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By 123Show, Inc.  (released Aug 18, 2009)
Add punch to your listing photos with multiple views including zoom, 360 degree spin, video, and swatching – or an integrated view to include all options!
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
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this is not working at all
Created By: wanabikeshop
On: Aug 15, 2018

This app does not work. Pending installation forever .
Created By: raefenlin
On: Aug 12, 2018

would never load , just said pending.
Created By: jameserogers_2000
On: Aug 11, 2018

Doesn't work won't even load
Support is unavailable leads to a blank page
Created By: sharksales77
On: Jul 13, 2018

Expired Domain
Not sure if this is the fault of the developer, but I tried to install and it would not. Tried to contact him and it says his domain has expired. If this is just an App that was never removed then shame on Ebay. If the developer isn't keeping up with his App, then shame on him.
Created By: thepinkcontroller
On: Jun 29, 2018

bad app
app doesn't work it been on pending for weeks can't even contact support. bad app.
Created By: simplyshoe
On: May 09, 2018

won't load, doesn't work, support link is broken!
Created By: dmissu2
On: May 08, 2018

crappy app not recommend it
i cant unsubscribe it
Created By: universal_saver
On: May 01, 2018

never get back with you
Not worth my time
Created By: promtly
On: Apr 28, 2018

at all.
My account has been pending for a week. Now I cannot even cancel it????
Created By: maidenpa
On: Apr 17, 2018

App never Downloaded
I clicked on button, for pending. Still in pending stage. This was over a week ago.
Created By: 8623janicer
On: Mar 24, 2018

Created By: bighandling
On: Mar 21, 2018

I try very hard to meet and exceed all retail expectations
The Ebay account and program fits my life style just fine. I'm a 75 year old retiree that enjoys working with the Ebay family to sell few things and enjoy the extra funds. I try to maintain 50 to 100 listings to the public resulting in a few sales per week. Recently medical issues have used so much of my time that my average listing is down a bit. I will be working to increase the listings over next few weeks to my target zone.
Created By: doublejj42
On: Jan 20, 2018

never worked
could not get to work
Created By: cot-26
On: Dec 27, 2017

been more than a day since download n still pending!
been more than a day since download n still pending!
Created By: boutiqueudesign_2
On: Dec 14, 2017

Does not process
Not working
Created By: craftmentouchtreasurecollection
On: Nov 18, 2017

Created By: ramoreye_71
On: Oct 27, 2017

I can’t use it at all
Your app won?t open and it?s all errors. WhTs up guys?
Created By: dawnsdailydeals
On: Oct 10, 2017

Very happy with this app, it brings more sells
Very helpful for sellers! Buyers can see your offer listings!
Created By: krisfbg66
On: Aug 01, 2017

Never uploads!
Truly never works or updates. Not worth it!
Created By: oemwheelsdirect
On: Jul 16, 2017

Poor service
Has been pending for months...cannot contact their customer service. Poor quality and no functioning. Cannot even delete it, like a bad ulcer u can't get rid of.
Created By: lucky_charm22
On: Jul 06, 2017

app not working
Created By: milanojewelry*
On: Jun 24, 2017

Does Not Work and No Support
The app never fully loaded onto my account. It still shows as "pending"! I tried to uninstall it but it won't let me. I click on the contact support button and nothing happens, I called EBay and they couldn't help with a 3rd party app. Finally I found 123Show online and sent them an email but I never received a response! I just want it removed now but can't even do that. Do NOT try this app it is useless!
Created By: createdbychell2016
On: May 29, 2017

Was nice wish it displayed in different area of listing instead middle of description
Created By: erto-emt-7nv4wbzu
On: May 01, 2017

can not contact anyone for help
The app does not work, it will not function at all this is very frustrating.
Created By: seans_gemstone_collection
On: Apr 18, 2017

Great idea . . . poorly executed
I can't uninstall and I get it out of Pending status.
Created By: margaretscornergarage
On: Apr 17, 2017

Created By: mexet
On: Mar 20, 2017

It won't open
It is still "pending". It won't load and it won't let me unsubscribe.
Created By: pm_diamond
On: Mar 08, 2017

never worked
never worked
Created By: vintage_playmobil_and_collectibles
On: Mar 03, 2017

not working
not working, also contact support dean not work. Shame, looks good!
Created By: julail1969
On: Feb 20, 2017

will not work
not working- try to contact support and it wont load.
Created By: morblueang
On: Feb 16, 2017

Created By: payardsale78
On: Feb 07, 2017

no response to support for days and doesn't work
Created By: hidden_treasures_resale
On: Jan 29, 2017

