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SSB Item Showcase

By Seller Sourcebook  (released Aug 27, 2012)
Enhance your listings while cross promoting other eBay items.
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
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1 star
2 star
3 star
4 star
5 star
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Screen shot 1
Screen shot 2
Best attemtion getter!
I sell more because my other items catch their eye with this app.
Created By: crimsontide662
On: Nov 25, 2018

יישום מצויין
Created By: yizilev_0
On: Oct 14, 2018

This is the worst application I could use, I lost all my information about my listings and the only option they gave me, has to do them again. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.
Created By: jasabay-2017
On: Sep 08, 2018

stupid program, misleads the buyer, when clicking on the lot, throws not on the page of the lot, but
stupid program, misleads the buyer, when clicking on the lot, throws not on the page of the lot, but on the page where all the goods, the irritant for the buyers
Created By: stoner-antique
On: Aug 12, 2018

items look great just wish I could do all of them
Created By: bellasshoppe
On: Aug 08, 2018

I Love it/,...
I love this on my account...
Created By: hawkin2960
On: Jun 16, 2018

Get this it is Priceless
You get the most beautiful Templetes, when you do get it always make sure you see all the pages, for ex. Florals, pg l pg 2, etc. I have used this for years and will always use it because it is fast, never down and 100% reliable. You have to get a Token from ebay after you sign up, make sure you do it, they will walk you thru it very easily. Beautiful service
Created By: rosebudii
On: May 24, 2018

So far so good - no complaints.
Very useful application.
Created By: niknakdecor
On: May 08, 2018

Does not work!
Too much trouble to figure out why this app only works on old listings. Confusing!
Created By: chinpu1
On: Apr 25, 2018

absolutely the best response time on the internet
These people respond. Real live people. And they don't use lame blaming tactics like "ebay is own," or some other blaming technique. You get the facts and you get help with whatever issue you're dealing with. And the tools are great. I didn't have to worry about listings expiring before I had a chance to relist them.
Created By: the_old_lady_with_stuff_in_the_attic
On: Apr 23, 2018

Love the design
Easy to use
Created By: its-just-like-new
On: Apr 22, 2018

no easy to use, need to be more flexible to use certain item with certain carosels
need to make I easier to use. be able to use diffrnt skins and diff items to feature on the carosel.
Created By: suncity-sales
On: Apr 17, 2018

do not subscribe it is paid
in the application information is written for free, and when registering require payment! False information that the application is free and completely inappropriate for use, there are many similar applications that are free of functionality for this application
Created By: gazizakambaev
On: Apr 12, 2018

Easy to set up and looks great.
Created By: gagirl30161
On: Apr 08, 2018

sucks big time
major glitches use froo cross sell
Created By: purpletang99
On: Mar 20, 2018

works great!
Just starting so we will see how it goes! should be great!
Created By: happytrendysales
On: Mar 18, 2018

Created By: frajo98
On: Mar 16, 2018

Great App. Love the idea.
Very nice, I like the fact that all my products are displayed.
Created By: hollywoodgym
On: Mar 02, 2018

It really adds class to the store.
This app has worked perfectly since I started using it.
Created By: mtmineralsandcrystals
On: Mar 01, 2018

Nothing too special
I guess I have to play with the app a little more to see what it can really do.
Created By: jenncplus3
On: Feb 12, 2018

missed potential
I can't really recommend this app--it has a ton of potential, but just doesn't really achieve it. The "about, help, support, faq" links are all dead, so no help working around pretty big limitations. Trying to add new listings is far from obvious--and far from intuitive. And there's no one to ask, no tutorial, no help from other users...nothing. Any chance that I might go with the paid version is pretty much lost with the limitations of the free version. I'm going to stick with it for a little while--maybe it will get better.
Created By: batboy.inc
On: Jan 28, 2018

works well
Created By: georgparen
On: Dec 19, 2017

Super Easy to use, Excellent Application!
Love it love it. Exactly what I needed to enhance my use of eBay.
Created By: uber.seller
On: Dec 15, 2017

does not work
did not work
Created By: factory-savings
On: Jul 01, 2017

Created By: 1947transistor2012
On: Mar 18, 2017

Great tool to use
If you choose to, there is a paid version which has many useful tools. I don't so I have a basic scrolling of my items.
Created By: harleyvet
On: Feb 14, 2017

Easy to install and use
light using, Easy to install
Created By: finngear
On: Jan 31, 2017

Easy to list
Easy to list, resize photos, etc. Nice templates available. Small amount of gliches with software from time to time that is why I didn't give it 5 star.
Created By: anthonysattic
On: Jan 22, 2017

Easy to set up
Easy to work with and set up making your items even more attractive to buy.
Created By: byruby195
On: Jan 22, 2017

Really, horrible, outdated templates. And not many choices. I uninstalled immediately, will look for something more aesthetically pleasing.
Created By: jenesis824
On: Jan 20, 2017

