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Feedback Reminder

By 3DSellers  (released Feb 08, 2013)
Improve your eBay feedback score with eBay Feedback Reminder! Sign up today and receive a FREE subscription to our Thank You Emails app!
Categories: Customer support, Marketing & merchandising
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If you are subscribed or want to subscribe to this application please click here for details.
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I love this so much...
Created By: hawkin2960
On: Sep 26, 2018

My total amount of feedbacks TRIPLED! It?s amazing and so easy to setup, everything works automatically ever since. There is also a very pleasant chart that shows the progress - the interface is very user friendly overall
Created By: capitalawesome
On: Sep 06, 2018

Works like a charm
I?m very happy with the feedback reminder. It started showing results in the first hours of activation and my feedback score keeps growing! Thank you for this automation. The sending triggers are perfect and it?s even possible to choose a time of the day the reminder is received
Created By: cooldeal28
On: Sep 05, 2018

My feedback score started growing as soon as I activated the reminders.THANK YOU, I?m very happy with this app! I recommend to all eBay sellers - you can see your progress, personalize messages and even setup automated feedback to buyers, which is a great time-saver!
Created By: dopemagnet
On: Sep 04, 2018

Amazing! Great tool!
Amazing! Great tool! Everything is automated and so easy to use my total feedback score increased right away. IT WORKS!
Created By: rai931
On: Sep 04, 2018

Feedback reminder process
This has been a HORRIBLE experience. Your system is sending automated emails 1-2 days after a buyer PURCHASES an item from me reminding them to leave feedback for the item. It makes sellers look like total idiots. Please disable this option on my account.
Created By: cjbrkt
On: Sep 02, 2018

I have subscribed to this service for over 2 years! Recently 3D Sellers stopped sending my feedback reminders without notice. I was researching this and have found that IT IS REQUIRED to upgrade to their PRO PLAN in order co continue to send emails. This is such the scam. I do not want to subscribe to the PRO Plan for $15/month when all I need was the $3.99/monthly plan. Ebay should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this type of company to strong arm and scam the sellers. SELLER BEWARE!
Created By: hoosierdesignguy361
On: Aug 28, 2018

This is a great service! It will help you stay on top!
Created By: skohistani95
On: Aug 06, 2018

no worth the money
no customer service with this app. trying to get a hold of someone to cancel your account is nearly impossible, you will have better luck stumbling into gold in your back yard
Created By: ransthriftfinds
On: Aug 05, 2018

Feedback Reminders work Great!
I signed up to increase my review numbers and ratings. It helped a lot and made it so I didn't have to think about it. Love the automatic nature of this service! Worth the price!
Created By: mardarlin_64
On: Jul 12, 2018

The price is $3.99 / per month on eBay. I subscribed on eBay. The app sent me website the price changed to $9.99. It is not fair.
Created By: conquerorhome-garden
On: Jul 12, 2018

I can see a difference for sure
This seems to work quite well and i definitely saw a difference in the amount of feedback i was getting from my buyers, thanx.
Created By: unbeatable270.ml_2
On: Jun 24, 2018

Fantastic! Seriously works!!!
Set it and forget it. My feedback score grow overnight after getting this app! Love the new features as well.
Created By: dragonfly-jewelry
On: Jun 18, 2018

This application sends all customers automatic messages with the same name of the product. A buyer send me this message: nice try soliciting feedback but you got it all wrong, I never bought any WOMEN'S NIKE SHOX RUNNING SHOES US ! I see you're new to eBay selling so I can understand your careless mistake.... And many other messages I received for this bad application. I DO NOT RECOMMENDED . DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.
Created By: katty8317_5
On: Jun 01, 2018

This is a must have app.
This app is excellent and takes the work out of following up on feedback reminders! I highly recommend that every seller use this app.
Created By: mtmineralsandcrystals
On: May 30, 2018

Wasn't great before and now is even worse.
Before the app was ok but would send reminders too early which many customers complained about which is not good for business. Now they limit you to 5 reminders per day which is ridiculous and they expect me to pay $50 A MONTH! to get the limit removed. Let that sink in... $50 a month! Thats more than most of my subscriptions combined!
Created By: trendingboutique
On: May 28, 2018

Helps tremendously to help remind customers to leave feedback
Great took
Created By: downinthedsm515
On: May 23, 2018

It works
I got feedback that i wasn't hoping i would.It really works fine
Created By: europeanwarfronthelmets
On: May 03, 2018

Created By: techhalfprice
On: May 01, 2018

still sending reminders to our buyers, we cancelled your service
sending emails too early
Created By: vbandstore
On: Apr 19, 2018

Created By: bkillahb3
On: Apr 04, 2018

Awesome! Love it!
I've been using this service for over a year and love it. I haven't been selling as much lately, so cutting back. But I need to get back to selling more on ebay! This is a great service you do not want to go without. My feedback was increase tremendously and I loved it. I will be back once I get more items on ebay to support the cost. Even though it's cheap, if you're not selling, no sense having it. Thank you for a great service.
Created By: worknbroke
On: Apr 03, 2018

The system fulfilled what it promises, I had several positive feedbacks.
Created By: maisqueoferta
On: Mar 24, 2018

The application is more than well done is perfect
The application is more than well done is perfect, but even so the buyers are very orgasan to leave their feedback.
Created By: virtualshop90
On: Mar 20, 2018

Updated Review
The customer service has improved and is very responsive. product is functioning well.
Created By: ironvapin
On: Mar 16, 2018

