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Elite Sellers Traffic Net

By EliteSellersTrafficNet.com  (released May 09, 2013)
Have thousands of other eBay sellers recommending your items across the marketplace for Free, plus have your listings receive major Search Engine boosts by Upgrading.
Categories: Marketing & merchandising, Listing
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Screen shot 0
Does not even start the app anymore.
I contacted the app managers and nothing was fixed
Created By: socalautopartsie
On: Nov 04, 2017

Not sure it actually does anything
Got it for the search engine feed boost only, but not sure it actually does anything along those lines. There were automatic billing problems and I wasted a lot of time trying to pay the subscription. Finally gave up trying to pay them, tried to unsubscribe and couldn't. Now I just accept that weekly messages from them to pay are a part of my life and ignore them. I'd suggest not trying this.
Created By: freemarketeer
On: Oct 04, 2017

Not working
No matter how many times I contact support, this app doesn't open correctly or work properly. I have given it several shots but am fed up.
Created By: fatcatmarket
On: Sep 11, 2017

Giving them another try
They emailed me with an apology that their system had a problem.
Created By: the_auction_trading_co
On: Aug 20, 2017

Created By: kcelectronics_by_briancasey
On: Feb 28, 2017

very good
very good
Created By: silvestromedia
On: Sep 10, 2016

Good Product
I sold most all of my products through Elite Sellers traffic net
Created By: arnellesmitsmit-0
On: Sep 08, 2016

Theirs. Take your money and say they didn't
Created By: wholesale-fashionsla
On: Jul 16, 2016

Crooks beware
Horrible lies, crooks. Took money twice a month and still showing unpaid. Contacted them over 10 times, no action taken. EBay can't help.
Created By: americansuits
On: Jul 16, 2016

nothing changed
A waste of money
Created By: alwaystyle4you
On: Apr 04, 2016

Thank you for the submissions
Yes this works you just need to SEO your ebay store, google will find you if your following the Ebay and SEO strategy, a must have app to increase business to your store, another option is to spend $500 month with google or bing, no brainier here
Created By: kleenpro1
On: Jan 17, 2016

I did not sign up for this. I tried shutting it off once before, but they weaseled back in to my PapPal account and continue to take my money. Now I'm stuck paying every month and get NOTHING in return, as my access has been denied! Even worse-eBaY says they can not help because they have no control over 3rd party apps! BE VERY AFRAID! This app is worse than a tapeworm!
Created By: mmoran0513
On: Jan 08, 2016

I was expecting a bit more Customer traffic after activation application. It's totally useless.
Application is very poorly designed and not helping at all.
Created By: sybariticbags
On: Jan 03, 2016

Stopped working completely and no response from them after multiple emails.
Good app but stopped working ramdomly.
Created By: socalautoparts91352
On: Dec 18, 2015

NO increased sales-NO Yahoo visibility-NO Google visibility-NO benefit to me whatsoever!
Had this 'service' for about 9 months and it did NOTHING to increase my sales (by 'coincidence' my sales dropped the month I signed up for this
Created By: mdhmtwngrl
On: Dec 16, 2015

Great app
This applicatin has helped our visibility. Thank you
Created By: gymmishoe
On: Nov 29, 2015

Like this app
Wish it was more automatic pinging. It works anyway. Have faith!
Created By: 303electronics
On: Nov 09, 2015

Great app, Wrong price
Hey, I will be the first to say i have been using this religously since i subscribed. It seems to help, my sales did boost, but i also made a lot of changes at the same time to my listings. However, my biggest complaint is that the price advertised is wrong. It says $2.95/mo, i was last charged $5.65/mo. I emailed support, if they are able to resolve the issue, i will change my rating. But for now, subscribe but know the price is WRONG.
Created By: whitetail9999
On: Nov 04, 2015

this is awesome
You did a awesome job on this app
Created By: judysebookstore11
On: Oct 30, 2015

Love it!
Love it, we need more like this app. Thank you
Created By: erikarubisjewelrycollection
On: Oct 10, 2015

"Free" w No Subscription turned into $4.95/mo w NO RESULTS!
I highly UNrecommend this app. The way it "introduces" you to how it works is through a "free" trial" subscription, which turns into $4.95/mo (not $2.95 as advertised) with a highly convoluted process to find out how to cancel it (when you didn't realize you "subscribed" to it in the first place!). No support whatsoever, no results whatsoever as far as I can tell. DON"T USE THIS APP! It's not worth even a "free" trial - you'll be sorry if you fall for what appears to be a well-orchestrated SCAM!!
Created By: babyboomer196030297
On: Jul 31, 2015

Dont work , Scam
i got zero views or anything at all!!!!! ripoff fake crap.how can eBay allow such crap like this. makes ebays reputation go to crap..
Created By: randyminc
On: Jul 18, 2015