Simple but Robust!
This app will make your selling page look like a professional store-level sale page. IMO this is a must have app. Good job developers, and thank you!
Created By: zand-1976
On: Jan 19, 2017

Easy to get going and works great
Looks great on my page
Created By: stepherayhor-0
On: Jan 18, 2017

not working right
this thing worked good for a day or so and then it stoped had to start it every time...not good for me maybe for you
Created By: mrhwolz2013
On: Jan 16, 2017

Not enough choice in templates
Not enough choice in templates
Created By: phoenix7232002
On: Jan 11, 2017

Created By: lkgifts
On: Jan 09, 2017

Checked on other sites and it didn't work right. Sometimes didn't move. Disappointed
I decided to not use this because it didn't work right on other sites. Very disappointed.
Created By: vintagelady2016
On: Dec 24, 2016

Works Perfectly and shows all my items
I'm new to this and I had some trouble changing the color, but now that it is done, I am very happy with it.
Created By: divwido
On: Dec 18, 2016

An Awesome help resource
Have used for many years to create attractive listings. Awesome customer service
Created By: 1ohiosisterhusband
On: Dec 10, 2016

Great App
Use this to increase exposure to products you are selling.
Created By: tyeman572013
On: Dec 08, 2016

great looking display on my listing
i am looking forward to useing this app
Created By: harleysoftail18yahoocom2012
On: Dec 01, 2016

Nice but a little quirky
Needs to be added again if I revise an item. I like it otherwise
Created By: atirdrop1
On: Nov 12, 2016

Created By: chris102870
On: Nov 08, 2016

Why ebay got rid of this stinks. This was an excellent idea and I very much enjoyed using it on my ebay account.
Created By: jabs403
On: Nov 05, 2016

I love It
I've used it a few times and love the way it looks! So far it's great!
Created By: bnjcollectibles
On: Oct 13, 2016

Created By: gustav-1969
On: Aug 28, 2016

Thank you! Exsellent
Created By: 1arman
On: Aug 15, 2016

It does add a nice feature that makes your eBay business page look more attractive.
Can't say that it truly boosts sales or if it just makes your page prettier.
Created By: the_antique_archives
On: Aug 14, 2016

Been using this site for years, never let me down and so easy to use!
LOVE this auction site..cheapest yet best one around!
Created By: w*o*o*t
On: Aug 12, 2016

bellow expectations!!!!!!!!!!!!
getting "Error" that I don't have any listings! out of 40 active 1s?? Don't c ANY "GOOD" about this app! :( unsubscribing! don't want to keep junk!
Created By: gemstonestreet
On: Aug 07, 2016

Great option and it's free.
I recommend this for sure. You certainly can't beat the price=free.
Created By: pearliebeskin_0
On: Jul 31, 2016

Was unreliable,
when I unsubscribed I had to physically remove the scripting because it did not do it automatically with simple unsubscribing.
Created By: idealelements
On: Jul 25, 2016

awesome service
since i've been using this service, i've had several customers comment on how easy it was to see, and buy more parts
Created By: vegaselectronicsllc
On: Jul 23, 2016

Easy to use.
The Ease of use is why I give it 5 stars. I wish you could upload your own textures or at least have more options, but overall it's great!
Created By: wilsus.ucvreewv
On: Jul 17, 2016

NONE sense!
you ask to update items, BUT update to WHAT!?? when you allow us to change , deduct, add, etc...... to the item than ask for or have a link to click for update it make sense BUT just select item and click update. MEANS WHAT!!!????? or if in case there is something so explain to member how to work with
Created By: bestbuyluck
On: Jul 13, 2016

Love this Free app!
It is an absolute must for any page on ebay
Created By: ghettofabulousfurnishings
On: Jul 09, 2016

Showcaese your inventory at each viewing.
Fairly good advertising at good price.
Created By: scootnotguilty-1
On: Jun 30, 2016

it simply doesn't work!
I did it several times, it never work; it didn't showcase anything
Created By: rssrss4
On: Jun 17, 2016

Bad, Bad, Bad
Created By: primediscoveries
On: May 31, 2016

Created By: happyone3232
On: May 23, 2016

Awesome app!
Great free tool for advertising your listings!
Created By: the_real_alchemist
On: May 17, 2016

Created By: lynnettewillis
On: May 16, 2016

I Love How This Shows Off My Listings!
A breeze to use, awesome backgrounds, works perfectly. Thanks!
Created By: stray_cat_cafe
On: Apr 08, 2016

Slow, Doesn't Auto-Scroll, Can't Choose Items
So far I'd say it's pretty weak, I'll leave it up a little while to see if I get any multi-item buyers. Shortcomings: takes a long time to load on the listing page doesn't auto scroll, users has to click the play button can't select which items you want in the carousel. I sell mostly in 3 categories and they don't really make sense to cross promote between them. I'd like to be able to create different carousels for my different product categories where it makes a ton of sense to cross promote. Benefits: It's Free, and works slightly better than a free tool.
Created By: adpro76
On: Apr 06, 2016