Quite useful and minimizes my work
Quite useful and minimizes my work
Created By: worldshopping90
On: Mar 14, 2018

Created By: boom_market
On: Mar 10, 2018

I purchased this app 60 minutes ago and already have had 22 Feedbacks left
This is a very easy app to download nd the tutorial is great. It took less than seconds to complete the whole set-up. Well worth the small monthly fee
Created By: summercreek2345
On: Feb 06, 2018

simply doesn't work, never shows any items and i have tons of transactions. don't waste your time with this one and then have to deal with the hassle of canceling the subscription to avoid paying. heres a tip: go straight to your paypal profile- my money-preapproved payments and cancel this one
Created By: molliwaterhd
On: Jan 20, 2018

Now way to ge help except spend unless time asking question after question with just more questions.
Poor. Can't get help and can't find it on just asking question after questions only to get more questions. Want to have a way to find out what happened to my account.
Created By: 77cathport
On: Nov 30, 2017

The Best application!
Easy and effcient!
Created By: decart3d
On: Nov 18, 2017

Helps me out a lot!!
Highly recommend =)
Created By: santanaspicknfinds
On: Nov 18, 2017

Best Feedback App out there
I have to tell you this is a great app that will get your feedback numbers climbing!. You can send a reminder after delivery its all automatic and nothing for you to worry about. Had a bad experience with a buyer ? No problem just block them from getting the reminder and your all set. The $3.99 a month is well worth it ! Curtis Has The Worms
Created By: fundailygifts15
On: Nov 10, 2017

Very good application.
Works wonderfully. Helps me to receive many feedbacks.
Created By: web_star
On: Nov 06, 2017

great app
makes job so much easier
Created By: mrhenaos_co
On: Oct 21, 2017

Superb Application!
If you are looking to build your feedback this is the place to go. It is constructed in an extremely efficient way, linking the buyers to the correct place, so it is just easy for them as well. I got almost 30 feedbacks in 1 week that there was 0 chance I would be getting them. This application will stay with me for along time. Maybe one of the most important applications, especially if you do a good job and wish your work to be rewarded. Easy 5 Stars, I would have given 10 stars if were available. Most highly recommended!
Created By: memento-collectibles
On: Oct 11, 2017

Created By: glittermylife
On: Oct 07, 2017

Canceled after free trial because it didnt do anything for me and still charged for full month. Decided to give it another try. Out of ALL the emails they sent, I received two REPLIES and not actual feedback. Canceling subscription now, not even worth keeping although I was forced to pay for it.
Created By: glow.tech
On: Oct 01, 2017

The Best ApplicationEver
Because of this app I received feedback that I might not have gotten. I loved the different designs and support and I will use this always
Created By: 2012peanut93
On: Sep 30, 2017

Created By: lenr.ve
On: Aug 25, 2017

Great service at a great price
I have only been subscribed to this service for a few months. However, I am very satisfied with it. It is really convenient because feedback reminders are sent at regular intervals that I set up myself, but the application does all the work. It is helpful in that, leaving feedback is what helps me determine areas of strengths and weaknesses in terms of my offerings and services like timely shipping and communication. I welcome all feedback, bad and good, because both is constructive and necessary, and in business, you have to be able to receive both. Thus, I greatly appreciate a program like this that takes care of this very crucial step when I forget to, and is very economically priced in comparison to the level of service and support offered. I highly recommend it.
Created By: timelesssimplicities
On: Jul 29, 2017

Great App
. Increased my Feedback with very easy tools.
Created By: pinkypleasures
On: Jul 24, 2017

Excellent Program
Excellent program and works well
Created By: oemwheelsdirect
On: Jul 16, 2017

I activated this app late last night. When I woke up this morning, I already had 4 more feedbacks from older purchases! I think I'll keep it!
Created By: rarebird631
On: Jul 15, 2017

Increased feedback tremendously
This App is well worth it. The settings are easy to manage to your liking.
Created By: thoughtfulgaloreandmore
On: Jun 28, 2017

Very easy
easy to use and very complete in terms of features.
Created By: baylandimaging
On: Jun 22, 2017

Works great!
Love this app. Works great! The options it gives are good too.
Created By: a1productsource-17
On: Jun 06, 2017

Very Good app
Very good app. Able to followup customers for feedback easily. !!!!!
Created By: pkk0026
On: May 31, 2017

Created By: espanola31
On: May 17, 2017

Watch your Feedback Score
My feedback has started growing higher with no begging
Created By: wheelchair-plus
On: May 11, 2017

Cannot open the app for about 2 weeks now. Please help.
Created By: thestylelobby
On: May 08, 2017

The app is Pending for one day now! I can't even remove it!
The app is Pending for one day now! I can't even remove it!
Created By: partcollector_org
On: May 03, 2017

Created By: wetzel1surplus
On: Apr 20, 2017

Wat a well thought out App I have been getting great reviews plus return customers with this Thanks
This App is well put together no doubt. With its ability to not only remind your buyers to leave good feedback but in fact also sends a thank you email after the review has been left, or a purchase has been completed which in turn ='s Greater numbers of returning happy customer. Thank you.
Created By: stanceriders_0
On: Apr 15, 2017

Just implemented and already got a few feedback in a few hours :)
Created By: jolinmarketplace
On: Apr 02, 2017

great really improved the feedback i receive at a small cost
great really improved the feedback i receive at a small cost
Created By: callaul
On: Mar 29, 2017