Would give zero stars if possible
status "pending" for weeks. Doesn't work, can't make go away. Truly worthless
Created By: tangentdelta
On: Jan 02, 2017

pending status
suck, pending status for a few weeks, cannot get a hold of customer service. Please remove your app.
Created By: great_find_hobby
On: Oct 23, 2016

Pending status after several weeks
Still in pending status after several weeks.
Created By: extremedefenseshop
On: Sep 14, 2016

good to very good app
application provided the necessary photos I needed to sell my product. Would like to re-apply for 123show.com if possible today. Thank you
Created By: patzcoins60
On: Sep 04, 2016

Will not open and Support refuses to anser my request. Avoid this app.
App will not load, contacted Support and they will not respond to my request for help.
Created By: anchordistusa
On: Jun 28, 2016

This app is a complete waste of time, it NEVER works, just shows this error message/does not load. The support for this app is an even bigger joke, I have written four or five times, and never heard a word back from anyone even once. The only reason I am writing this review is to save other sellers some time. If you need a good picture app there are plenty in the windows store, or you can just google "photography apps" and plenty will come up. This app deserves zero stars not one but they won't allow you to leave a lower rating than one star.
Created By: moodtherapy
On: Apr 20, 2016

Tried to see it on my web page. Had a lot of error messages, nothing ever showed up
Wish to cancel and not to use it futher.
Created By: glennglass03
On: Apr 16, 2016

Not Working
Not Working
Created By: nywatches2009
On: Apr 13, 2016

Error Page
Like other users, I am having issues with the app loading at all. I have tried it from several different computers as well. Awaiting customer service to fix issues!
Created By: virginiararities
On: Mar 23, 2016

it did not work
I'm using Chrome and Explorer and it did not work on neither.
Created By: jay.c.orporation
On: Mar 23, 2016

terrible, wont load, no customer service, programming is off, just a mess
after signing up for this service. It wont load. Its frozen. Automated customer service is off kilter and complex not simple dont reccomend waste of time and effort horrible application that doesnt work
Created By: hurbsapplianceparts
On: Dec 27, 2015

Didn't use it much
Created By: andreshipma0
On: Nov 21, 2015

excellent app
excellent application experiment...
Created By: denisejoe
On: Oct 29, 2015

won't let you upload images, constantly saying contact support.
Created By: peter_firestick
On: Oct 18, 2015

App will NOT OPEN UP
Created By: abundantliving37
On: Sep 03, 2015

good work
easy to display my items to sell
Created By: kscompanykorea
On: Aug 21, 2015

Thank You
Created By: penev_kreme
On: Apr 03, 2015

123 show has been very good to use
This service gives me everything I need to sell effectively.....
Created By: dixiebuckeyepanthermarie
On: Apr 01, 2015

Love !
Easy to use with lots of options.
Created By: pamh23
On: Mar 02, 2015

Created By: 5557tbirdjohnm
On: Feb 16, 2015

Great Service!!!
I used this service for quite some time just as a trial on different listings. It is amazing how well that it worked. Thanks for such a great, and free service.
Created By: adamgoodwin
On: Nov 25, 2014

Great application!!!
I like it very much, it's very useful!!!
Created By: odessaforever
On: Nov 11, 2014

An explanation of why I like this app
I enjoy the many forms of the showcases or cross-sell individualized actions I can create for each listing. It is enjoyable and creative to use and works great with my eBay widget.
Created By: bretonrae
On: Jul 11, 2014

I tried everything to get this app to work and it is not supported by EBay. You can't embed, copy
Created By: morthanclothes_4u
On: Jun 20, 2014

Does not work
Worked for a while then stopped. emailed support, no response.
Created By: work_boot_depot
On: May 20, 2014

This app sucks it does not work
once you get this app you can't cancel it they just keep billing.
Created By: 200905chevy
On: Mar 29, 2014

Dunno if it's good? Mini iPad !
It's says get Adobe ... After I subscribed .. Do I have to go one the desk top.
Created By: fashnshop
On: Aug 17, 2013

quite confusing
difficult to understand
Created By: ankatool
On: May 07, 2013

Never worked and emailed support and no answer
I am sure it would be great~ If only it worked. If it does not work and I spend over one hour for a few days each, it is NO GOOD. NO one answered my emails and I signed up for 3 stores. They never checked to see if it worked, but they did take my money.
Created By: dotcomsafari
On: Oct 11, 2012

Easy to utilize
Very simple to upload and arrange according to the convenient pre-set layouts. Good Job!
Created By: beaded-lady
On: Oct 03, 2012

just too confusing and takes too much time
don't understand a thing, takes way too much time and not worth it. deleted my script.
Created By: rahneejr
On: Sep 09, 2012