Does not work
shows false information that listings updated but they are not, another broken ebay app
Created By: art_vintage_auctions
On: Apr 04, 2016

Awesome seller addition
Does exactly what it says it does, and you can format the showcase in several ways. Instantly applies to auctin sales
Created By: gr8ful53406
On: Mar 25, 2016

Very nice looking
So far i love it, gives my shop a very professional look
Created By: bohopatchworkposse_9
On: Mar 20, 2016

Very Nice Feature!
Very nice feature if you constantly sell items on Ebay. The only thing missing is an auto setting to automatically kick in when you post something new. Not a big deal to do it manually each time but it would be nice.
Created By: vgx2010
On: Mar 20, 2016

Could be a good tool
this could be the best tool available. EXCEPT for one fact. the person viewing your auctions has to click on the grayed out box under your listing. if they do not click it, nothing gets seen. its actually kinda worthless for sellers. works for ssb though im sure. don't waste your time with this one until they change it.
Created By: bradley.lott91
On: Mar 17, 2016

Nice App
Nice App easy to use and makes listing here in Ebay more professional looking.
Created By: laloma89
On: Mar 09, 2016

Horrible, hard to figure out couldn't get anything to work at all on it, kept you running in circles, NOTHING WORKS ON THIS - TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Created By: polepink
On: Mar 09, 2016

It does what it says and more...It will give you extra pictures at end of your listings
Pluse of coarse its free for the taking less you want to pay for some other app...
Created By: mario.740
On: Mar 09, 2016

Great product. Great idea. Easy to use.
Great to have your other items scrolling across the bottom of your item listings. Easy to use. It's been around a long time and no flaws that I've found.
Created By: marchinglinks.inc
On: Feb 23, 2016

Great idea, Great app!!
Just got this app, and why not it is free. It is a goodtool to show off your inventory!!
Created By: shadowspawne70
On: Feb 15, 2016

I like using this program
I think different backgrounds would be nice
Created By: thepackratters
On: Feb 05, 2016

First time to use the app
It really is amazing to connect eBay through this app
Created By: ecbuildware0768
On: Jan 22, 2016

Doesn't scroll automatically
I don't like that you have to click on play before it starts to scroll. I don't think too many buyers would actually click on it. I like Foo cross sell where it scrolls automatically.
Created By: designsbycurly
On: Jan 10, 2016

Awesome app
Love it.
Created By: store-307
On: Jan 05, 2016

Good Stuff
It's an awesome tool, easy to use. A+
Created By: xxxcarnagexxx
On: Dec 25, 2015

great app
no issues
Created By: bruceh1409
On: Dec 23, 2015

Number one book source promise.
All events and favorite article choices on line.
Created By: gibdre-4806
On: Dec 21, 2015

Good app, would be a five star app if it had more designs.
The app works great. It revises listings within 5 minutes usually. The app increased visibility for my other listings which is nice. I just wish it had more designs. 4 stars!
Created By: bsrtrader
On: Dec 19, 2015

Wow! Really nice,and professional!
I like the look and colors as well. It makes you want to see more! I really like this app guys!
Created By: toolsmyway
On: Nov 21, 2015

Classy Tailored Clean Listings That Stand Out Above The Rest!
Created By: echosvintagemichigan
On: Nov 20, 2015

Nice app
Could have more backgrounds
Created By: sportcards_2013
On: Nov 18, 2015

Excellent Showcase
Really is Free and Easy to Use.
Created By: lotsavalues
On: Oct 30, 2015

excellent showcase!
This widget is helpful for buyers!
Created By: amazingdealsbcs
On: Oct 27, 2015

AWFUL--- this application ruined all of my listings.
Plus no ability to contact them. Shady. SO NOT GO NEAR
Created By: puppetpandora
On: Oct 15, 2015

Lots of pretty colors and themes to choose from, seasonals to change if you like, works almost immediately, SUPER easy, no fees, support will help if anything is needed. You do have to update from time to time, but this actually helps you keep it fresh, make changes in color/theme/season, etc., and again, it is really quick, even with hundreds of listings. And actually, I do notice a difference in my sales when I keep it up. And it just really makes your site look swank. Thank you, SSB!
Created By: getaniceone
On: Oct 11, 2015

cant get it to work anymore
this app used to work great, now it tells me my token is expired, however its not. Ive contacted Customer Service and no one ever got back to me. Very Disappointing.
Created By: jakeandnicksmom
On: Sep 30, 2015

I beleive this helps showcase my items
I will giv a honest summary after fully testing
Created By: jools-mom
On: Sep 22, 2015

