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eZ labelZ for eBay

By eZ labelZ for eBay  (released Aug 14, 2009)
Quickly create customized inventory and address labels with data from your eBay items and transactions. Translate buyer data into marketing materials including flyers, cards and much more!
Categories: Shipping & payments, Inventory
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I love this so much...
Created By: hawkin2960
On: Sep 26, 2018

didn't like how the site was laid out
Nothing was organic so I would know from how the website works. Don't like the "terms and conditions" on my information and possibly paypal. Unsubscribing will stop them from selling my info? Don't know. Would like to know
Created By: liz-mick
On: Jul 29, 2018

Best APP on eBay
App does exactly what I need. Helps keep my inventory organized and looks very professional. The customer service is amazing. Whenever I have had an issue I receive a reply within 30 minutes. I use this app daily and its perfection!
Created By: agentcloseteur
On: Jul 05, 2018

in "Pending" status for literally years
support link is useless
Created By: jeffersonhotspot
On: Jul 02, 2018

This is exactly what I was looking for. A way to print all the days labels at once.
This app allows you to print custom labels based off ebay's data. Including a barcode!
Created By: shinycomputers
On: May 30, 2018

Has been in pending status for over a year
Do not bother to use this as you will not be able to
Created By: newmanspicks
On: Mar 26, 2018

been pending on my ebay page for months
its been months since i joined and still shows pending. cant even un join ? horrible
Created By: buyemnow2015
On: Jan 21, 2018

Frozen no customer support
Need help
Created By: stophilo1978
On: Nov 20, 2017

Never loaded properly
Could never get the tool to load, so that I could use it.
Created By: victorysurplussupplies
On: Sep 21, 2017

Love the app but it still has a glitch
I love the functionality of this app. It helps me stay organized. However, it fails to update with my latest listings sometimes. It's happened a few times before and again today. Had to unsubscribe and subscribe again. That usually fixes the issue.
Created By: anniesenterprises
On: Aug 13, 2017

pending for ever
App has said pending for the last year, no way to contact them. I used to really like this app to bad
Created By: bhamilton7181
On: Aug 06, 2017

Would Not Even Print
Tried to import and print and it just would not print anything.
Created By: unicornsarmory-usa
On: Jul 01, 2017

I couldn't run my business without EZ Labelz! One of a kind application!
I needed something that would print out basic labels for packages that I ship USPS First Class Envelope and there is NOTHING on the market that does this. EZ Labelz fits the ticket. Not only that, you can customize the label sizes to ANYTHING you need for your label maker making it completely customizable. For me, this application is worth its weight in gold. It saves me HOURS a month of cut and pasting addresses in to label maker applications. If I could give this application 10 stars, I would. Absolutely the most invaluable application for my Ebay business. Way to go!
Created By: vapetankdocusa
On: Jun 06, 2017

It is pending!!!
It is pending. Can't use the app.
Created By: babylon_jewelry
On: May 10, 2017

Please reset my account.
Please reset my account.
Created By: part4vette
On: Apr 18, 2017

Stuck on "Pending" please help....
Stuck on "Pending" please help.... (not a good experience)
Created By: stuffbrokers
On: Apr 08, 2017

Terrible App
Never Worked From day 1. 3+ months and still says PENDING. W H Y???????????????/
Created By: tlcgiftco
On: Mar 27, 2017

Very poor performance
Lots of trouble with this app. 1) Won't print all of the labels for my listings. Only does like 30 at a time, which is really a pain when you have 200+ listings 2) Won't print to the size of paper selected. I ruined several sheets of label stock because this thing doesn't recognize and format standard Avery stock 3) Now has some sort of subscription error, and I can't use it at all. Just as well, because it was unusable to begin with.
Created By: casereedtwin
On: Feb 27, 2017

"pending" for weeks; app does not work
"pending" for weeks; app does not work
Created By: dherbert53
On: Feb 05, 2017