Fantastic Business Asset!!
My feedback percentage has greatly increased since signing up with Feedback Reminder. As a new dBay seller I wanted to start off running and that is just what Feedback Reminder helped me do. My feedback percentage today is 42% and rates at 100%! I give a lot of the credit to them.
Created By: pdriddle
On: Mar 22, 2017

very helpful
Created By: 101dealzzz
On: Mar 21, 2017

Great App
Works great no issues
Created By: lilshoebox1
On: Mar 07, 2017

excellent to boost your positive feedback
works so good, no problema at all!!
Created By: mrmaskmancom
On: Feb 22, 2017

not getting a good response
Created By: davenr5
On: Jan 22, 2017

seriously works!!!
don't use the standard feedback reminder given to you by the app CREATE YOUR OWN!
Created By: elijuboy16
On: Jan 05, 2017

Absolutely Useless!!!
Not a single response... The only feedback I received was the one I had to beg for...
Created By: rhominadi
On: Jan 05, 2017

Must have app for high volume sellers!
Set it and forget it. Its that easy, my store grow overnight after getting this app!
Created By: newtechbargainprices
On: Nov 30, 2016

Created By: douwetze0
On: Nov 08, 2016

Created By: cohentsemach
On: Nov 01, 2016

pending status
in pending status for over two weeks. contacted support twice within the last two weeks and have not received any kind of response. poor support.
Created By: megadiscounthouse
On: Oct 07, 2016

Absolutely must have for any serious seller
Just started it...got 25 feedbacks in a day.Highly recommend
Created By: sixtyninedailydeals
On: Sep 20, 2016

Great app!
I noticed that people are more likely to respond to an automated reminder rather than a message from seller. Really worth it.
Created By: salamandre2120
On: Sep 15, 2016

Great App! In 48 hours I received my first 2 positive feedback from customers.
In 48 hours after installing this app - I received my first 2 positive feedback from customers.
Created By: paradigm_trading
On: Aug 12, 2016

Awesome results
Wow at first I discounted the automation
Created By: platzaman
On: Jul 16, 2016

Super easy to work
Exelent! works great.
Created By: dealriga-1
On: Jul 14, 2016

This works great! I started geting more feedbacks within 30 mins of subscribing !
A must have for every ebayer. I got 10 new feedbacks within 30 mins of subscribing! wow! 10 STARS!
Created By: prankstore
On: Jul 09, 2016

it works. you get more feedbacks
Created By: hobbyandmore2010
On: Jun 18, 2016

Created By: all-4-less
On: May 24, 2016

My feedbacks have gone up at least 50% since subscribing to Feedback reminder. They simply send a form letter that I have edited to each buyer and remind them to leave feedback. It really has worked! Not everyone will leave the fb but many of them have, definitely more than not receiving any email reminder at all.
Created By: treschicbags
On: May 08, 2016

Great product
I know have my feedback updated all the time
Created By: ferraznich
On: Apr 30, 2016

Great Application!
A must have for every seller!
Created By: stans-shopping-attic
On: Apr 30, 2016

works good
works good
Created By: xspookyfishx
On: Apr 20, 2016

horible experince, receive more feedback without it
Horrible experience, receive more feedback without it, I have canceled the service three months ago, and they are still charging me, I just opened my second Paypal dispute. Fix this issue stat!!!!!!!!!!!!
Created By: keepitmovin13
On: Apr 13, 2016

Must-have! Wonderful app!
I literally received about 25 positive feedbacks within one day! Sometimes buyers reply directly to the message instead of leaving feedback though.
Created By: smiledepot
On: Apr 04, 2016

love this!!
provides instant feed back response. love automated systems.
Created By: bearcatsportz
On: Mar 16, 2016

Increased feedback
Increased my feedback greatly! Great app for the cost!
Created By: 150maplestreet
On: Mar 04, 2016

worth every penny helped my Ebay business tremendously, thank you. .
the application worked very well.
Created By: wiggikevi
On: Mar 02, 2016

By Far the Best FB Reminder App!
Amazing App! An absolute life saver that has lead to over 50% FB received rate, up from only about 10%. Thank you FB Reminder! The only thing I would like to see in the future is the ability to send a different message for the second reminder rather than sending the same exact message twice.
Created By: adaseski
On: Feb 29, 2016

My Feedback Response increased a lot!!!
Was pleasantly surprised at how good this really did work.
Created By: girls-like-us
On: Feb 27, 2016

Feedback has gone up drastically since using this app
Within the First week we received alot of feedback. more than a 100% increase.
Created By: n2loudcars
On: Feb 22, 2016

no customer service
Can't cancel online and no one picks the phone up. Poor design on the app.
Created By: jaysoutletmall
On: Feb 22, 2016

OK But
While I like the idea and it has raised my feedback, I get 1-2 complaints a week from customers about this reminder.
Created By: samthecat212
On: Feb 21, 2016

It Works "NO If Ands or Buts about it"
Feedback Reminder does a great job of getting you feedback that you normally would not get. It saves you a lot of time in not having to contact buyers asking for feedback. It is all done for you. The feedback letters are very well written plus you can make your own if you don't like theirs. I will be canceling my subscription only because eBay has gotten so slow for me, the measly amount of 3.99 a month Feedback Reminder charges is more than I'm making on eBay. If eBay picks back up I will definitely re-subscribe to Feedback Remainder again. I give Feedback Reminder 5 Stars Plus. Thank you Feedback Remainder for the great job you have done for me over the past year.
Created By: ezlifer
On: Feb 10, 2016

very good make alot of money and good feedback
we rise feedback right away ...and a lot of come back customer
Created By: mo-zhua
On: Feb 10, 2016

