
Created By: americancoincollectors-1
On: May 17, 2015

Good app. Does what it should. My feedback has definitely gone up!
Good app for the pricing. Certainly helps with a boost in feedback and removes the manual labor involved in feedback requests once the templates have been set up, which by the way is easy to set up. Wish they would come up with something similar for Amazon.
Created By: texasgiantbargains
On: May 17, 2015

If you sell on eBay on a regular basis you need this!
It does a lot of work communicating with customers for very little money. It would cost me many times over to have one of my employees send feedback requests manually. And unlike an employee the app won't get busy and tell you it didn't have time to do the work!
Created By: guntape
On: May 17, 2015

great service
thank you
Created By: janac18
On: May 17, 2015

Five star app
Works great
Created By: louie857
On: May 16, 2015

great app..gets the job done
great app gets the job done
Created By: myhomebiz
On: May 16, 2015

Works Great, Emails You Fast Upon Neutral or Negative Feedback Received!
Found to be very useful application for updating feedback with a lot to update, AND quick to email if you receive any neutral or positive feedback, great for customer service!
Created By: wabetchubot
On: May 14, 2015

Love it
very good, orgazined, and you can keep track of sent feedback request.
Created By: grace2015sindi
On: May 09, 2015

must have
a must have!
Created By: solidgoldllc2015
On: May 04, 2015

Perfect App for seller
it seems perfect app for seller !!!
Created By: 2015usakyar
On: Apr 24, 2015

Excellent Apps to remind customers
An excellent app that automates the reminder process. Saw an increase of 50% feedbacks. Recommended.
Created By: sabre-bullion
On: Apr 23, 2015

Great App!!!
Works great
Created By: dbark20
On: Apr 23, 2015

helps alot
saves lots of time doing the hard work for you.
Created By: obbil
On: Apr 21, 2015

feedback pro has helped our feedback 100% highly recommend
great app, set it and forget it. does the trick!
Created By: ias00
On: Apr 14, 2015

20% Increase in Positive Feedback
Feedback pro has provided a good service while increasing the feedbacks that have been left by 20%.
Created By: danno0427
On: Apr 14, 2015

A must have for an ebay seller!
Love feedback Pro. Every seller should have this.
Created By: icanhelpsew
On: Apr 13, 2015

Buyers 1 out of 1000 would leave feedback
never worked buyers never left feedbacks at all. Lost thousands of feedbacks because your software don't work
Created By: productbuyingsolutions
On: Apr 07, 2015

Great Service
Makes leaving feedback much easier and streamlined.
Created By: hd_nutraceuticals
On: Apr 07, 2015

if this keeps up I no longer want it, I make my payments through pay pal
Created By: 40ruiz
On: Apr 05, 2015

so over all the feedback pro works great leave feedback once they have left for you. works really well on those that wont even after 30 days etc. but you know what if you add a memeber to a blacklist not ask for feedback b/c the buyer is less say not being a grown up. then make sure the blacklist works. SO NOW I AM UNSUBSCRIBING!!!! (1 STAR). WHY B/C NEUTRAL OR NEGATIVE FEEDBACK NOT WORTH IT!
Created By: bargain_boss_24-7
On: Apr 05, 2015

Terrific app !
It couldnt be easier ...having somebody else do all of the work....Thanks !!
Created By: dah_chris
On: Apr 04, 2015

Created By: bangi123
On: Mar 27, 2015

Works like a pro!!
I have only been using this app for about month maybe less. In that month I got back over 50 feedbacks compared to last month without it, I only received 19. I received More positive feedback this month than I did in the last 2 months and that is fantastic. I help me boost sales and get higher ranking. I love this app if your a seller that relies on your feedback this app is a must!!!
Created By: canderson308
On: Mar 27, 2015

Great serviece
Well worth it.
Created By: bargainsndealz
On: Mar 26, 2015

Created By: kathysalud
On: Mar 19, 2015

Works if you want feedback!!
This is a must have app, worth every penny!
Created By: slozano1
On: Mar 19, 2015

Created By: safetymandon
On: Mar 06, 2015

Pretty good app!!!
Created By: evalero1
On: Mar 06, 2015

Very good system. Thank You
So far I'm very Happy...
Created By: big.red.store.24-7
On: Mar 05, 2015