Great app!!!!!
The app stopped working after a while. It just says PENDING and will not allow me to contact customer support. Please help
Created By: bimmersofatlanta
On: Feb 01, 2017

Stuck in Pending
App stuck in "Pending" for more than 24 hours in App Center. Should have listened to the experience of previous users.
Created By: amtmemphis0
On: Feb 01, 2017

very intuitive
Have a little play with the data and then everything is simple and easy to work, with no cost and very intuitive.
Created By: kobib_k
On: Dec 20, 2016

Created By: dust_war
On: Dec 12, 2016

Great Program!
Great Free App to manage your listings with listing number, picture and price of listing.
Created By: r6isenough
On: Dec 09, 2016

Not Working
Not Working
Created By: atthegettinplace
On: Dec 02, 2016

i have no way of contacting you! i have tons of issues with you app. i would appreciate a phone call 304-209-2117
Created By: bossdecals
On: Dec 01, 2016

still in pending status 2weeks
still in pending status tried to contact customer service no response
Created By: mikkigene3_0
On: Nov 26, 2016

Says Pending
has been stuck on pending for 12 hours
Created By: gemcitycomputers
On: Nov 26, 2016

App isn't working
The status tab within my "Manage Subscriptions" has been stuck on PENDING for months. I can't even remove the app.
Created By: ktjonline
On: Nov 13, 2016

Says Pending
Can you please unsubscribe me and I will submit another subscription request.
Created By: willsdeals-4u
On: Nov 03, 2016

Jeremy is the man !!
Thanks for going the extra mile for me. Look forward to using the app !!
Created By: pcnetworkguys
On: Oct 12, 2016

Doesn't work
Waited for months to use this application and still can't get a response. What a shame!
Created By: mar1330
On: Feb 17, 2016

Created By: sri_shopping_center
On: Feb 12, 2016

Will not work
Only says Pending. I can't get it to work or take it off my app page.
Created By: annscollection
On: Jan 15, 2016

Great app to easyly identify your merchandise!
I sell clothing on consignment and this app allows me to print labels/stickers that easily identify them. After I began to use this app, I never mixed up orders again. It allows you to even print a picture from your listing in the label.
Created By: kittykatboutiqueus
On: Dec 31, 2015

Professional labeling system - love it!
Profesional looking labels. Great inventory tool!!!
Created By: rdmendezservices
On: Nov 04, 2015

Works great
Print labels (inventory) much better than my expensive (name with-held) inventory management system. It WOULD be sweet if I could import all of my listings at once automatically, but it has the provision to catch the older listings manually, so ... what's to whine about :)
Created By: donw1948
On: Sep 02, 2015

couldn't get it sized properly
Created By: sail-tech
On: Aug 14, 2015

Great for printing shipping labels on envelopes to ship out
We ship alot of items with envelopes on ebay and this program can print a sheet of labels at one time, saying us time, great app, thanks for creating it
Created By: slrodster
On: Aug 12, 2015

Works really well
Works really well
Created By: themexicanhub
On: Aug 06, 2015

Does not work.
Does not import the items from ebay listings.
Created By: acremotecontrol
On: Aug 01, 2015

NIce and easy to use
very simple to use
Created By: tootiesgentlyusedclothes04
On: Jun 14, 2015

Wroks great and wonderful customer support from the developer!
The app does what it is supposed to and on top of that the customer service is first class. Thank you so much!
Created By: hysamin
On: Mar 18, 2015

doesn"t work
please help
Created By: buckjann
On: Mar 08, 2015

does not work
Created By: ribl1
On: Mar 07, 2015

Couldn't fiqure how to add my FROM contact to the label, using word was must easier
Wouldn't print from the print button, printed elsewhere and the label was too big
Created By: keirow
On: Feb 13, 2015

easy to use, very effective!!
Is really easy to use. Just need to follow some steps and you are ready. Especially if you are international seller, is helping alot.
Created By: lakelilyy
On: Feb 11, 2015