So far I see that the sending of the reminders was quick, with some answers I think is doing what it supposed to do. Thank you.
Created By: pepelucho2013
On: Feb 06, 2016

Now you can be sure you won't miss any feedback!
This App making sure you won't miss any feedback. Increased out rating in a short time.
Created By: art-in-part
On: Dec 20, 2015

love this app.
Love this app. Has been a big help to me, letting my customers know I appreciate their business.
Created By: lovinglifeontheairfield2012
On: Dec 11, 2015

Works as advertised
I am a small seller and this app boosted my feedback by a considerable margin.
Created By: videorepair
On: Dec 01, 2015

DOUBLE BILLING............
Created By: lloydlc01
On: Nov 24, 2015

Great app. Saves a lot of time
It's a great application when it works.
Created By: autosquareparts
On: Nov 12, 2015

Best app !
Save Me Lots Of troubles, Thank you
Created By: repairmanualmaster
On: Nov 06, 2015

Great App! Help!
Customize options help you remind buyer to leave good feed back.
Created By: linh7620
On: Nov 02, 2015

Good app
Very good options to choose.
Created By: npmoy
On: Nov 01, 2015

Perfect App
Perfect App
Created By: rikestore
On: Oct 31, 2015

Great service
Excellent variety of "need to have" reminders and thank you emails
Created By: redriverranchnv
On: Oct 24, 2015

Excellent application
Created By: sasidesign
On: Oct 08, 2015

Boost your feedback fast and sell with confidence
Created By: vivianshoe_store
On: Sep 19, 2015

Keep giving this a chance but it doesn't help me
I think this is my 3rd time trying it. Every 4-7 months I look to see what's here. I haven't gotten not 1 feedback from this. I'm not a high volume seller so I can't afford it anyway but the dsr's are killing me and I disclose everything but if they leave fb, my dsrs struggle. Any feedback will still help by telling me what they like or didnt. I give 5 stars across 4 boards all the time...unless it's really bad. I just write to the buyers..but first I check to see if they ever left feedback. Many dont. They'll have 656 stars but never left feedback to a seller. IM HAPPY FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT GET HELP FROM THIS? I'm just not 1.
Created By: 2live2day2love
On: Jul 28, 2015

Much more easly now to follow up for a feedback!
Feedback are increased for about 30% since subscribed to this app.
Created By: better-place-to-buy
On: Jul 26, 2015

Excellent app.
Excellent app. Thanks you ebay.
Created By: bosinno
On: Jul 22, 2015

Won't stop charging me! If I could give them a -10 I would!
Canceled this subscription due to lack of feedbacks. And they refuse to take our account off the records and every month send a new bill. This has been going on for several years the bill is not almost $500.00. I have emailed over 6 times had conversations with them and they still refuse to quit billing me for something I am not receiving. I really think this is a bad company!
Created By: vacuumpackers
On: Jul 14, 2015

Take money every month but never send any reminder to customer
After 7 month pass just check on the app now, been paid every month $3.99 but just know that in the past 7 month they never send even one remind out very bad app just want to take money, but never let custom or follow up custom need. Not recommend to everyone
Created By: divinitycruzing
On: Jul 09, 2015

seems to confuce customers
I keep getting feedback to my messages inbox not on where it belongs, they just reply to the message, need to work out that bug, lol
Created By: blue-virgo77
On: Jun 17, 2015

So far so good
Had 20 plus people with whom I left feedback but they did not . So they are chipping away at them little by little.
Created By: mpp2015
On: May 10, 2015

excellent job this works very well thank you
This saves you from having to worry about it
Created By: bar19r.cst3naz
On: May 10, 2015

Very Very VERY easy to setup - great app for minimal cost - Works as promised
Created By: yogiparts
On: May 04, 2015

Best value EVER!!!
You gotta get this!
Created By: wysteriagirl
On: Apr 26, 2015

Must Have!
Awesome, must have
Created By: favorstoday1
On: Apr 23, 2015

Created By: tonys_caps
On: Apr 13, 2015

The best eBay feedback reminder app available for eBay!
This is a great eBay feedback reminder application for eBay. People who use this app are very able to have this app send automatic feedback reminders to eBay buyers whenever possible. It's one of the best $4 per month you'll ever spend if you sell numerous items on eBay per month.
Created By: jason-72
On: Apr 07, 2015

Been a great application in helping with my feedback. Would not trade for any other application
Created By: secondhandconnection_2014
On: Feb 27, 2015

Your service has been very effective.
Your service has been very effective. Several of my buyers whom I have tried several times to get them to leave feedback and had no results have left feedback after receiving your emails. THANK YOU!
Created By: spotonscripts07
On: Feb 17, 2015

I received more feedbacks the first week then I had the previous 2 months. Highly recommended, especially for new sellers.
Created By: bougewahzee
On: Feb 17, 2015

Simply doesn't work
It was working for a first few days, after that it stopped working and support had to MANUALLY trigger something for it to work. After that manual trigger run it still doesn't work. Here is the email from support: "Sorry about that, our team are working on checking why this keeps happening so that we can fix the problem permanently. Meanwhile we sent the awaiting reminders." I don't see how you can possible have a PAID app that is supposed to send feedback reminder emails and it fails at the very thing it is designed to do.
Created By: xomart
On: Feb 13, 2015

