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Froo! Cross Sell

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eBay Certified Provider Solutions
eBay Certified Provider Solutions
The eBay Certified Provider Program recognizes third party companies excelling at providing the tools or services for eBay sellers. The Certified Provider designation helps an eBay seller identify providers with the expertise and experience to assist in growing their eBay business. In addition to other criteria, companies must have extensive experience with eBay, pass certification exams and provide a number of proven customer references checked by eBay.
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Froo! Cross Sell
By Frooition Inc.
Release Date: May 13, 2010
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
Free scrolling cross selling galleries for your eBay listings.
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( 3947 )
Rating Distribution:
5 star3077
4 star553
3 star104
2 star51
1 star162

Key features
  • Select a Gallery Theme
  • Choose which live items to apply the gallery to
  • Select how many items to display
  • Bulk Apply to live listings
  • Customizable
  • Nine designs to choose from
  • Free!
Cross Sell your eBay Items in all of your eBay Listings. Upsell additional products for sale on eBay by letting potential bidders see the other items you have available. A professional way to showcase your inventory and increase the chance of achieving multiple sales from one buyer.

...and all for Free!
Application requirements
Supported browsers:Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox 2 or later, Safari, Opera 8 or later
Supported languages:English
Supported eBay
Required eBay subscriptions:
Application support
Froo! support is available online, help and advice is available through our website at

Frooition Inc.

Frooition has been a leading provider of eBay store and listing designs for over 4 years. Frooition also specializes in providing design services for most other internet sales channels as well as web-site design. Frooition has been working with the eBay platform for over 4 years, and has thousands of clients in the USA, Canada and Europe.
Also from the developer
Froo! Template Themes
eBay Certified
eBay Certified Provider
By Frooition Inc. (Released on: Aug 14, 2009)
Customize your eBay listings with professionally produced themes. Select from a library of over 4000+ themes, quickly integrate an image zoom function and cross-promo features and further customize with your own logo.
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
( 896 )
5 star324
4 star151
3 star113
2 star73
1 star235
Froo! Bulk Revision
eBay Certified
eBay Certified Provider
By Frooition Inc. (Released on: Feb 24, 2010)
Amend live listings in bulk. Save Time! Save Money! Try For Free!
Categories: Listing
( 46 )
5 star18
4 star5
3 star3
2 star2
1 star18
Froo! Smart Social
eBay Certified
eBay Certified Provider
By Frooition Inc. (Released on: Nov 17, 2010)
Intelligent social networking on twitter and facebook. Don't spam - send precise and targeted product posts to your social followers, build a fan base, get more traffic, sell more.
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
( 716 )
5 star480
4 star99
3 star49
2 star24
1 star64
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Thank you!
by: Review created: Feb 06, 2016

Nice Concept
by: Review created: Feb 01, 2016
Review:Very nice concept to have your other listed items scroll in a listing. However, it constantly stops working and all you have in your listing is java script which looks terrible. You have to go back to the app and start it again.

I like it
by: Review created: Jan 30, 2016
Review:Like the ease of this app

Excellent APP!
by: Review created: Jan 30, 2016
Review:This app is great, allows others to view your other items for sale from individual items. giving great chances of other sales

reliable, stable. no problems with it and actually free.
by: Review created: Jan 29, 2016
Review:reliable, stable. no problems with it and actually free.

Marked Increase in sales
by: Review created: Jan 28, 2016
Review:Froo is a very good addition to my listings. It has increased my sales quit a bit with very little effort. The only problem I have with it is very so often I have to make sure that it is still active. If I have any complaints that would be it. For some reason it just stops working, and there is no way of knowing so one listing days I check my first listing to make sure that it has updated with the application and if not I just re-add it to my listings that part is quick and easy just push the button. Even I can do that LOL!

by: Review created: Jan 28, 2016

by: Review created: Jan 25, 2016

by: Review created: Jan 24, 2016
Review:Robust, accurate, useful, easy to use, and has many themes to match any taste.
Thanks to the developer!

hard to get working
by: Review created: Jan 21, 2016
Review:isn't working

Love it
by: Review created: Jan 19, 2016
Review:This app is great

Stopped working saying I took away their permission probably a scam to have me authorize something
by: Review created: Jan 19, 2016
Review:The app works well but it says "I" revoked the app which I did nothing of the sort and now to reactivate it I have to give them permission again which is bogus I hope I am not signing away something to them what a joke

It has worked well for years and is extremely simple to set up.
by: Review created: Jan 16, 2016
Review:It has worked well for years and is extremely simple to set up.

Few minutes for a much better look!
by: Review created: Jan 15, 2016
Review:I've subscribed to this application not long ago, it's really easy and simple to use, just in several clicks you are getting a very good looking for your item description, it shows at the bottom of the page a running line with pictures of your products and lead to them if clicked. a very good look, very nice, thanks. 

I've really liked it, suggested A++++ 

Love this!!
by: Review created: Jan 13, 2016
Review:I really enjoy using this application. Its so easy to use!!

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