It seemed pretty automatic
It used to work great but has quit for some reason
Created By: thecocacolanut
On: Sep 22, 2015

works well
good program
Created By: lippaint
On: Sep 13, 2015

leaves the item description area full of junk typing
Created By: guerrond
On: Sep 07, 2015

The Best Gallery App!
Even Better than smart gallery! Makes your listings look so much better and advertises your other listings. Very Quick and easy to us. Highly Recommended!
Created By: kichap1
On: Aug 25, 2015

Shows case source book gives me an extra webpage outside eBay; but updating messed up other template
Very pretty looking, easy to use, but if updating regularly, it messes up the templates I used for my original listing.
Created By: craftmentouch
On: Aug 23, 2015

Simple, and does what it says it does.
Simple and free and does exactly what is advertised. It would be nice if you could save the settings (color, text, etc) between uses but that is only a minor complaint.
Created By: jedi5384
On: Aug 19, 2015

It is a great was to show customers what I have
Potential customers can see what else I have to offer them in a different category.
Created By: cste6583
On: Aug 13, 2015

Does What It Says
A Great Way to Drive Traffic to My Other Offerings
Created By: home1wardrobe2
On: Aug 13, 2015

I like this one
Great appp
Created By: tw24hrshop2udrop
On: Aug 12, 2015

Great App love it
Awewsome selling tool
Created By: floorguy235
On: Aug 10, 2015

easy and works
used for a while now and im very pleased
Created By: mridley83
On: Aug 08, 2015

Software is a great timesaver
Application works great in speading up the process of inputting. Even when thir vrc nre live
Created By: kernelbargain
On: Jul 30, 2015

Not for me.
The functions of this app can't be added to a listing until it has been activated, which is not practical to do when I schedule my listings to start throughout the day, and if there is a bid on the item before I can manual add to my listings then it cannot be edited. If there was a way to add this to my listings on the scheduled list it would be more useful for me.
Created By: smasharama13
On: Jul 27, 2015

Excelent Application
Comes realy in hand for making your selling page look better.
Created By: unique-car-accessories
On: Jul 21, 2015

Excellent App to boost your eBay Sales..!!!
SSB lets customer to see our other items on sale via simple yet powerful scrolling display..!! It automatically updates products to list when new one up for sale..!! Only thing I would like if it had option to save selected setting, so that we don't have to do that again
Created By: brpatel_mca
On: Jul 10, 2015

great idea!
It spruced up my eBay page. Now customers can see other items for sale.
Created By: whippetdude2013
On: Jul 09, 2015

It is a good idea.
It would be nice if I could place it somewhere else, like at the top, instead of the bottom.
Created By: pearlypretties
On: Jun 27, 2015

easy to use
excellent app very easy to use
Created By: gorya-micha
On: Jun 19, 2015

great advertisig tools
Exposes my items
Created By: supercharaged1
On: Jun 12, 2015

I have to keep subscribing through Internet Explorer
Nice when it works. It won't stay activated when using Firefox. I have to keep starting it up in Internet Explorer. If I try to start it with Firefox it tells me the "token" may be outdated.
Created By: nyyankeedude
On: Jun 10, 2015

Everything looks good, just waiting for it to appear on my listings!
Created By: boy.rya
On: Jun 05, 2015

excelente aplicacion
excelente aplicacion
Created By: 50discounts2014
On: May 28, 2015

Nice. Gives the browsers a good peek at my other items!
This is a nice app. I like it because it not only looks good, it allows my potential buyers to see my other items, and click on the ones that interest them.
Created By: thegripper2015
On: May 20, 2015

very good provider
Created By: bigcharger
On: May 19, 2015

Created By: laceys777
On: May 14, 2015

Good for a small store
Can only update up to 70 items. A good tool for small store.
Created By: charming-gifts
On: May 14, 2015

Created By: l-sei30
On: May 11, 2015

Successful app which has brought customer to me.
Awesome, successful and perfect
Created By: giftofsimplicity
On: May 03, 2015

Created By: avec5150
On: Apr 21, 2015

Decent App
It does what its supposed to do but it really needs to be updated for more customization and be a bit more user-friendly.
Created By: caramelqt3683
On: Apr 11, 2015

This Is The Best Application Ever!!!
It ShowCases all your other items on Ebay and has gotten me a lot of other sales that I probably would not have gotten if I had not have had this app! Five Stars for this applications it's a WINNER!!!!!
Created By: missmcduffstuff01
On: Mar 31, 2015

Very Helpful App
very helpful that it shows all my for sale items in each listing .
Created By: luckylumastore
On: Mar 23, 2015

Created By: whitala_utu7zqlo
On: Mar 17, 2015

Awesome banners to choose from
Created By: connoraubreeandryder*nana*
On: Mar 16, 2015

Great Tool! Would Recommend!
Great scrolling gallery and got lots more bids. One of my favorite tools!
Created By: cliff3705
On: Mar 12, 2015

I love this program
It shows my oldest items. It seems to be seen by a lot of people
Created By: rmcollectables2015
On: Mar 04, 2015