Awesome app
Created By: daus_z9b1jy
On: Jan 27, 2015

crappy support and program won't even open
after several attempts to load and open the program it won't open - even after restarting computer - can't even contact support. Click contact support link and get smart elleck message that says to use "feedback" in the program...duh the program won't open
Created By: sandies_treasure
On: Jan 23, 2015

Easy to use
Easy to use and modify templates. It took a few tries to get the look I wanted but I am very satisfied.
Created By: coinprepper
On: Jan 12, 2015

Great simple app to do label printing
This ebay app works great for someone who is technically savvy however I would not recommend to someone who isn't. Still has some bugs and awkward limitations such as not being able to print labels for items listed in the last 12 hours or so.
Created By: gold-buyer-resource
On: Jan 11, 2015

Very Good service but slow...
This app provides very good service that sellers need. But it's a pity that we have to wait a few HOURS after listing items on eBay be able to print these labels with this app. Unfortunately, this app doesn't have access to listed items quickly. But major idea of this app is wonderful.
Created By: accessiblecache
On: Dec 07, 2014

Perfect Label Solution and Great Support
For someone who ships USPS First Class this is an amazing free app. Better custom label tool than Stamps.com or Shipstation etc. I requested a feature and the dev added it a few hours later - awesome.
Created By: hanksminerals
On: Dec 04, 2014

Wish would print more than last 14 days.....
Is there anyway that I can print beyond the last 14 days? If it were 30 it would be awesome. I have to remember to print either each time I list or weekly to obtain labels for all items listed. OTHERWISE, I love this!!!
Created By: angelsmb
On: Oct 25, 2014

Simple, Convenient, Easy... and FREE! Must have for all avid sellers! A+ App!!
Super basic layout, not too many options, which makes it very user friendly. Has exactly everything you need, for identifying and/or organizing any/all of the item(s) you're selling on eBay with labels. Completely cusomizable templates with all the information needed, easily searchable through the listings you've posted and automatically imported into the template fields for you. All this, formated just right to fit any size label paper on the fly, and instantly print right from the app! So easy! So handy! Super Stellar App! :D
Created By: thelightbar
On: Oct 23, 2014

Can't get app to work
I unsubscribed per instructions, re subscribed and still not working.. ideas? thanks!
Created By: cmkgorgeousgifts
On: Oct 19, 2014

Great for keeping posted inventory straight - best app yet
Prints bar code and pic of all auctions - SUPER
Created By: 141missy141
On: Oct 03, 2014

Excellent Free Resource
So many ways to utilize this app to improve organization, orders and workflow. Not perfect, but perfectly free!
Created By: crimsonsunllc
On: Sep 28, 2014

Great App
Very useful to stay organized with my business and at no expense. Thank you to the developer for making this wonderful app and offering it for free.
Created By: giftsbyruth
On: Sep 15, 2014

Nice but needs to show item prices
Was easy to use, just download your inventory file from ebay. open the app, choose your label sheet size etc. upload your inventory file and hit print. Had no problems with sizing. Wish it had the price listed so I could use them at my brick and mortar store.
Created By: michelecollinsdesigns717
On: Aug 24, 2014

You would think people dealing with eBay would learn from eBay and STOP changing things all the time!! Every time there is a change....this app doesn't work....I can't have that...I have enough things that get in the way of my unrealistic eBay ship times...I need labels to be dependable.....it's too bad...there are some good features....if it's because of eBay you had to change things...I feel your pain....sorry....looking elsewhere for another label app....
Created By: collecting42day
On: Aug 15, 2014

Awesome Sauce
This is pretty much the coolest app I have ever used on eBay
Created By: itrendu
On: Aug 03, 2014