Got over 10 new feedback right away
Responsible price and works!
Created By: river_robin
On: Feb 12, 2015

Love this app, gets me so much more feedback. Customer support is great too.
Created By: sparksftd
On: Feb 10, 2015

Very useful, must have app
The day I installed this app, I got 11 positive feedbacks. Very good, very simple but useful app
Created By: stambool34
On: Feb 09, 2015

Does not do what it says
Put in exclusions and it keeps hounding people! Junk
Created By: 16vcabman
On: Feb 03, 2015

Created By: dallcwby22
On: Jan 29, 2015

I like this app
Created By: zzztrader14
On: Jan 28, 2015

Doing a great job.
It helps when people get so busy in their life that they forget to leave feedback.
Created By: mimiswonderfultreasures2010
On: Jan 26, 2015

Amazing, tasteful e-mail from E-Bay worked well. In two days over 12 positive glowing feedback's, and several apologetic e-mails. I have one complaint, we should not have to pay for this service, it should be free. This service benefits E-bay more than it does individual sellers, in so many ways, especially when we pay the price. I'm not going to pay $48 a year for something that I can do myself.
Created By: flybutterflygal
On: Jan 22, 2015

Works great
Created By: zipras
On: Jan 21, 2015

Works well,
already have feedback pouring in, easy to set up and customize. - thecoindigger
Created By: thecoindiggernumismatics
On: Jan 15, 2015

Definitely worth a try!
Went from a feedback score of 735-771 in 4 days. More than half of them were received within the first 24 hours of my trial. If you don't sell large quantities it is probably good to get every couple of months.
Created By: j7c1c9
On: Jan 01, 2015

Created By: jmacimportandexport
On: Dec 29, 2014

Great app
Sends a very professional wordered feeback reminder to your customers. I had 25 transactions without feedback when I subscribed. Got that number down to about half
Created By: jacks_terr
On: Dec 28, 2014

Very handy app!
Has increased my feedback status tremendously which increases my sales and better standing seller account.
Created By: birdjosh
On: Dec 28, 2014

Awesome tool to help remind customers to leave feedback!
I recommend this tool.
Created By: solesuppliersllc2014
On: Dec 22, 2014

Feedback Reminder!
Awesome App, one of the better ones in fact. Its already a lot of work to run an online business and this app takes care of some of the work for me!
Created By: smit-svlv768h
On: Dec 22, 2014

Does not work
After a brief start, it seems like this is not working and I have no one to call?
Created By: balimas
On: Dec 08, 2014

Created By: productbuyingsolutions
On: Dec 05, 2014

Great App, helps a lot!!
Great tool, helps to improve my sales.
Created By: kitchendiscountusa
On: Dec 04, 2014

Promptly reminded buyers to leave feedback, although it does anger a few which leaves negative results.
Created By: southern_fashionista
On: Dec 03, 2014

Link on Ebay dosen't Work
Need to change time of emails but link doesn't work
Created By: rdrunlimited
On: Nov 21, 2014

A fantastic tool for sellers!
This is a fantastic tool for sellers. Since using Feedback Reminder my feedback has increased 60%. I do nothing and a feedback reminder email is sent to a buyer after 14 days of not getting feedback. Prior to using Feedback Reminder my follow up to buyers who didn't leave feedback was non existent, now every buyer who doesn't leave feedback get a reminder. App is recommended!!
Created By: paddlephotos
On: Nov 20, 2014

It runs without authorization. There is no way to manage settings without running it. Terrible.
Created By: bratscal
On: Nov 17, 2014

This Application Has Caused More Problems than Solutions.
I would like to write my own feedback reminder. The one that is provided has been sent before the item has been delivered and also to people who did not end up buying the items listed. This application has caused me a lot of time explaining this to Buyers and has caused me a lot of embaresmnet. I wish their was a solution. I am cancelling this application and want a refund as I paid for a year in advance.
Created By: cococlaymancook310
On: Nov 15, 2014

Amazing Response
My feed back level has increased in a major way. Many of my buyers just forgot to send positive feed back. the reminder is awesome.
Created By: 2012todd1965
On: Oct 31, 2014

It just makes buyers angry
As usual, it just makes buyers angry
Created By: kellyankeny
On: Oct 24, 2014

Wonderful app, love it!
This is a excellent app and I have had nothing but great results from using it. I've seen my sales increase. I am now a powerseller and love the positive feedback I receive from satisfied customers.
Created By: 123ladyt
On: Oct 17, 2014

Great App
Simple application that does the job well. I am satisfied and meets my expectations. It is only $3.99/month so not a bank breaker. Thank you.
Created By: online-store55
On: Oct 17, 2014

Reviewing my app.
Thanks.....Makes my work much easier.
Created By: shonda124
On: Oct 13, 2014

Works great! Helped to remind customers and increase feedback by at least 30%
Great service, worth every penny!
Created By: marley_sublime7
On: Oct 07, 2014

Finally getting feedback
Yes it has downfalls, customers complaining about the email asking for feedbacks. Some cussing us out because we bothered them but mostly good
Created By: inkedgirlz
On: Oct 04, 2014

nothing will happen
nothing I say will prompt any changes, you protect the buyer and even if the seller does everything they are suppose to the seller is always right...... which reflects on my seller dashboard for things out of my control.....
Created By: amysgoldandsilver
On: Sep 16, 2014

highly recommended
good for feedback improvement worth for the money they charge monthly i love the app
Created By: ecosale6234
On: Sep 16, 2014