Good APP
No problem Good app
Created By: eclipse3211
On: Mar 05, 2015

Time Saver
I found this to be a time saver. Positive feedback is given to the buyer. In turn I receive more positives back. If the seller forgets to leave feedback, he receives a message from Feedback Pro asking him to complete same. For the price you can?t go wrong.
Created By: iphufoth
On: Mar 05, 2015

Must have app
Works great and we receive lots of feedback.
Created By: networkinghardwares
On: Mar 05, 2015

Pretty poor service.
Received nothing but complaints from buyers getting harassed for feedback. Need to cross reference with shipping status. Tried to change timeline, but software never changed. Cancelled service 3 months ago but still will not update and still trying to bill me! Cancelled overall due to no increase in customer feedback left. Since performance calculated on total transactions, not feedback, why even bother anymore.
Created By: randypc
On: Mar 05, 2015

Good Experience
Created By: lordsorganicsllc
On: Feb 27, 2015

Created By: 1-stopautoparts
On: Feb 25, 2015

Atleast it does what it says it does.
Price is a little steep but it keeps me from doing all the work of requesting feedback! +1
Created By: clearsolution_cleanslate
On: Feb 24, 2015

Best Tool Out There For Sellers!
If you are selling on ebay and you dont have this app? ohh boy your missing out on good vibes. GET IT ASAP! :D
Created By: jdomains_inc
On: Feb 17, 2015

paypal doesn't want to auto there payments
over it
Created By: 123daniel2009
On: Feb 14, 2015

Created By: nmadridday
On: Feb 13, 2015

Very good
I like
Created By: acuariano18
On: Feb 07, 2015

Time saver!
Great time saver and wonderful service.
Created By: lynnjin
On: Feb 06, 2015

Must have application for any seller. Setup and forget. Working great!
Created By: kristylers_2008
On: Feb 05, 2015

Great Reminder for those buyers who are busy.
We have used this for a year plus now with great input from buyers on ways to make our store better and help keep us in communications with our buyers . The actual amount of feedback that is left gained from this is 8-13% on average and it is well worth the fees for this program. You are in this for the long haul and the more you can do to help a store automated the better it can runs.
Created By: 1stopautopartz
On: Feb 04, 2015

Awesome product!
It has definitely helped my feedback score. Thanks!
Created By: motoplaneparts
On: Feb 04, 2015

Wonderful customer service!
Quick response and help if you have any issues or if you have a question about something regarding this app.
Created By: spenworld1963
On: Jan 28, 2015

Save my time
Save my time writhing to my buyers feedback
Created By: josdeals2014
On: Jan 15, 2015

Very helpful
Very helpful, save a lot of work.
Created By: usdigitek
On: Jan 15, 2015

good but hard to cancel
leaves automatic feedback. works great until you don't want it anymore.
Created By: pgcoast
On: Jan 14, 2015

Great Service
If you do bulk listings you should not be without this service
Created By: jsensolution-asis
On: Jan 14, 2015

I love how much the feedback pro has increasesd my feedback.
My numbers have gone up so much. I couldn't be happier.
Created By: greycen24
On: Jan 10, 2015

It works
it works
Created By: jkle1035
On: Jan 05, 2015

Love This Product
I would recommend this to any ebayer.
Created By: kristib2010
On: Jan 03, 2015

Has many great options and works perfectly.
I set it up and dont think about it...it just goes by itself and definitely brings in more feedback!
Created By: mose-da
On: Jan 02, 2015

Loved it!
This app helps grow my feedback quickly every single month! It's so simple, easy, and inexpensive to use too!
Created By: taurusbrandsvirgodeals2013
On: Dec 20, 2014

Created By: gamers_icon
On: Dec 20, 2014

(There have been no reviews for this application.)
This apps helps us automate the process of requesting for feedback and it has increased our feedback rating tremendously.
Created By: fovitecusa
On: Dec 03, 2014

Good if you are a high volume seller. Follows up with your buyers cause you're busy.
It does present your ebay more professional. Leaves feedback for your buyers instantly after they pay. Follows up with your buyers after a week and 2 weeks. You will get 20% more reviews and prevent some from giving you a bad reviews by reaching out to them before they post a bad review. They forward emails from buyers to you when they follow up. It's essential for every high volume seller. It is a little pricey but they do a good job and is needed.
Created By: unlimited-global-distribution
On: Dec 01, 2014