Great cross sell app
Created By: edgewatermarketing_llc
On: Mar 02, 2015

Great Product
Great App. to display multiple items with one listing.
Created By: jerry55033
On: Feb 25, 2015

I like this App
Created By: zzztrader14
On: Jan 28, 2015

Expanded Service, Subscription
The free showcase while great, is distracting with all other ebay visual noise. The template subscription is good, but if you have a problem with navigating, or it is not working properly, be prepared to wait a day before you get response. You can't call, only email for customer service. Good, sometimes frustrating, time consuming.
Created By: itsalright2buythis
On: Dec 21, 2014

well i do love his app :)
Created By: incrediblehulk1
On: Dec 09, 2014

was fairly simple to do this I had a little trouble getting it named.
was very simple and it looks very good in the ads. I had a bit of a problem on the title.
Created By: davjuajua
On: Dec 06, 2014

Awesome app, this really made my new ebay store bloom!
Created By: smit-svlv768h
On: Nov 28, 2014

very good
Created By: dobahu8
On: Nov 23, 2014

This is an excellent product
I sold more when using this product.
Created By: judis1998
On: Nov 22, 2014

Great listing tool, surely improves sells
Great application good listing enhancement, I believe it has improved sells and makes listing look more professional.
Created By: everythinggoes20381
On: Nov 21, 2014

It looks awesome, love it!
This helps customers to see more of what i am selling.
Created By: mamu7991
On: Nov 19, 2014

Wonderful helper!
Once a buyer visit one of your listings, he can see others. Free advertisement and it also decorates your listing. I love it!!! Thank you very much!!!
Created By: odessaforever
On: Nov 11, 2014

Great information for seller's
This was a great resource for selling better and is really a must read.
Created By: bethwhit1008
On: Oct 28, 2014

never uploaded my items
It worked and looked good but it would not upload my items. Each time you try to upload new items you have to start the program from scratch. Not much choice of designs
Created By: dqhouse
On: Oct 16, 2014

Created By: chrifrank78milcia
On: Oct 09, 2014

Destroys layout of your own web page HTML
Tried to implement this app but it made all of my listings wonky. I cannot get rid of it now.
Created By: lotsofstufflv
On: Oct 03, 2014

Thanks eBay
This is a great Application. It lets all my listing be seen within all me listing. I really like the way it looks
Created By: debbgiamm
On: Sep 14, 2014

Would be great if it worked correctly
I uploaded this to my listings, it took forever to load and I eventually had to quit the app. I tried again early in the day figuring the traffic would be slower and I could get it uploaded. Still took forever and it loaded it twice on at least one of my listings. So...I tried to unsubscribe and remove--didn't work. Only way I could find to remove it was to go into the HTML and remove the code manually. Customer service got back fairly quickly as I marked my request as urgent but was not very helpful because I was not going to scan each listing to find something they could verify problem with.
Created By: mcgavic2014
On: Sep 09, 2014

Love SSB
Why I update my SSB I receive more traffic!
Created By: heidimurf
On: Sep 08, 2014

love it!
greatly increases number of views.
Created By: 2013-razia
On: Aug 30, 2014

different formats mean alot
I work off an android, a PC and a tablet and I cant see this showcase on all, nor can my family members and when I got to load what I may need my phone or other devise is not compatible. I don't know if its just me so I am giving it 4 stars. Its is very RARE for me to see animated objects and showcases on peoples listings but when I do I want to jump up and ask,... where did you get that? Also, the only way my showcase comes up is through the description page while others jump out right at you as soon as you click the items pic. Now I drop it to 3. That's my review, gave it a couple of weeks, not from the geek squad so I don't know if Ive done something wrong but from a normal mom and homemaker, its just OK.
Created By: 2live2day2love
On: Aug 25, 2014

Cool App
Easy to Use
Created By: vizgrip442
On: Aug 16, 2014

I have tried this app and as a newer E Bay store it is helpful to mu Biz
This app shows a lot of what my store offers
Created By: theurbanarchaeologist777
On: Aug 10, 2014

I believe multiple sales from the same viewer are received as a result of this application.
Good experience with this application. I have received a few comments that customers made multiple purchase as a result of the cascading offerings. The only drawback that I note is a few of my listings have lost the detailed description/ HTML format which has caused me to re-list to correct and re-add the details of the item in written form. I made this determination as a result of not experiencing this issue for new listings no yet added to the application. Potentially, this may not occur with the purchased version. I am using the trial version at this point with limited listings capacity. Still, I do believe it is a worth while marketing tool for additional sales. I believe the benefits out weigh the challenges. Thank you for offering this application.
Created By: jmbike1225
On: Aug 02, 2014

poor photo quality!
tried to unsubscribe, but, the darn thing keeps coming back and attaching itself to my listings! i can't get rid of it!
Created By: whiskykitty71
On: Jul 31, 2014