Cool idea, impossible to use
It took me over 2 days to figure out how to put the labels in the printer "just so", then the print was too small to read legibly. Useless for us. Hope someone else has luck with it. Too bad, because we ship 60-100 items per day and wasted $ on blank labels that we can't use. Would have been nice!
Created By: bubearjrs
On: Jul 15, 2014

good application but don't work with many countries like Russia
it's a very helpful application
Created By: mxdav-o0pdfa1z
On: Jun 28, 2014

great idea, program very frustrating to use.
The idea is great, the layout is great, it is absolutely not as user friendly as it seems. Good luck trying to contacting someone. Very frustrating program.
Created By: digitalfinds2014
On: May 22, 2014

Cannot get to work and they won't respond to numerous emails!
Cannot get it to work and they won't respond to numerous emails asking for direction. Would be a great program if someone could figure out or help.
Created By: t-o-b-s
On: May 14, 2014

Perfect app for my needs
Easy, straight-forward and free. I can't ask for much more.
Created By: silvergoldjubilee
On: May 04, 2014

Excellent tool and a game changer for me. Thank you!
Everything works flawlessly. The only issue I had that made me give up on it a couple of hours ago was that the labels didn't print right. After a lot of exploring with the different features I was still not able to solve the issue. Finally I started looking at the reviews, and wala the developer's response to one of them solved my problem. My printer had a scale to fit page option that was always checked. Once I got rid of that it worked perfect. Thank you!
Created By: shinestarusa
On: Apr 24, 2014

Good way to good with
Although the program didn't do what I wanted, at least at my knowledge base, it is a great program
Created By: seller2013a-us
On: Apr 23, 2014

I can't use this app
I'm registered to eBay USA and I try to open this app from US site but all I see Is YouTube video and some text but not the actual app. I've used this app some years ago but it doesn't open anymore. The app is INSTALLED in my apps but I see Get it free button as I haven't installed it yet. Confusing
Created By: vitacell
On: Apr 12, 2014

amazing great app
Amazing our office uses it all of the time great app
Created By: wheelofadeal813
On: Apr 07, 2014

works just great!
works just great!
Created By: 11kokopelli
On: Nov 22, 2013

Very good
Great for printing out shipping labels. Gives my store a professional appearance.
Created By: rookiesportsandmore
On: Nov 17, 2013

Seems Great
So far it seems great, but I'd like to get to know it better.
Created By: greatlakesseller
On: Nov 02, 2013

Good App, Not A Good Fit
I think this is a good app it just did'nt fit with my business.
Created By: mcpartsmotorcycles
On: Oct 11, 2013

Works just awesome so far
Works just awesome so far
Created By: fraukka
On: Sep 25, 2013

Very good application for shipping label.
Easy extracting shipping address and printing. Highly recommanded.
Created By: younggari
On: Sep 02, 2013

Quite good application, save time for non-US sellers. Takes a time to understand how it use correctly, but simple enough when you skilled user and has a lot of sipping lables to be printed out. Very good and friendly support, answer any question fast.
Created By: igorpakhnevich
On: Jun 24, 2013

Creative Inventory Management Tool
Great Inventory Management Tool-I am looking for the best way to incorporate this-I have looked a long time for something similar!
Created By: joaph09
On: May 23, 2013

Great App. Many Options.
Great App. Many Options.
Created By: speedbidder1
On: May 14, 2013

Easy to use
Very easy to use and generates professional inventory labels very quickly.
Created By: dess2132
On: May 01, 2013

What the Heck?
Apparently doesn't support common Avery shipping labels. Why bother?
Created By: drdouguk
On: Mar 12, 2013

Easy to use.
I sent an e-mail to developer to suggest adding a feature, they actually listens and added a feature. Keep it up and best of luck!
Created By: efalconsky-usa
On: Mar 05, 2013

Great for Shipping but not for Inventory help.
Would like to see a way to use for inventory management but would be great for shipping.
Created By: timbuck-shop
On: Jan 09, 2013

This was exactly what we were looking for!
Created By: tjscrazyclosetconsignment
On: Jan 06, 2013