Feedback is so important to us ebay sellers! This app takes the fuss out of emailing people!
Created By: watrskiergurl
On: Sep 10, 2014

Great service. Helps buyers remember that feedbacks help.
Easy and fast. Service helps everyone find a great seller.
Created By: midtn2513
On: Aug 31, 2014

Helpful Reminder
It's nice there is an application that can assist in taking this off your plate. You can customize it so it's truly something you would say to your customer. I really found this application to be helpful. Thanks
Created By: estatebuyersgm
On: Aug 26, 2014

Great! The best App on E-bay
I love this app sends reminders for feedback saves time and gets people to leave feed back 1 app for me
Created By: glroderick
On: Aug 19, 2014

Great app, good price!
Customer service top-notch! For the money you can't go wrong to have your feedback score pasted for every potential customer to see, keep up the great work Josh!
Created By: keystoneequipmentcare
On: Aug 16, 2014

The app right away sent automated feedback reminders to my buyers and I immediately saw results! A must have app for any ebay seller!
Created By: mariothriftstore
On: Jul 31, 2014

It just didn't work for me and yet they billed me every month; I see no value with this app, my personal opinion: do what you want.
Created By: thelittlehummingbird
On: Jul 26, 2014

works like a champ!!!
helps reminds users to provide feedback!
Created By: peacetelecom1
On: Jul 23, 2014

Excellent App!!
This app saved me a lot of time. Just what I needed!
Created By: usa-dealoftheday
On: Jul 22, 2014

Helped my feedback improve big time!
Love the blacklist and the summary of what you want to say to your customers.
Created By: motorcyclestuffandmore2014
On: Jul 13, 2014

Great App. Easy to use and efficient.
Great App, could use an option for sending additional feedback request until feedback is received. Two reminders is far to few to get back the results we are all looking for in the 80% plus range.
Created By: gamedaytickets
On: Jun 27, 2014

This is Awesome!
Within an hour I got 7 new feedbacks and within a day 16! I highly recommend this app!
Created By: thrilling_thea
On: Jun 23, 2014

The app helped to get more feedback but not very useful.
The app would send messages to all buyers even those that hadn't paid or had open unpaid item cases and when I tried to cancel no one was able to help and instead of a number I was given an email address and the run around. ebay customer support not really familiar with this app. not worth the hassle.
Created By: lgransbe
On: Jun 17, 2014

I love this app.
I am very happy with the results, I immediately got 10 feedbacks.
Created By: vpiza2012
On: Jun 15, 2014

great app
great app
Created By: mastertech2014
On: Jun 04, 2014

This app has been so helpful! Feedback has increased a great deal since installing this app!
Created By: kens281
On: May 31, 2014

Just sent out the first reminder and have already got 5 feed backs from it, Great product
Absolutely amazing, great idea!
Created By: officialravereview
On: May 14, 2014

love it it has increase my feedback
Created By: sportattic
On: May 01, 2014

A++++ Great App Everyone on eBay needs to purchase this app
Great also for small sellers As a small seller I was afraid to make this investment, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it?s really worth it. Gives us small sellers a chance in this highly competitive field of eBay.
Created By: lightware-usa
On: Apr 23, 2014

Made no difference at all
I got more from emailing each person direct. No change with this program at all. I even paid for a month past the free trial. Would not bother to use it again. It hardly ever sent reminders Not one person responded to any that were sent I had to email them to get any feedback done myself. Changed program settings a few times to really see if this program would work. I would not use this program again. It was a waste of money.
Created By: generationsofmemoriesgiftsandcollectibles2014
On: Apr 18, 2014

Must have app for increasing feedback. This app easily increases your feedback by over 30% or 40% over what you usually get. Easy to use and edit settings. Block buyers from getting reminders that may leave a negative feedback. This is the 3rd feedback app I have tried and is by far the best. All I can say is AWESOME!
Created By: ccg71
On: Apr 17, 2014

I found this app to be very helpful in receiving feedback from my buyers !!! A+
This app allowed me to set when i wanted to send feedback reminders.I never had to rememeber or worry if and when i needed to remind my buyers to rate my items and shipping. Great app !!!
Created By: teamsalablegoods
On: Apr 07, 2014

I can't see where the price is worth the app. I realize you can't force buyers to leave feedback but there should be a better way to insure buyers and sellers leave feedback, especially since this is a very important part of building your business.
Created By: peridot12105
On: Mar 29, 2014

Doesnt work
Doesnt work
Created By: 720entertainment
On: Mar 27, 2014

This APP started working the first day and I know for sure it has helped collect more feedback
Simply works GREAT, for sure worth the cost!!!!
Created By: robbcartel
On: Mar 23, 2014

the best app
truly useful, a must have
Created By: karlaeign
On: Mar 06, 2014

Activated this app at 8:30 am, Had 12 positive feedback left for me by 9:30 am
Awesome app. Many buyers sent me a message saying "sorry, simply forgot to leave feedback" This app reminded them and made it easy for the buyer to leave feedback. Boosted my rating in less then an hour. Thank you
Created By: warehousedeal
On: Feb 26, 2014

This is fantastic idea
I write about it later. We just signed up :-)
Created By: jewerlypopular
On: Feb 19, 2014