Don't bother
Takes forever to work and there is no way of knowing which listing have been edited.
Created By: 1055anton
On: Jul 30, 2014

5 minute listing face lift!
SSB provides an easy fast way to cross promote your items.
Created By: nimblecloud
On: Jul 24, 2014

excellent application
Very happy with this application my ebay store looks much better. Very easy to set up. Thank you
Created By: allur51718
On: Jul 20, 2014

Very usable app
good merchandise
Created By: ulgrachiya
On: Jul 10, 2014

improvements needed
I like the ease of use, but the fact that it's never in the same place at the bottom (centered) in the auctions is an issue for those that like to keep everything uniform.
Created By: mooresavings4u
On: Jun 21, 2014

Works good
Set up and works well
Created By: thefaith2006
On: Jun 18, 2014

great support applications
aplikasi ini memberi warna pada deskripsi penjualan saya , sehingga yang melihat tidak jenuh . . . terima kasih
Created By: aloen07
On: Jun 15, 2014

This app is very useful with promoting all of the items you are selling
Very useful
Created By: nakiasanders
On: Jun 09, 2014

very useful and easy to update my products
easy and very helpful to use
Created By: vestrjos
On: Jun 05, 2014

Very easy!!!
This showcase is very easy to use. Exellent customer service. Many thanks.
Created By: cocodake
On: Jun 04, 2014

Amazingly simple and powerful
This little free app make huge difference in your listings. A must have to anyone selling on ebay. Thanks to the developers! Amit
Created By: amitzand
On: Jun 03, 2014

simple and easy
great app it works great and easy to use
Created By: weirdthings
On: May 25, 2014

great to let others easy access to view your store items
the lookups are more satisfying experience
Created By: serenasmysticalmanor
On: May 22, 2014

Love this app!! It puts more of your products in view of potential customers.
Does what it says and is customizable. Great app!
Created By: mjgh06
On: May 07, 2014

Great seller tool
Give buyer more views of other items you have listed.
Created By: countryfinds
On: Apr 26, 2014

Eye Appeal
The best showcase frame program available at the cost, FREE. This program allows you to pick out a frame to highlight your items and give them a more professional look.
Created By: seanfoxbell51
On: Apr 24, 2014

I like the exposure if people take a minute they very well could see something they may miss.
It is a very good thing for nothing.Quite easy to set up and it gives your customers or shoppers look at more of your coins what could be wrong with free ads.
Created By: bck1234bill
On: Apr 24, 2014

Easy, but kind of limited.
This is an easy application to use...and the only suggestion I have is maybe offering more of a variety of color choices in the framing, or maybe some other customizable features like adding logo or company name/user id. Other than that...thanks for making it easy to use and helping to cross promote other listings! :) Sincerely, Shopawol
Created By: shopawol
On: Apr 20, 2014

Awesome CS!
Thanks for your help!
Created By: bitrswt43
On: Apr 07, 2014

excellent app
made very simple to understand
Created By: luckysgold2012
On: Apr 05, 2014

Worst appn ever!!!!!
Worst app ever on some listings it worked and other it did not and support sucks. You should be able to remove this app with out all the extra steps I had to do removal twice to get it off all my listing. I will never use this again
Created By: squeegee46
On: Apr 03, 2014

Ruined all my listings!
OMG!!!!! THis app ruined all my listings. it off centered all my HTML writing, and totally screwed everything all up. I spent 2 whole days having to relist and rewrite every single one of my listings! This company should be liable for all the wasted time this piece of
Created By: annies-attic2013
On: Apr 02, 2014

Thanks make sure to check out my store too thanks again~Cerissa
Created By: cerissaandrew
On: Mar 31, 2014

Very nice templates!
I love using this app for all my listings on ebay. It's easy to use and there a lot of templates to choose from.
Created By: shopaholicsheila
On: Mar 27, 2014

Great App
A++ application
Created By: acdtrp2469
On: Mar 27, 2014

Spread the word with SSB
Easy application to use to help advertise the items you are looking to sell. Highly recommend!
Created By: neffane_neskm
On: Mar 23, 2014

love using it
would like it better if it would save my settings so that I don't have to pick my colors and name each time
Created By: vanm52
On: Mar 18, 2014

I love this. It is easy to use for us newbies!
So far So good!
Created By: wandatake2
On: Mar 13, 2014

Works great just remember to update after you change any listings, to keep the showcase updated
Very easy to use, Just experiment with the content of the showcase. If you can't get it to work right you have other problems, its not the App
Created By: roscossupplies
On: Mar 12, 2014

Created By: googlemyspace
On: Mar 07, 2014

After 2 days my sales took off!
Created By: 19_keith_79
On: Mar 06, 2014

Great selling addition.
I am very happy with this application. It gives you the chance to make cross sales on your items for sale, which I think we can all use. I like the way you can change the rate at which the items scroll and the attractiveness of the scroll bar choices.
Created By: blipblizzard24
On: Mar 02, 2014

