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YouTube Videos
YouTube Videos
By Wiqet Media
Release Date: Jun 16, 2011
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
If “one picture is worth a thousand words,” how much is one video worth? Sell more, faster, with YouTube Videos App. This app makes it a snap to find just the right video from the 250 MILLION videos on YouTube, including your own! If it’s on YouTube, YOU CAN USE IT. TURBO CHARGE your listings, AND cut down on the work of searching, embedding and managing the YouTube videos. Save time on writing and related tasks, while you SHOW AND TELL.
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5 star23
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Key features
• Works for auction AND store listings
• Easy “search” feature helps you find the right video right away
• Use your own YouTube videos OR any other - with 250 million to choose from!
• You don’t need a YouTube account to use YouTube Video App
• QUICK and SIMPLE: Wiqet YouTube App embeds the YouTube video(s) that YOU select into your listing
• MANAGE videos in your listings faster and easier
• CHANGE, ADD or REMOVE videos to your listings FAST and EASY
• Add MULTIPLE YouTube videos to your listings
• SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE : sell more AND save writing/editing time
• SHOW that the item works or HOW it works (make your own video or find one)
• Show DETAILS all in one take!
The results are in, good videos will significantly boost sales. The more informative your listing, the more you stand out from the crowd, whether you're selling something unique or something with a lot of competition, videos will center attention on YOUR listing. Use any video in YouTube (it’s completely legal and safe) or load one you’ve made yourself! You give your visitors video AND audio information AND keep it fun and interesting. Maximize your profit potential with YouTube Videos App by Wiqet.
HINT: Add the word "video" to your listing title.
YouTube Video App DASHBOARD will allow you to:
1. Manage all the videos in your listings, with quick “delete” feature
2. Adjust video player size/dimension
3. Select video location within Listing
4. Fine-tune Video display and information features
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Application requirements
Supported browsers:Latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
Supported languages:English
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Required eBay subscriptions:
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Wiqet Media

Wiqet builds easy to use, time saving eBay-specific applications. These are apps designed to help you build sales AND build a faithful buyer base. Wiqet appls are designed work right the first time, every time. Every Wiqet app is fully supported. QUESTIONS? Wiqet staffers who know the products are here to help you with any and all concerns. (Check out the FAQ's too). Is there an eBay App you just GOTTA HAVE? Or maybe you just want a BETTER version of another app? We'd love to know
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good app to show merchandise
by: Review created: Mar 24, 2014
Review:its been very helpful in my sales 

applicaion is not working,
by: Review created: Mar 17, 2014
Review:application is not working. 

Can't log in
by: Review created: Mar 16, 2014
Review:Can't log in

poor - doesnt working for more than week !!!
by: Review created: Mar 04, 2014
Review:also help/tab - lonk is broken !!!

customer service never responds no USA phone number or 800 number
by: Review created: Mar 02, 2014
Review:Application is awful for purpose it was intended. If you post a link and it is removed on you tube you get no notification. Since 2013 have been trying to cancel and every year they bill the $5. Worst service ever. Ebay says not there problem.    they offer the option then wash their hands when there is an issue. BEWARE DON'T USE THIS APPLICATION. You will be stuck with it forever.

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Introductory discount offer: $5 per year (that's 42 cents a month for you bookkeepers out there). This gives you UNLIMITED use of the COMPLETE application!