It Really Helps
I have been using this app for a few months now and have to say it is very helpful in getting people to leave feedback who haven't. Most who receive the message will respond to it right away and leave feedback, many writing back that they forgot about it or intended to leave it. It will not work on those few buyers who really don't care, don't have the time, or are just plain lazy. Well worth the money spent if you do a good volume.
Created By: american-photography
On: Feb 14, 2014

Created By: quality_distributors_intl
On: Feb 11, 2014

LOVE it! Highly recommendes!
i started using this app less than 24 hours ago, and already received 5 feedbacks from my buyers. It definitely works!!!
Created By: bodegaexpress
On: Feb 11, 2014

Very useful
Helps a lot in getting feedbacks without hte hassle of manual follow up Recommended and worth 3.99$
Created By: satelliteamericas
On: Feb 01, 2014

Great app + service
Great app - ridiculously fast customer service. Well worth it.
Created By: parkslopepc
On: Jan 09, 2014

Fantastic App. - especially for small-fry sellers like myself, Toby.
Extremely easy to subscribe to,inexpensive also. For small-fry sellers like myself,it allows me to let buyers rate me in an honest way,
Created By: tobygross2012
On: Jan 08, 2014

It has worked very well for Team Compusellusaa
We have been using this app for a short period of time and already we have seen alot better turnaround time in feedbacks received from buyers.Keep up the great work and never stop improving!
Created By: compusellusaa
On: Dec 22, 2013

works pretty good
Created By: fraukka
On: Dec 12, 2013

Love it works just as described and easy too follow instructions.
App works efficiently and well with ebay
Created By: chilley1983
On: Dec 08, 2013

I receive 50% more feedback 100% quicker.
I receive 50% more feedback 100% quicker.
Created By: greateyewearpro
On: Nov 26, 2013

awesome app
I gained over 60 new positive feedback comments in a month. People actually apologized for not leaving feedback sooner. awesome!!!! wll worth it!!!!
Created By: daleb427
On: Nov 23, 2013

love the app
Created By: ferrarabrothers
On: Nov 15, 2013

Easy to use
Simple to sign up
Created By: houstonmint
On: Oct 30, 2013

I love it
Great with helping customers to remember to leave feedback!
Created By: sunshinewareboutique
On: Oct 17, 2013

gets sent too soon
gets sent before customer ever has time to get the item
Created By: 321.jackson
On: Oct 14, 2013

This is an awesome app that works tremendously
for only 3.99 a month you will see feed back ad up and up and up and up. I have had 100 feed back been added in the past 2 months since I have had the service. Very Happy with it
Created By: greatpersiandeals80
On: Oct 08, 2013

Definitely helps resolve and reach out to other eBayers on a more friendly way.
Definitely helps resolve and reach out to other eBayers on a more friendly way.
Created By: sergiojld
On: Sep 30, 2013

Tripled feedback from non-responders.
Definitely pleased - sent out e-mail to customers (international is a bit early and adjusted to 21 days past purchase) as a feedback reminder. Received 2 unsatisfied, 1 was able to resolve, and remainder was all pleased (just forgot or got too busy). Gives easy click link to post feedback. Very pleased.
Created By: quarterbox3
On: Sep 24, 2013

Not a good tool for high volume sellers.
We used this tool for our 2 ebay stores. Previously we received 1175 positive 6 negative feedbacks last month. In 10 days this tool increased our positive to 1470 and negative to 15 which dramatically dropped our seller performance ratings. Some customers thought we were too desperate for feedback and and made unreasonable demands in exchange of positive feedback. This tool will motivate your customers to complain.
Created By: power-bulbs
On: Sep 23, 2013

I've noticed a great increase in feedback since using this service!
I like this application. Feedback is important and these reminders, which can be customized to your liking are great.
Created By: jacentashianne
On: Sep 21, 2013

Best value for price!
Totally worth the $3.99 a month! I couldn't believe that for an app of such a low cost I would get such great service! Awesome!!!
Created By: kmaxwanted
On: Sep 19, 2013

customers complaint of spam
customers complaint of spam
Created By: ovnisf
On: Sep 18, 2013

A really helpful app! This app really helped me get feedback from my buyers, and also it was soo easy to set up.
Created By: sipurrr
On: Sep 16, 2013

Very helpful
Got so many more feedback with this app, paving my way to becoming a powerseller!
Created By: robertomejiayahoo
On: Sep 15, 2013

GREAT customer support
I had an issue and the support manger Tzipi was very attentive and took care of it right away - thank you!
Created By: southernswapshop
On: Sep 15, 2013

This hasn't sent any reminders there is 189 awaiting
Created By: thorseyewear
On: Sep 14, 2013

Flawed...feedback reminders sent too early.
I set the app to automatically send feedback reminders after 14 days of purchase, but the reminders are sent after only 3 days. This is too early, customers has not even received the item yet. I have gotten responses from customers that seem to be annoyed by this. I tried setting it to send reminders after a longer number of days, but no change.
Created By: chauscomics
On: Aug 18, 2013

The application worked the first day I got it. Feedback was requested; and numerous Buyers responded
The application was extremely easy to set-up. Within a very short time; letters were sent and responses were received immediately. Best investment in my Ebay experience so far. Thank you.
Created By: collectablesandthensome2012
On: Aug 14, 2013