Created By: lidd-paul
On: Feb 28, 2014

Created By: uniqueandvintagetreasures
On: Feb 25, 2014

Easy to set up
Created By: nancy-boutique
On: Feb 18, 2014

Its a nice idea, for your potential Buyers to see what else you have.
Very easy to apply it.
Created By: philipsinternationalcorp
On: Feb 09, 2014

Don't like it
Created By: afranchini93
On: Feb 09, 2014

Ignores my selection and adds all items
I tried to create a selection for just one category. I created the title, selected the items (12 in all) and waited to update. It gave an error while doing the update, and also, now, when I go to the listing, it shows all of my listings, not just the 12 I selected. Thankfully, it only updated the 12 I selected, not all 70 of the listings. I tried again and still no love. Now to go back and manually remove this from my listings.
Created By: 1for_sale
On: Jan 28, 2014

Horrible experience
I found this to be a mess....Their site navigation is very poor, the error messages are endless, it couldn't find my listings, and on and on. I would NOT recommend it. I cancelled the same day and just ate the $8
Created By: brrights
On: Jan 26, 2014

Awesome Blossom Extra Awesome!
Thank you for this terrific Application! Each time that Giuseppe Auctions lists similar items, this is our go to app! Upon first use we saw an immediate increase in views, follows, and sales! Highly recommend this Application.
Created By: giuseppeauctions
On: Jan 13, 2014

Nice layout but...
Can't get my listing to work without an error message. Gave up!
Created By: cooperdogmine
On: Dec 20, 2013

Great support
I needed help with this app and the SSB app team responded immediately and helped me out with everything I needed. Thank you.
Created By: newbuyables
On: Dec 19, 2013

cannot use it
i keep getting an error message and will not let me use it
Created By: cnguyen2745
On: Dec 18, 2013

the perfect app and very simple to use!
its reasonably priced for the attention your store will get i may drop my store even this little app does it all!
Created By: giventake74
On: Dec 17, 2013

I liked this app at first but now i see after you end auctions and re do a new add still shows old listings that are no longer gets annoying then people bother you on old listings that ended
Created By: letyourmomabuyit
On: Dec 16, 2013

Looks good! Can't go wrong
I have used the item showcase in my listings. Very easy to apply. Not entirely sure if it actually increases any sales yet, but I love the looks of it and will continue to use it.
Created By: bryancslankster7583
On: Dec 02, 2013

Wont remove from listings
Wont remove from listings
Created By: walldocmp1
On: Nov 26, 2013

Very easy to use and many different fonts, colors, and templates. great app.
Created By: emailmemiked
On: Nov 19, 2013

i like it
I like how you can customize alot
Created By: rebecca8420
On: Nov 12, 2013

Excellent App
This app is my favorite. It gives life to my listings. There are many different designs to choose from. Worth the monthly fee!! Love it!!!
Created By: theuniqshop8
On: Nov 11, 2013

User friendly, increased traffic, professional appearance
This application has increased my traffic and sales tremendously. I recommend it very highly! I really like how you can customize it to your liking as many times as you want for free!
Created By: fuzzyteddibear
On: Nov 10, 2013

helps determine what I need to do
really a tool to help better manage your store
Created By: miloiii_tashas
On: Nov 06, 2013

Easy to use
Super easy to apply this to my eBay listings
Created By: suzysboutique63
On: Nov 05, 2013

Easy and Extremely Useful selling tool
I love how easy this is to set up and how quick it is. I also love how it displays my other items on a product page. It's great. Thank you.
Created By: hobbyintellect
On: Sep 30, 2013

Image never loaded up and kept getting error message.
Created By: dugoutatl
On: Sep 22, 2013

Happy Customer
Seller Sourcebook is easy to use, and customer support is top notch!
Created By: taceyweeisme
On: Sep 18, 2013

Nice look, very practical!
This is a wonderful tool to increase exposure and perhaps let customers see the wealth and depth of your inventory.
Created By: jujusstuff2013
On: Sep 13, 2013

My ads were totally messed up. html code shows throughout ad
The html coding was showing on my ad and I can't get rid of it. Ads were totally messed up. Hated it.
Created By: rarm9965
On: Sep 10, 2013

Excellent App.
This is very useful for all the sellers on eBay.
Created By: bestitems2013
On: Aug 30, 2013

Excellent App Love It
Works as Describe One of the better apps on here
Created By: sulham24
On: Aug 24, 2013

Activating the app results in a blank page
When I start the app I just get a useless blank page
Created By: adlbsl
On: Aug 19, 2013

This app is awesome! I've never had any tech issues. I'd like to think it's helping my sales!
No tech issues, EVER so far! Simple to use and great looking interface for a free app! Don't go without it if you're a seller of any level!
Created By: vertigo1914
On: Aug 01, 2013

easy to use!
Simple to use, not sure if it helps generate more sales, but it looks nice
Created By: cougarplace
On: Jul 11, 2013