Every issue ive Had With the High Volume Seller App ive E-mailed John And he's Contacted me ASAP
Every issue ive Had With the High Volume Seller App ive E-mailed John And he's Contacted me ASAP And Fixed the Problem Immediately,i gave him 5 Stars only because I couldn't give Anymore.When my E-bay Sales Are back up ill Definitely be back to the HIGHVOLUMESELLER APP.if you Sell on E-bay its A must have APP.
Created By: azmike2001
On: Nov 30, 2014

One of the best apps!
My feedback has almost doubled within a month of using this! I highly recommend this for all sellers to have.
Created By: stevensconsignment
On: Nov 26, 2014

not good
Created By: !mrbuddy
On: Nov 05, 2014

Works like a charm!!!!!
Works like a charm!!!!!
Created By: looking4mars678
On: Nov 02, 2014

Great app a must have for power sellers
Is a must have for power sellers to keep your reputation growing automatically
Created By: e-quidators
On: Nov 01, 2014

Excellent App
Thank Application help prevent future problems with buyers.
Created By: gbrc2010
On: Nov 01, 2014

my must have for ebay aplications
this is my favorite eBay application. Never worry about leaving your buyers feedback again. It does all the work for you. I highly recommend this one for all sellers.
Created By: kdz688
On: Oct 28, 2014

Love this feature.
Great for anyone who is selling high volume of items!
Created By: diamond_dealz_unlimited
On: Oct 11, 2014

Love it! So Easy to use
I like the reminder emails to my customers for feedback.
Created By: harleyladyxlh
On: Oct 11, 2014

Good app
It's a good app. Helped get some more feedbacks. The click through rate is about 20%, which is low, but only for $6.99 a month, I believe it's worth it. Also, a nice feature would be to implement a function that the seller can send a global reminder to ALL people who haven't left a feedback. Thanks
Created By: ohdreamy
On: Oct 08, 2014

Great app
Does what it says.
Created By: stillwateroutfitters
On: Oct 01, 2014

hasn't helped me receive feedback at all
hasn't helped me receive feedback at all
Created By: primefashion
On: Sep 22, 2014

It works
It works
Created By: gemsvillage.com
On: Sep 21, 2014

high price
I have other options like ki feedback that's why i did unsubscribe from you app
Created By: mor1337mor
On: Sep 20, 2014

Improved Feedback Responses
Feedback Pro has really help increase our sales volume and increasing our feedback responses as well as have more new buyers signing up for our sales newsletter. Well worth the money.
Created By: miss1121
On: Sep 18, 2014

Immediate increase in feedback
I needed to increase the percentage of feedback received. I immediately noticed an increase.
Created By: rick_pennington
On: Sep 18, 2014

Exelente Aplication A++++
Thanks to this application poderoa I could get most of the positive comments had not given me excellent
Created By: saheistore
On: Sep 18, 2014

Very useful App! We use it everyday!
We use this app everyday to solicit Feedback from our Customers and found it to be a very useful tool in our ecommerce business.
Created By: ai1gsales
On: Sep 17, 2014

Does what it says it does.
Nice way of "nagging" your customers so that they'll leave (hopefully positive) feedback for you.
Created By: garvingreen
On: Sep 17, 2014

Works great!
Haven't had any issues with this application. We love it!
Created By: interconnection124
On: Sep 16, 2014

This is a BIG time saver! Glad your on the job, keep up the great work!!!
Created By: kingralphie66
On: Sep 16, 2014

Great work
Feedback Pro is providing an awesome job by following up with customers and reminding them to leave me the seller feedback. One more thing you may want to add is to make customers keep in mind that they are rating the sellers performance here. Some customers think they have to rate the movie I am selling. I am not the producer of the movie. My job is to deliver that (original manufacturer made movie) to the customer in the best way possible. Thanks and keep up your good work :-)
Created By: dancingdaisydana
On: Sep 16, 2014

this products has work great and has increased my positive feedback
I would highly recommend this program if you sell allot on eBay. it will help your feedback, which will give you new business
Created By: techdealrus
On: Sep 16, 2014

Great skills
These guys know there stuff
Created By: acs-performance-clutches
On: Sep 16, 2014