Great tool - Letter customizable
Great utility to automatically contact those folks who "forget" to leave feedback! And the letter/email that is sent to them is entirely customizable - letting your personality come through. Great application.
Created By: palmexpressusa
On: Aug 12, 2013

I now receive feedback from over 30% of my customers!
Prior to using Feedback Reminder, I averaged just 10% of customers left feedback. Now, 3 or 4 months later, I'm getting over 30% of my buyers to leave feedback! Thanks Feedback Reminder!
Created By: a1pscc
On: Aug 10, 2013

Had been receiving feedback on only 10% of my sales. Within 48 hours of installing, my feedback score increased by 50 points.
Created By: ukdon
On: Jul 02, 2013

Hands down the best Feedback Reminder App on the market
I've tried every feedback reminder on the eBay app marketplace (there are 3 at the time of this writing). This one is simply the best. Why? Plain and simple: Instead of sending emails to a customers PayPal address, they send the messages straight to the users eBay inbox. This is better because if the buyer wants to contact you or purchase another item from eBay, they're sure to notice it, whereas many people have so many email addresses they forget to check them all. It's also a lot easier for the dumber customers to realize what you're talking about (believe me, I've had some customers I emailed directly that had no idea what "feedback for eBay" was all about.) Simply put, this app is great. My feedback has increased about 30% since I started using it, and it's well worth the investment if you're a serious seller.
Created By: 5-star-deal
On: Jun 21, 2013

Created By: adele-enterprise
On: Jun 02, 2013

works great
now I'm getting more feedback... and that's what it's all about
Created By: ebanod
On: May 27, 2013

I used it alot,and it worked out good for me....
works very well,note to self and others,let your customer recive their item fist before you ask for feed back.....
Created By: passaic1
On: May 23, 2013

Virtually Instant Results
Seems no one ever gives feedback back, I religiously leave feedback as soon as a customer purchases thanking them for their fast payment an out of 178 transactions I had 111 that did not leave me any feedback, so within 15 minutes of running this app my feedback score went up 10 points.
Created By: countrystylez
On: May 19, 2013

Does a great job.
When your first starting out feedback numbers are important. This app works much better then others getting people to respond. using the e-bay message center rather then just an e-mail makes people trust it and respond. Went from 62% feedback to almost 93%. Worth the small monthly fee.
Created By: teamfasteddy
On: Apr 26, 2013

Good Application -
I like this application. Feedback is important and these reminders, which can be customized to your liking are great. I've noticed a great increase in feedback since using this service. It is definitely work the $3.99 per month! I recommend it!
Created By: jmtsales77
On: Apr 19, 2013

great app boosted my rating big time!
simple to use cost effective and just a great app in general i recommend..
Created By: jonathon721
On: Mar 17, 2013

Excellent Application
Excellent Application. It boosts your sales and feedback score .
Created By: guttilove
On: Mar 12, 2013

Unbelievable amount of Feedback!!
I can't believe it! The amount of feedback I have been getting is off the charts! I sue to send thank you emails to all of my customers, hoping this would encourage them to send me positive feedback. It certainly worked, but the amount of feedback I am getting now, with no extra work is great! Now I can see my kids grow up, rather than sending emails to customers all night long! Buy it now, it is worth the money!!
Created By: dollarstardeals
On: Mar 11, 2013

Nice app. Does what it do
Sends fb request via eBay as opposed to a separate email that comes out of 'nowhere' asking for feedback AND has link so custs can go directly to fb. But lazy custs who dont like to leave fb, wont. But its a nice reminder. Check it out for free first, than decide.
Created By: ezionimod
On: Mar 11, 2013

This App is a must have!
I saw immediate response when the App started sending reminders to buyers. My feedback rating jumped by 43 the first day and over 100 after a few days. I love that I can customize the reminder message and personalize the reminders. These reminders also allowed me to deal with some pending problems because it goes out through my Ebay message system. Buyers with problems will respond with a message back to you and allow you to deal with the problem and avoid negative feedback. Excellent!
Created By: thegateguy
On: Mar 10, 2013

Wonderful, Fast Support
This does just what they say with great support!
Created By: sell-it-now-industries
On: Mar 08, 2013

Great APP for more feedback.
Helps people leave feedback for you after being reminded about it. Some people will never leave you feedback but will take the time to email you instead about spamming them with this APP. They want the feedback but are too lazy to have the courtesy to leave any for you. Bad parenting I think. You will get 30 to 50% more feedback using this APP.
Created By: carpenterforeman
On: Mar 08, 2013

An Almost Instant Response From Buyers
Once activated, the Feedback Reminder sent 5 reminders from me (the Buyers who never left feedback). Within two or three hours of the reminders being sent, 4 out of 5 of those Buyers provided feedback - great tool with no effort on my part!
Created By: elmfeuer59
On: Mar 06, 2013

Has increased my feedback tremendously
Created By: jonlm40
On: Mar 03, 2013

Set it and forget it feedback reminder system!
Used to be that we could contact buyers and remind them they didn't give us feedback. Those days are gone, but wait.. here's Feedback Reminder to take on the task! It will send a note after X days if the buyer hasn't given feedback. The Note is fully customizable as well as the number of days to wait. Check it out.. a month's free trial, you can't go wrong!
Created By: aronels
On: Mar 01, 2013

Saves time
easy to use, just click and forget and watch the magic!
Created By: info.avi2
On: Feb 24, 2013

love the app
Created By: laurelyurchick512
On: Feb 23, 2013

Created By: onlinesellings
On: Feb 10, 2013