Not too bad..
This app works ok as far as I can tell, however it does sometimes take a while to load on the item page, and I don't think it's helped improved my sales at all, but it was free and doesn't seem to do any harm. Also I have no idea how to reload my items onto an existing banner so I just keep making new ones. And there is little variation to the styles, but now I'm just nitpicking. But it is a neat little way to showcase what your selling and to try to get more exposure to items that are ending soon.
Created By: llancesgrl
On: Jun 25, 2013

It does not work and I cannot get their advertisement off my listings
I have tried to use this app but all I get is their advertisement at the bottom of my listings that leads to their online store. I have tried to contact them but they will not even answer me back. I have tried to unsubscribe but their advertisement will not go away. Do they have rights to my listings that I am unaware of?
Created By: bmarga1610
On: Jun 24, 2013

Very Nice FREE scrolling gallery :)
I really like the gallery and all of the selections for it. Plus it is a FREE app! I just wish the gallery did not show up so far down on the page. I would use it exclusively if I had it inside the template. They are very customizable too :)
Created By: spoiled*material*girlz*blingz
On: Jun 22, 2013

easy to use
easy to use
Created By: goneshopping78
On: May 14, 2013

Got a lot more hits on my listings within 24 hrs
Created By: b5anna
On: May 10, 2013

ssb item showcase
attractive, provides visual other items for no-sell on ebay!
Created By: gilligan62tracy
On: May 03, 2013

not good
it sucks dont waste your time
Created By: ssmi7395
On: Apr 30, 2013

Does Not Work
It doesnt work
Created By: drbeverlycrusher
On: Apr 17, 2013

Been using this for a little while now and it does exactly what I need it to. My sales and views have increased since installing it. Only reason for 4 stars is that I wish there were multiple layout choices to choose from other than just colors.
Created By: misutiku
On: Apr 13, 2013

Love It
Love It, Easy to use
Created By: theblackbutterflyorg
On: Apr 04, 2013

Excellent app
Easy to use
Created By: glendas
On: Mar 24, 2013

works grate
love this app is not distracting and give a good look to your products. Easy to use and can easily be up dated
Created By: amazing_deals530
On: Feb 20, 2013

Good eBayer!!!
Good eBayer!!!
Created By: rejuvenelle
On: Feb 18, 2013

Love the way my items look and was extremely easy to use
It was very simple and easy to use and my items loaded immediately. I was able to pick the colors and style I liked and it only took a few seconds to get started :) Thank You I Highly Recommend
Created By: artisticgemstones
On: Feb 03, 2013

Unable to subscribe from them
Created By: delphine_boutique
On: Dec 21, 2012

I love this easy to use
quick add to auction with this app makes your auction look great and easy for buyers locate other items you are selling
Created By: xtreme_auto_works
On: Dec 08, 2012

i love how it makes the listing look.
its easier for potential buyers to view other items of mine.
Created By: bbthebarner
On: Nov 14, 2012

great and easy!
very easy to use! im sure it wil help.
Created By: celestehurtado09
On: Nov 07, 2012

Did not work correctly for me.
The app added a long line of characters to my listing instead of the showcase. Luckily I only applied it to one listing as a test, I recommend any users to do the same if you try this app. There is no undo, so you'll have to manually remove the html code from each listing.
Created By: ktmedia
On: Oct 02, 2012

Super Easy
A few clicks and I was done! I love that you can customize the skins with any color text, and also change how fast the pics scroll. Awesome for cross-promotion!
Created By: mamas-pajamas
On: Sep 22, 2012

Very easy app to use for cross selling your listings
Wow, setup was extremely easy. I was able to add my listing scrolling show case to all my listings in one shot. Great app, I would give it 10 stars if I was allowed too. Thank you
Created By: roblewismoore
On: Sep 15, 2012

quick and easy monthly price fair and affordable
yearly subscription is best price for this app, seems like this will make my listings more appealin to buyers and in doing so increase my sales!
Created By: cjsmom72806
On: Sep 09, 2012

Looks Great, So Easy To Use, Increases My Sales, Love It!
This is a great app and super easy to use and install. I love all the different themed "skins." I contacted them via their "contact support" link with a question and got a reply in less then 10 mins. Impressive!
Created By: glasskats
On: Sep 02, 2012

That was easy
Just a few clicks and I was done. I added a great looking showcase to all of my active listings. Amazing! I love this app.
Created By: rhughes1196
On: Aug 27, 2012

Very impressive
This is such a great application. So easy to use. I was looking for an easy way to promote other items that I was selling while at the same time make my listings more professional. The app even lets me change the style of my item showcase with the change of the seasons and holidays. What a bonus!
Created By: jamesb1111
On: Aug 27, 2012