Great service at a great price
This app has saved me a lot of time I've spent in the past running after people for feedback. I strongly recommend it!
Created By: 2014jgrant
On: Sep 16, 2014

Excellent Professional Communication
I had made an earlier error with Feedback Pro
Created By: caelinclover
On: Aug 31, 2014

Worh the the money spent
They deliver what they promise. But there are lots of room to improve on the interface and functionality. But in general it works fine.
Created By: resellbrands
On: Aug 01, 2014

Excellent Service
Happy with service being provided, def. recommend others give it a try. Thanks
Created By: 707motoring
On: Jul 31, 2014

Great app saves me time with reminding customers to leave feed back
success rate isn't very high but it better than nothing.
Created By: somosford
On: Jul 31, 2014

Very easy and effective
I set it up and dont think about it...it works great without me having to be busy with it.
Created By: sshr711
On: Jul 31, 2014

The Feedback Pro Reminder Service is great!
Appreciate this app so much - have gotten more buyers to leave feedback then ever before!
Created By: twm20001
On: Jul 31, 2014

Great App!
Great App!
Created By: scentsofworthfragrances
On: Jul 31, 2014

Set the app in place and it has done the job since. Great app!
Set the app in place and it has done the job since. Great app!
Created By: hutchersongroup
On: Jul 31, 2014

I TURNED THE APP OFF 2-3 WEEKS AGO BUT THEY STILL TOOK $10.00 out of my paypal account for Aug. (not nice!) GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK AND TAKE IT OFF MY PAGE..
Created By: lloydlc01
On: Jul 30, 2014

Save alot of time and is a Wonderfull Application!
Save alot of time and is a Wonderfull Application!
Created By: pristinemerchandiseus
On: Jul 24, 2014

They are always there!
Feedback Pro is always there for you, I have not had to worry about feedback for nearly a year now, and I imagine I won't have to worry about feedback for another year! You can't go wrong with these folks!
Created By: huntingtreasures4u
On: Jul 15, 2014

Exemplary customer service and feedback
This application is a plus and should be experienced by ebay sellers. Unfortunately, I had to close my store due to numerous family emergencies, but once I reopen my store or start selling on ebay again I'll definately restore this application.
Created By: moluveng
On: Jul 15, 2014

Didnt see any improvement
no improvement. didnt send me email copies.
Created By: cosmeticwholesellers
On: Jul 08, 2014

seems to be working
Just working great for me. Thank-you
Created By: blueoscarvincent
On: Jul 02, 2014

Easy for feedback period.
Does the job for me and easy to work,highly recommended if you are a seller money well spend period.
Created By: arroyo6422
On: Jun 30, 2014

Sends FB reminders even after buyer already has left FB!
Useless and embarrassing to harass buyers who already have left feedback! They need to update their database more often. This shouldn't happen.
Created By: debussy2
On: Jun 12, 2014

It worked!
Increased feedback for sure. thanks for the app
Created By: gp51
On: Jun 08, 2014

I absolutely love this app! Saves so much time!
Created By: eb-wholesale
On: Jun 03, 2014

Great App to improve feedback profile
Created By: shop4ever.34
On: Jun 02, 2014

This app has increased my feedback immeasurably! Thank you for the uptick in positive numbers.
Created By: semaphorian-classic-games
On: Jun 01, 2014

Awesome App!
I love this app. It does everything for you. No more searching your feedback to leave for others and no more searching for feedback left by others. It emails you every time someone leaves feedback whether it's positive or negative! My success rate has increased with this app. Highly recommended!
Created By: gingasgalleria662
On: Jun 01, 2014

Best ever!
Best app for sellers. A must have!! Keep up the good work!!
Created By: jamhuritech
On: Jun 01, 2014

Created By: kisana
On: May 25, 2014

I like this alot!! its a great idea
i really hope this helps my sales because im new to ebay and I really want to make my customers happy.
Created By: nora813
On: May 06, 2014

For Big Business would work great, It saves the seller time
It saves me time...Not the results I would have thought for a smaller business.
Created By: eaglelandings
On: May 05, 2014

My feedback has increased 10 fold since I started using this.
Created By: jphotow
On: May 05, 2014

Works Perfectly
I have this program on two accounts, and it does what it says. Well worth the cost.
Created By: fotofraulein
On: May 01, 2014

