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BannerPlay:Boost sales!
BannerPlay:Boost sales!
By BannerPlay
Release Date: Jan 13, 2014
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
Create PPC advertising campaigns for your products and boost your sales. Pay only for actual visits to your store.
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Key features
  • As low as $5 per day!
  • Automatically create effective banners for your products in a single click.
  • Your campaigns are targeted automatically based on your item category and description.
  • Get real-time statistics and analytics for your campaign
  • Your ads appear on thousands of sites to find the customers you need

BannerPlay eBay Ad-App allows you to boost your eBay sales easily, quickly, and affordably.

With the app you can create stunning banner campaigns to promote your products in just 1-click!

All you need to do is select a product to promote from your products list. Once you've selected a product, the system automatically creates a beautiful set of customized banner ads that include all of the product's details: it's price, image and description. With our super simple editing studio you can tweak and customize the banner ads to your liking- and that?s it! Your campaign is ready!

The banner ads that were created for your items will then be shown on websites and blogs across the web. We will find the perfect sites to show your ads by using your products keywords and shipping location into consideration, in our sophisticated targeting system.

Once running, you get full statistics and performance metrics for your campaigns. We also included a detailed click report so you can see exactly where your customers are coming from.
The BannerPlay Ad-App lets you get more clients through advertising with great ads in just a few clicks!

Please note that the bannerplay one week free trial is limited to one campaign with a daily budget of $5. Any additional campaigns will not be included in the free trial

Application requirements
Supported browsers:Any modern web browser
Supported languages:English
Supported eBay
Required eBay subscriptions:
Application support

Email support is available via

Visit our support forums at


BannerPlay is an end-to-end display advertising service focused on effective advertising technologies for small and medium size businesses. Our innovative tools are designed to build campaigns easily, effectively and to give you the best value for your advertising budget. The advertising process for small business owners follows three main stages, campaign creation, targeting, and optimization, all with unique features and state of the art technologies. BannerPlay also offers 1-click ad creation tools for business owners that run their shops through online.
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Does not work
by: Review created: Dec 16, 2014

Max bid doesn't work
by: Review created: Nov 06, 2014
Review:I had 2 items on a campaign both with a daily limit of $1 at $0.50 spending. I ended up getting charged $40 in a weeks time one day going up to $11 with $2 max bids. Every day the  spending limit was well over the may go over 20% over daily limit disclaimer. I feel like the items sold a little bit quicker but its hard to tell but mostly was a waste. Also please notice the only 5 star ratings have less then 10 feedback...Just the company boosting their own ratings up.

great app!
by: Review created: Nov 04, 2014
Review:this app really helps advertise your items!

I just signed up and can't give a accurate report yet.
by: Review created: Jul 04, 2014
Review:can not give anymore detail right now because it won't even let me do a campaign yet.

by: Review created: May 16, 2014
Review:Fake App not recommended, waste of money

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BannerPlay app pricing is based on actual usage per click model. You pay only for actual visitors to your store or product that through the campaigns (PPC). You are charged daily for the clicks on your banners. You can decide how much you would like to invest in advertising daily or overall. Our bidding technology always optimizes the cost per visitor (click) to achieve optimal performance and maximize the return on your investment.