I signed up for the free one. now i am being billed for over 33 dollars
I signed up because it was free. At the very most, if an honest mistake had happened, I shouldn't have been charged more than $2.95 based on my feedback of 601. So why are you saying I own over $33 dollars? This is unbelievable. Will not subscribe to any more "ebay free things". Folks, there is always a catch....
Created By: gr8str
On: Sep 06, 2012

Simply Great!
very good
Created By: chrislaird6ujh
On: Aug 15, 2012

good application
not the easiest ap to work with, but gives nice results. with ebay offering 12 free pics with every listing, this ap has become not quite so important, but when listings go back to having 1 free pic, this ap enables greater listings due to the pictures shown.
Created By: sandcastleventures
On: Jul 30, 2012

Excellent Application
I have have been using it for 2 years and it had been very useful thanks.
Created By: upayless1
On: Jun 27, 2012

I love this application!
The application is very easy to use. I love all the different layout options!
Created By: cagmgd2
On: Jun 18, 2012

Inconsistent Performance
I used this for 2-3 listings with no problem. When I returned to use it again, I was unable to load more than 2 images for a slideshow that holds up to 80 images. You get what you pay for! In this case, zero customer support (no response to email) and cheap, spotty performance. Don't waste your time with this.
Created By: floridawriter
On: Jun 11, 2012

Excellent tool
I used it a lot on my items...
Created By: gopinasd
On: Jun 06, 2012

I luv it
It does what i need and more. It is a great app and i recommend
Created By: temptress0650
On: Apr 13, 2012

Easy to use, boosts sales, all in all a great selling tool.
I like the ease of use and the extra "pizazz" that it can add to your picures. Personally, I like the 360 degree rotate feature. Can be useful in animating picture.
Created By: angelaerby
On: Apr 09, 2012

This really sucks.
Lame. Painfull. Waste of time. Dammit!
Created By: benjaminbuckles
On: Apr 03, 2012

Created By: wojomusicworld
On: Mar 19, 2012

Created By: theshop86
On: Mar 15, 2012

Created By: valwooldridge
On: Mar 07, 2012

I am extremely frustrated with this app! NEVER AGAIN!
Created By: shanesmommy_2010
On: Mar 05, 2012

Excellent program
If you want more picture of an item this is the way to go.
Created By: phillipah1
On: Feb 22, 2012

makes everything look great
It's gives every items a more professional, polished look. Really pumps up a average listing to look professional. Very nice
Created By: besogafly
On: Feb 18, 2012

Best Value
This app has got to be the ABSOLUTE MOST VALUABLE App on eBay. I have not had ANY problems and it's FREE!
Created By: callielives
On: Jan 26, 2012

This App is Great
I love this app, not only can you choose from multiple options on how to display your pictures, you can also choose backgrounds and borders, add text, and animation. This is a great app even if you are not using it on Ebay, you can copy the url and use it any where!
Created By: valorie760
On: Jan 19, 2012

Created By: kv_airsoft
On: Jan 19, 2012

Great Product!!
We decide to encode our own HTML Slideshow. Love the many options of viewers and the fact you can add movies and sound.
Created By: estorerooms
On: Dec 21, 2011

Lets you add extra photos for FREE and put them in the description area, great for non store owners.
I used the " free " subscription until I needed more photos than the free plan allowed, then I up-graded to the next level for $4.99 per month. Love it !!!
Created By: ilovegrandkids6
On: Dec 20, 2011

not right for me
doesn't work like i wanted it to
Created By: xbox_rockz
On: Dec 11, 2011

Cool Tool!!
Great selling tool! It just runs a little slower than I would like. Other than that, its great!
Created By: antiq8162
On: Nov 18, 2011

It has a mind of its own! OFF! ON ! OFF! ON! When it works its great Hard to chage out pictures
When you cant change the pictures in 123 system you then have to erase each ad one by one I have over 600 ads + running and this became to much of a constant problem to change out the pictures, more than half the time 123 did not run on all the ads at the same time which leaves you with a large blank area at the top of your ad. very disapointing becuse it looks so great on the ads when it works. Pennies from Heaven Collectibles
Created By: bouquets4alifetime
On: Nov 17, 2011

I like the product but the pictures of Phones Are very outdated
I cannot use the ones with phones in the display because the technology shown is very outdated. It will make my store look outdated. A lot of them have phones in them. I would recommend updating the display photos.
Created By: propertyimage
On: Nov 09, 2011