More features could be added and a slight price decrease won't be bad
Except with the fact the app told me we received a neg feedback and we never did everything else so far has been great. 13% return feedback is not much considering the fact we get that regardless of the app but knowing when you receive a bad feedback and acting up on it immediately makes and brakes the ice for us :)
Created By: vkapparel
On: May 01, 2014

I am a Power Seller/Top Rate Seller this is an awesome app has increased my feedback
What I like about this is that it automatically leaves feedback once feedback has been left and I don't need to worry about it. Also that they send me messages for all neutral or neg feedback right away so I can hopefully rectify situation and have buyer change feedback. It is a very good app
Created By: suew8629
On: May 01, 2014

Good app but need improvement
Used Feedback pro, now trying ki feedback to see which one works better
Created By: diluminal35
On: May 01, 2014

excellent product! getting at least 10 to 15% more feedbacks!
Thank you for the great product and service, what an amazing tool!
Created By: markstradingcompany
On: May 01, 2014

great app!!! super results recommended to all
great app!!! super results recommended to all
Created By: milkandhoneypassion
On: May 01, 2014

Completely Worth It!
I got this application about a year ago, and haven't looked back! My feedback is now out of sight out of mind! No more stress of 14 pages of feedback weekly! I have this set to leave feedback immediately once payment is received, and that it does! I recommend this app to those will high sales volumes!
Created By: amweissinger
On: Apr 26, 2014

Excellent Feedback App!
I just love it!
Created By: jewelryme7
On: Apr 25, 2014

Awesome application!
Sometimes your buyers forget how important feedback is to you as a seller. This application discreet and professionally sends them several reminder ebay messages to leave some feedback on their purchase from you. Saves a lot of time individually having to ask a customer how their business with me was like.
Created By: riteway2014
On: Apr 17, 2014

Created By: greenskysold
On: Apr 07, 2014

Great application
must have for a seller.
Created By: zokum
On: Apr 04, 2014

Awesome Tool to have to help with your ebay store
thank you!
Created By: yourpersonalshopper619
On: Apr 04, 2014

Big time saver
I would like to see that the customer receives the product (book in my case) before the message is sent to them. I get messages from customer saying they will give the feedback but still awaiting the delivery.
Created By: anjinsan767
On: Apr 04, 2014

love it :)))
very good
Created By: rotem37
On: Apr 02, 2014

very important app to have for doing business on ebay
very important app to have for doing business on ebay
Created By: homiegear
On: Apr 01, 2014

Nice app
Works great and saves me a lot of time.
Created By: teslakid
On: Apr 01, 2014

Created By: onehourcell
On: Mar 26, 2014

Works great!! ??????
Created By: bebe*lover
On: Mar 19, 2014

quick and easy
Created By: herbertoberry1
On: Mar 08, 2014

waste of money
got the one month trial, and paid for a month didnt get a single feedback..
Created By: breaklitessince03
On: Mar 07, 2014

Good but switched to one that allows HTML and linking to social media.
Html is important these days. Don't pander to the dummies
Created By: nationofvintage
On: Mar 03, 2014

Decided to give it a try. The app sent out 443 reminders and 121 left feedback. Very impressed!
For a power seller, this app is a good idea!
Created By: cardmall
On: Mar 01, 2014

Created By: justinsthriftydeals
On: Mar 01, 2014

A must for sellers with stores
The application is great if you have a lot of customers. It provides enough customization tools to make your feedback requests from your customers efficient and increase the likelihood of receiving feedback from those customers that just seem to forget about it :-) Recommended!
Created By: igadgets-and-more
On: Mar 01, 2014

Works great!
Created By: bebe*queen
On: Mar 01, 2014

Feedback Pro is awesome!
I really like this program, it's definitely helped me to get more feedback from customers, and it also has helped as a way for customers to contact me if they feel unsatisfied but havent bothered to let me know previously. It's also very affordable, so I plan to keep using it!
Created By: jda2002
On: Mar 01, 2014

This app saves me a ton of time!
I don't have to manually send out FB ratings, this app does it for me. It also reminds my customers to do the same! My Positive FB has jumped dramatically!
Created By: thebamboolady
On: Feb 21, 2014

