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Feedback Pro
Feedback Pro
By High Volume Seller
Release Date: Mar 24, 2011
Categories: Customer support, Checkout
Improved feedback results in more sales! Increase your feedback score with powerful eBay feedback tools! Feedback Pro reminds customers to leave feedback and alerts you when they do. You can also automatically leave buyers feedback. Moreover, you can send personalized follow-up messages afterwards, so more customers remember who you are. Feedback Pro consistently improves feedback scores by 10-30% or more. It is a must have app for the professional eBay Seller!
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Average Rating:
( 726 )
Rating Distribution:
5 star560
4 star65
3 star22
2 star17
1 star62

Key features

Increased feedback = Increased DSRs = Better Search Rank = More Sales!
  • Send feedback requests when buyers don't leave feedback including link to feedback form
  • Automatically leave buyers positive feedback
  • Get notified when you receive negative and neutral feedback
  • Thank customers for leaving feedback
  • Report shows how successful requests are
  • Buyer blacklist
  • Try it free for 30 days

It's simple: Improved feedback means improved detailed seller ratings (DSRs). Improved DSRs rank you higher against eBay's best match system in searches. The end result is more sales!

Check out these recent monthly seller statistics!
"595 feedback requests resulted in 194 positive feedback. Success rate: 33%"
"1720 feedback requests resulted in 582 positive feedback. Success rate: 34%"

From 2011-2012, Feedback Pro sent out over 6 million feedback requests. Nearly 2 million of those were responded to with positive feedback. Only 8000 of them (1 out of every 750) had the 'opt-out' link at the bottom of the request clicked. Feedback Pro works because it uses special e-mail technology to ensure the requests don't end up as SPAM in buyers' inboxes.

Automate your eBay feedback

The best eBay feedback tools! Most professional sellers on eBay don't have time to leave their customers feedback; however, the same sellers also know that giving is the best way to receive. Feedback Pro lets you create as many positive feedback messages as you want and automatically sends them when your customers complete payment.

Sometimes, customers are so satisfied with their purchases that they forget about you. Now you have a program to help them remember to help you. Feedback Pro sends personalized feedback requests a specified number of days after each sale. Customers are often obliged to leave you feedback and have no problem with it. In fact, they'll thank you for reminding them.

When a customer leaves negative or neutral feedback, we'll send you an e-mail with as much contact information as eBay makes available to us. Often times, customers assume you're an impersonal company that won't take them seriously. Contact them instantly to help them and request feedback revisions.

Finally, Feedback Pro completes the loop by sending your customers e-mails after feedback is received. You can use these e-mails to say thanks, sorry, send promotions, favorite seller links, and more.

We hope you enjoy using Feedback Pro!

Keywords: eBay Feedback Reminder, eBay Feedback Request, Leave eBay Feedback
Application requirements
Supported browsers:Any modern web browser
Supported languages:English
Supported eBay
Required eBay subscriptions:
Application support
Please allow two business days for a response.

High Volume Seller

HighVolumeSeller is an independent software company that specializes in cloud-based merchant solutions.
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5 star268
4 star13
3 star7
2 star8
1 star28
Showing 1-5 of 562
+++++ Good ++++++
by: Review created: Feb 10, 2016
Review:Great Buyer, fast payment, please come back anytime.

Waste of Money
by: Review created: Feb 07, 2016
Review:You will barely gain more feedback reviews from this App.  Although its convenient they automatically give feedback, you still essentially get the same amount of responses.  Most people who leave feedback will do so on their own accord, so this is a waste.  It tends to stir up and potentially disgruntled customers who opted to not leave you feedback.  Do yourself a favor and just leave feedback for those who leave it for you and that's all.

ehhh Not really worth the money I spent every month
by: Review created: Jan 19, 2016
Review:It kind of worked and there was a slight increase in feedback left but not enough to make it work the money I spent on it each month. 

Works as described
by: Review created: Jan 17, 2016
Review:this is a step up from seller manager pro version, not sure why i have it except personalize my messages and no ebay ads

Effective, may need a new approach for those lazy buyers
by: Review created: Jan 06, 2016
Review:I am happy with the success, although it may only be 22%.

If ebay really wanted to keep the community safe via feedback, they need to offer an incentive. 

This may be a good plan for the John Wheelers of the world to approach eBay with this plan.

If a buyer/seller does atleast 50 successful trans per year they are eligible for the incentive.
The grounds for incentive would be based on a percentage as well!  If a buyer or seller hits the minimum and leaves 55% feedback (so 28 out of 50) they qualify for a fee reduction/credit (if they are a seller, or a $5.00 gift card if they are a buyer) As true of every good incentive, as percentage increases, your reward follows.

This would guarantee an increase in feedback without suffering an integrity loss of the content of the feedback.  

DO THAT AND ILL PAY MORE PER MONTH!  You guys have a great service, I am happy someone realized there was a need to be filled. 

Questions about strategical improvement?

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