Love this app!
I use this for every listing. Easy to use, nice zoom to get a good view of each item. It slows the page a little, but not enough to be an inconvenience. I don't know how I listed without this app before!
Created By: blackhillsrosaries
On: Oct 18, 2011

good app!!!!!
very useful
Created By: nikepluskent
On: Oct 05, 2011

For a Free Ap. I like this
This is great , but if you are a seller and want to keep it free, you have to keep deleting your pictures you no longer need or you will find that you use up the amount of space that qualifies for "Free" so as soon as you sell something and have received feedback, go in and delete those pictures out of the ap
Created By: smartandreliable4u
On: Sep 27, 2011

It is good to show items at the bottom of item I am selling.
I am having a problem deleting items that have sold. Otherwise, I like the application.
Created By: darby2010havanese
On: Sep 21, 2011

Easy listing
Excellent integration with eBay listing. Simple to choose templates and insert photos. Very good pricing.
Created By: 2rummage
On: Sep 18, 2011

Created By: dladymcbeth
On: Sep 16, 2011

An Excellent App!
First of all 123show is very easy and quick to use and place into listings and it works as stated. Very professional looking pictures too! It also has cool features you can add to your picture like a border, text, or animated stickers. I will surely keep using 123show!
Created By: amy2004marie
On: Sep 04, 2011

Really make ads look professional
Created By: amsshoppe
On: Sep 02, 2011

Easy to use and I love it!!!
It is very easy to use and it is just like name as 123. The slide show templets are very helpful and this 123 show is my favorite APP. Thank you!!
Created By: babyestore11
On: Aug 27, 2011

User friendly application with excellent results
I subsribed to the free basic plan last week and found this application extremely useful for embedding zoom-enabled images directly into the description portion of my listings. I will most likely upgrade to a paid plan once my sales volume increases around the holidays; it is well worth the price. My thanks go to the fantastic devs!
Created By: oceanwhisperer
On: Aug 23, 2011

Easy to use once you figure how to use the program.
I use this for my ebay sales and i think it gives me a selling edge.
Created By: 1steuph
On: Aug 15, 2011

Better than paying eBay to post multiple photos
Good way to show exactly what you are selling by showing a slideshow!
Created By: vin27
On: Jul 23, 2011

excellent options, photos look great, easy upload ...
I always like a format where I can control the size of the photo, which order, the style of presentation, so this was a natural for me. Uploading is easy and when my shots are good, they look good. Photos are worth 1000 times what you can ever say -- saying is so true! I only have one tiny complaint. You can't seem to change password or email. I log right into 123 show, sometimes it's a long time in between. I once wanted to change the email, but found no way at all to do so. Not everyone logs in through ebay, and honestly, I would now know how to.
Created By: bohemian_bungalow
On: Jul 23, 2011

its easy to use this application
I am usually use others application,but difficult to integration...we must sign in again in others web for picture hosting...this application only use in ebay..so more easy and no need many time to list item for many picture...
Created By: insectsupplier
On: Jul 17, 2011

I cancelled and then you keep charging me.
Thank you for finally cancelling my useless 123 Show account.
Created By: teacherh2o
On: Jul 15, 2011

I love it!
Very easy. So many templates. Makes a big difference when listing an item.
Created By: godzzzila2008
On: Jul 15, 2011

when we press start show us a video tutorial on how to use it!
Created By: useless63
On: Jul 05, 2011

great show and animation
I would like to subscribe. Why has it been revoked?
Created By: diana2010-angela29
On: Jul 02, 2011

Very clumsy
This software is a headache, very clumsy and awkward integration, the pictures do not display large, a pain to remove from the listing and re post..Flash is a real pain..good intentions, bad performance
Created By: ricpicon2011
On: Jun 21, 2011

Great Program
I love this application. It's also easy to understand
Created By: elainerzez
On: Jun 01, 2011

I love how user friendly this app is.
I have posted in my website as well as on eBay.
Created By: terrahdesignerjeans
On: May 23, 2011

This has incredible selling assets to use in many different ways. The sky's the limit!
This software has so many options, one can customize it to meet any eBay needs! My new slide show brought new bids and watchers within 5 hours! It is only limited to your imagination of all the ways and things possible with 123Show. I just started yesterday and today and will never go without it now!
Created By: pennie889
On: Apr 28, 2011

Easy to use and enhances listings considerably.
The application takes you step by step through creating a template, adding pictures, and then publishing to 123SHOW. After you have completed publishing you are able to upload your pictures with one click to your listing on eBay.
Created By: wylielady
On: Apr 21, 2011

So far so good!
Want to see it work!
Created By: tuxresale
On: Apr 12, 2011

Created By: lucymorato04
On: Mar 27, 2011

I debated leaving a negative review to keep this app under wraps
I absolutly love this app - period. Super easy to use, quick, and the results are outstanding!
Created By: electroamp
On: Mar 25, 2011

Hard to understand
Should be easier to utilize.
Created By: tahirasuniquegifts
On: Mar 11, 2011