Best app on ebay! A+++++++++
Hands down #1 best app. Our feedback increased from an average of about 100 per month two 250! We no longer have to worry about getting demoted in power seller status. In the past, every so often we used to have a bad month with one or two negative reviews out of 100. Now there are NO more bad months because if we get one or two negative reviews out of 250 it doesn't even make a dent - so ebay never messes with our top rated power seller status! My advice: Get this app - it is the best investment you will ever make on ebay!
Created By: sellersavings
On: Feb 21, 2014

It has made my work so much easier and helped so much with getting my Feedback from customers!!
I so recommend this app!!!!
Created By: getbeautifulforless
On: Feb 19, 2014

Great App!!!
Great app! Automatically leaves feedback for buyers and requests feedback automatically from the buyers! What a time saver! Thanks for all you do!
Created By: resaledesigners
On: Feb 18, 2014

Helping me grow my business
Created By: eljefe2828
On: Feb 16, 2014

Very good!!! It really works for my business.
Very good!!! It really works for my business.
Created By: simstrading
On: Feb 11, 2014

Very useful on following up with customers. Need larger blacklist.
Everything about this app for ebay is on point and sufficient enough to use. One Improvement I would like to see is an expanded or increased black list.
Created By: burkemotopros
On: Feb 05, 2014

(There have been no reviews for this application.)
Great to have notifications when someone leaves a neg / neutral
Great tool for receiving immediate notifications when someone leaves a negative or neutral feedback.
Created By: thebluedot
On: Feb 04, 2014

Everyone should have this App!
With feedback being so important to us all whether we are sellers or buyers I see no reason why everyone should not have this app. It lifts one more task from our shoulders so we can concentrate on better listings and a bit more personal time. Thank you Feedback Pro!
Created By: gamestoysgalore
On: Feb 04, 2014

Over 20% increase in reviews
Takes care of feedback that I don't have time to do. Reminds customers to do the feedback and auto replies on positive feedback. Recommend for a busy ebay business.
Created By: outdoordogsupply
On: Feb 04, 2014

Easy to use
Easy to use, excellent application. Has a success rate of somewhere around 25-35% in getting customers who haven't left feedback to leave feedback. It's worth your time to invest in this application because it helps your feedback numbers and it even helps resolve some customer issues.
Created By: beaconvaluevillage
On: Feb 04, 2014

Te best App for my business
Te best App for my business. Helped me a lot. Thank you guys!
Created By: moddedzone
On: Feb 04, 2014

Doesn't always let you know if a customer leaves a negative or neutral feedback. Doesn't always send out feedback request or follow ups. Can't depend on it.
Created By: dreadheadhqcom
On: Jan 24, 2014

Created By: magichatstore
On: Jan 08, 2014

Increase your feedback
On average from the notices we get our feedback increases by 22%. Well worth the small price we pay. We have been using the application for almost five years.
Created By: americansurplus2012
On: Jan 07, 2014

try it is so good make my live ezy
Created By: beautysystem13
On: Jan 05, 2014

Incredible, Convenient, Amazing, Automatic, and Perfect App!
This App turned helped me go from newbie to power seller in a matter of a month! Instead of individually contacting every single one of my customers, and asking them to leave me feedback, this app did it for me automatically. The fact that it has a polite and direct message to my customers is what lead my customers to leave me feedback! Thank you for an awesome creation! -Jmart1987
Created By: jmart1987
On: Jan 03, 2014

a little slow, but functions ok
Takes a very long time to log in and sometimes it loads for like 10 minutes.
Created By: modn_mall
On: Jan 03, 2014

great app, it really saves me time so i can focus on other ways of making $$$
I like this app because it automatically disperses feedback's for you, it's great for high volume sellers. I recommend this app
Created By: dealsallday30
On: Jan 03, 2014

it really GOES after them to give feedback
and on top of that, i am informed immediately about unhappy customers so i can address their problems and rectify and get another positive feedback. every feedback counts...
Created By: jewelstoponline
On: Jan 03, 2014

14% feedback recover rate
This application works wonders for us. We are getting about 14% feedback recover rate which probably would be lost because many many buyers neglect or forget to leave a feedback. Thanks.
Created By: dixiesuperstore
On: Jan 02, 2014

Not up to expectations
27% success rate is pitiful. Very disappointed.
Created By: cincyslu
On: Jan 02, 2014

great app
Saves me time and brings in the results. Excellent customer service.
Created By: beautydiva4you
On: Jan 02, 2014