Great product for inventory labels
For an app for creating inventory labels of your currently listed inventory this works very well and you can't beat the price! The only thing holding me back from rating it as 5 stars would be the ability to link more ebay fields to the label and the fact that item titles do not word wrap to create multiple lines if its a very long title, it simply runs off the label. Still a very useful tool if you want to create simple inventory labels and the item picture feature is great. Never used it to print shipping labels but it seems like it would work well for that as well.
Created By: blackmarketbikezllc
On: Nov 01, 2012

Not useful for me
Good app for others, not useful for me. I was looking for away to make easy inventory labels to put with my items I have. I sell alot of different one of a kind items and wanted to add my own custom number along with pictures or title.
Created By: trjclassics
On: Sep 13, 2012

Good but could be Better
I like the ease of importing all the data. But I would like it better if you could edit the imported data. I don't need all the words in my Aucttion titles on my label. That is the only Part I don't like.
Created By: where*the*wild*things*grow
On: Aug 17, 2012

good but not chinese SKU. if so. It should be very very very good.
good but not chinese SKU. if so. It should be very very very good.
Created By: getiwant
On: May 25, 2012

Could not use with my thermal printer correctly.
First it is difficult to rate something that does not work for the use that I wanted it for. Second I tried it because I wanted to use it with a Dymo Turbo 4 Thermal Label Printer and could not find a solution. The idea is great but it would not support the thermal printer with the sample label choices that are included. and designing your own label I could not import the information directly as with the print wizard. If there is a simple way to do this Please inform me. Regards
Created By: scmills01
On: Apr 07, 2012

Very useful apps, save me a lot of time
Need to spend some time to know how to start with it, most important part is to find the right size label, if done, everything is as simple as few click...
Created By: megastore288
On: Dec 29, 2011

Created By: rsin3440
On: Dec 19, 2011

really cool app!!
really works
Created By: loj777thrift
On: Dec 08, 2011

Good program, however does not suit my needs.
Tried to create mailing labels 5 1/8" X 8 1/2" and could not figure out how, therefore was not simple enough for me to use.
Created By: chosen64ms
On: Nov 28, 2011

Easy as Said and Done! We were looking for a system to help keep track of our inventory and this was FREE, Easy,
Created By: deals-r-us-4-u
On: Oct 23, 2011

easy to use
easy to use
Created By: rev-tony1
On: Aug 31, 2011

Excellent Way to keep up with inventory and item #'s, personalized labels are very helpful!
I love that you can print your custom label as well as eBays item ID # on label - makes it easy to track inventory. I assisgn my items a custom label # then each time items are re-listed, sold, or pulled I can look at the Item ID as well as custom label to make sure I am shipping, pulling or re-listing the right items. This app has definitely made my life easier as I was writing all this info down prior to app subscription.
Created By: annashairbows2011
On: Aug 18, 2011

useful but needs improvements
I found this app overall useful. We use it everyday to process orders. However its interface and data import process needs to be improved. One critical feature that's missing is to automatically import all ebay orders ready for shipping and print out labels in one easy click. It would be a huge time saver. As of now, we have to manually copy and paste sales record numbers or item numbers. Other eBay app has this functionality. Sales records range import and time range import both have limitations.
Created By: rainbowriffic
On: Aug 17, 2011

This application seems like it would be nice for a school teacher...But for me I don't have any real use for it beings paypal prints my labels out with ease and kindness :)
Created By: stevenbravo2010
On: Aug 16, 2011

need option to print label for selected specific item vs. range of date.
Created By: newdayonline
On: Aug 05, 2011

Works great for what I need it to do. I mail out 100's of envelopes a week and this cut my processing time down tremendously.
Created By: ashoponline
On: Jul 21, 2011

Created By: geniva_dianes_store
On: Jun 18, 2011

Excellent application; easy to use; a real useful tool!
A real time saver for the seller--Excellent Product!
Created By: naturalstate808
On: Jun 05, 2011

Great way to print a bunch of labels!
I use these to print out labels twice--one set for shipping and one set for my list of who bought items. Thanks for a great app!!!
Created By: pammshouse
On: May 27, 2011