Top Notch!
Top Notch!
Created By: usedmotorcyclestore
On: Apr 16, 2015

Poor Results
I don't think this does anything except charge me 3.00 per month. When I search for my product on Google or Yahoo! It never shows up. I have been using this app of over 10 months
Created By: clearsolution_cleanslate
On: Feb 24, 2015

does not work
got the EBay 404 page
Created By: authenticshoppingnetwork
On: Feb 10, 2015

A increase of 75%. Worth a try
i have noticed a huge difference in my sales since starting this EBay app. It's paid for itself. campingphil
Created By: campingphil
On: Jan 29, 2015

If Only
This would be worth the monthly fee if it auto pinged just once every 24 hours, however you have to take the time to manually go in and ping it.
Created By: gotdealsusa
On: Jan 19, 2015

Worked fine for a while, then suddenly stopped working and kept been charged, no customer support !
no customer support, no help, no nothing, i'm been generous when i give them 2 stars
Created By: deanarial
On: Dec 10, 2014

Can't Pay, Can't get it to work, Can't get off my page.
Just what in the h--- is with this thing. It is on the page and I can not get it off or get it to run. Said I owe money but paypal said I don't. Tryed paying for it and would not do it. Still every time I try to run the app is will not work and shuts down then just sit there taking up space???????? GET THE THING WORKING OR GET IT OFF MY PAGE!!!!
Created By: lloydlc01
On: Aug 10, 2014

No solid proof it works but I believe it does
I'm not sure if it's the power of suggestion or if the app really works, but I am sold on it and will continue to use it. It does not have an automated daily submission option to yahoo and google but it doe have a manual one. I they to use it daily. It seems as though my sales will slow but after I click the submit button, sales pick back up with a vengeance! I highly recommend this app, even though I do not have solid proof it is the reason sales pick up.
Created By: texastoolstore
On: Jul 31, 2014

Not Worth it and Nonexistant Customer Service
I have subscribed since Feb 2014 and have seen NO difference in sales, traffic or anything else with using this service. I am cancelling immediately. I tried phoning the telephone number eBay provided and it was for a Conference call center and didn't let me talk to anyone. Don't waste your money with Traffic Funnel. It is definitely Not worth it.
Created By: preownedcomputerparts
On: Jun 24, 2014

Was not fruitful for me...
Was not fruitful for me...
Created By: evelino1974
On: Apr 17, 2014

Doesnt Work didnt help my traffic at all.
Program didnt work and did nothing for my traffic or sales for me. Wasn't worth the money.. DO NOT BUY.
Created By: camp-le
On: Apr 04, 2014

Doesn't seem to do anything. Can't seem to contact customer support.
This application is always under maintenance. You can't set it to automatic. Doesn't really seem to funnel any traffic to one's site. When you try to contact customer support it takes you to every place but. Have to wonder what your paying for.
Created By: secondchancecollectibles303
On: Mar 16, 2014

saw no increase in traffic
I did not see any increase in traffic. Not sure if my items are just not very popular but this app did not make any difference
Created By: automationworldwide
On: Jan 17, 2014

Organized Website Link....Just Gotta Love it!
Perfect and beyond my expectations. You don't have to build it and they will come; it's built and they are already here. Gotta Love It!
Created By: ebusinesssoftware
On: Dec 29, 2013

The email is not correct I cancel
Oct 25, 2013 Pending cancellation Now December money out of account. the email is not correct click on Contact Support support@ BuyerTrafficFunnel.com the correct email is support@BuyerTrafficFunnel.com support@BuyerTrafficFunnel.com
Created By: 2013-memorylane
On: Dec 15, 2013

great app
helps people find my other stuff
Created By: jillhord38
On: Dec 07, 2013

cancel this thing!!!
i never subscribed to this shady application thing and i want to cancel it now, i am contacting ebay and i will be credited and you will be off!!!!
Created By: nurslaura40
On: Dec 01, 2013

Terrible Customer Service
Stopped working after the paid subscription began. Customer service was no help in getting it to work again. worth trying I suppose but don't expect any help from customer service if you run into problems.
Created By: themagicknook
On: Nov 07, 2013

Just does not work the way it was deccribed
I tried pinging websites to no avail! it kept saying Website unavailable, I was only able to ping google, I tries Yahoo-Bing any many other's and the application was just unable to do as the claimed.
Created By: nicnacigothat
On: Nov 01, 2013

Not worth it
I never seen any change i don't even think it even works no way to find out if what they say the do . Still waiting for them cancel after requesting to cancel in july? Poor customer support
Created By: clayh9213
On: Aug 06, 2013

Love this application
Problem with application being revoked even after agreeing to terms. I don't know why that is happening other wise I would have given 5 Stars.
Created By: simplepleasantthingsantiqueshoppe
On: Jul 26, 2013

No Results
I have closely monitored the effects of this app. I have seen none. Also now they have turned off the auto ping feature. Pricey for no results. Cancelling.
Created By: splicer9
On: Jul 22, 2013

No directory pings after a mth
Not sure if this even helps any
Created By: systemmods
On: Jul 04, 2013