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By 3Dsellers
Release Date: Aug 02, 2011
Categories: Inventory, Marketing & merchandising
Create a catalog of your eBay items with this easy to use app. "PDF Catalog" embeds your eBay items in a designed pdf file, so you can present your store goods to potential and existing customers.
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5 star150
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Key features
1) Send your new eBay catalog to friends and customers.
2) You can generate new files when you update your inventory.
3) An easy to use and productive "business card".
4) Will help you boost your merchandising and marketing plans.
5) Totally free.
Create a catalog of your eBay items with this easy to use app. "PDF Catalog" embeds your eBay items in a designed pdf file, so you can present your store goods to potential and existing customers. This is a great app for promoting your eBay items. A simple and easy way to display your goods.
* See screen shots above to see an example.
Application requirements
Supported browsers:any modern browser
Supported languages:English
Supported eBay
Required eBay subscriptions:
Application support
Need assistance? Have a question? contact us via our support center at


This application is brought to you by 3DSellers. 3DSellers is one of the leading eBay app developers in eBay’s App center offering 12 different apps for eBay sellers. 3DSellers’ main goal is to create a strong and stable connection between eBay and advanced technology. Thus, assisting eBay sellers in building a prominent presence on eBay, while simultaneously enhancing the eBay shopping experience.
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"Share Your Items" is a complete social media toolkit for eBay sellers. Let your items be seen everywhere. "Share Your Items" is the only app that lets your buyers share eBay items with their friends. The app adds social networking buttons to your listings...
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Currency Converter
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By 3Dsellers (Released on: May 31, 2011)
Create an amazing Facebook store displaying all of your eBay items, at the click of a button. Connect with 900 million potential Facebook customers!
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By 3Dsellers (Released on: Jun 28, 2011)
Add a great touch to your listings! Display news and customer information on all your listings with the "News Ticker" designed and animated Flash roller. Our animated roller will add a cool look to all of your listings.
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
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Flash Gallery
By 3Dsellers (Released on: Dec 14, 2011)
The best cross-selling tool for eBay sellers. Smart and good looking!
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By 3Dsellers (Released on: Jan 04, 2012)
Add a free translation widget to your listings
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By 3DSellers (Released on: Nov 21, 2012)
Create a beautiful storefront for your eBay items with Webstore! Webstore helps you drive traffic to your listings from search engines AND links your eBay account with a professionally designed storefront.
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Store Designer
By 3DSellers (Released on: Mar 08, 2013)
Design your eBay store with one of our ready-to-use design templates, customizable & 1-click setup!
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
( 24 )
5 star17
4 star0
3 star0
2 star0
1 star7
Feedback Reminder
By 3DSellers (Released on: Feb 08, 2013)
Improve your eBay feedback score with eBay Feedback Reminder!
Categories: Customer support, Marketing & merchandising
( 108 )
5 star82
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4 Apps Combo Deal
By 3DSellers (Released on: May 24, 2013)
4 Must have, most popular apps - over a 50% discount.
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
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Thank You Emails
By 3DSellers (Released on: Mar 14, 2014)
Easily increase repeat sales with Thank You Emails! Thank You Emails will automatically send a Thank You Email to each of your buyers recommending other items that you offer. This way you can build great customer relationships AND increase repeat sales.
Categories: Customer support, Marketing & merchandising
( 17 )
5 star14
4 star2
3 star1
2 star0
1 star0
Showing 1-10 of 180
by: Review created: Sep 08, 2014

Never works the first time - I quit using - too much frustration!
by: Review created: Sep 07, 2014
Review:Instructions say you can list up to 500 products; mine quit working after 400. Every time I tried to use it I would have to contact support, waiting up to 24 hours to hear back. Easier just to link to my eBay store.

Have really used to it's fullest
by: Review created: Sep 01, 2014
Review:Building email list

Great App
by: Review created: Aug 18, 2014
Review:I like this App because I can send a complete list of my products to new customers.

Fantastic! Love this app! Works great with our eBay store.
by: Review created: Aug 12, 2014
Review:Now I can provide a copy of what is on our eBay store for new customers to see an example of what we offer.

App is not very helpful for my needs. Thanks
by: Review created: Jul 31, 2014
Review:App is not very helpful for my needs. Thanks

Great product!
by: Review created: Jul 23, 2014
Review:I really like the notification settings.

Just ran it for the first time and looking it over it's just really terrific. Simple to use
by: Review created: Jul 04, 2014
Review:I read that people want more and I get that. Leave this one alone PLEASE. I understand why people would want more options but for free this is simply wonderful

Love being able to create a catalog BUT~~~~
by: Review created: Jul 02, 2014
Review:I would love to be able to edit the size of the text and photos also to be able to categorize items or choose which items you want in what order.
Its good but not perfect!

Great tool too advertise to your existing customer base!
by: Review created: Jun 29, 2014
Review:Probably the most simple APP to use. Enter your email address and click generate and your done. A few minutes later you will receive an email with a link to download the completed PDF. It has your entire stores product images in a gallery format which look excellent. The best thing is that when you click the image it takes you to the listings. I use it to advertise to my previous customer base. In Outlook 2010 I create a group list. Then I create an email to say whatever I want. For example, the last one I sent I told about new products for the summer of 2014 from SANIS (my manufacturer. I always explain in the email that it is a special PDF that is clickable which is the best part for your customer. When you send it the TO: goes to yourself and you attach the Group List to the BCC. Reason being no one else sees to who else you sent the email. Attach the PDF to attachments and you are ready to send. Free custom advertising directly to your customers. Keep up the good work 3DSelllers.

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