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Listing Analytics

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Listing Analytics
By Terapeak
Release Date: Sep 14, 2010
Categories: Research & reporting, Listing
Monitor, analyze, and grow your sales and selling on eBay. Know how often your listings are seen (impressions), how often shoppers open them (clicks), and your sales totals
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Key features

Listing Analytics includes powerful features to monitor and improve your search, listings, and sales performance:

  • Automatically track your eBay listings, sales outcomes, and revenue totals
  • See how many eBay search impressions and clicks your listings receive
  • Sort your listings by key metrics to identify your best and worst performers
  • Score your listings for effectiveness to understand why some sell better than others
  • See how your visibility and sales are trending over time
  • Identify new products and selling opportunities to drive growth

Listing Analytics is the most popular eBay Apps Center app of all time, with over 2 million activations. Try it today!

Terapeak Listing Analytics automatically shows you all of your most important eBay listing and sales data in a single, comprehensive dashboard so that you will know which parts of your selling business are working well and where to focus your effects to enhance sales and profits. See running totals of impressions, clicks, sales, and revenue. Compare current trends to previous periods to see how your business is growing. Keep tabs on your open listings and score their effectiveness. Make annotations about key decisions and see how they affect sales over time. Understand every phase of your selling to easily identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement.
Application requirements
Supported browsers:Chrome 42+, Firefox 37+, IE9, IE11, Safari 5+ (Win), Safari 8+ (Mac)
Supported languages:English, French, German
Supported eBay
Required eBay subscriptions:
Application support
Listing Analytics is supported by Terapeak. Please contact Terapeak's customer success team for assistance.


An eBay Certified Provider, Terapeak is the leading source for analyzing, understanding and predicting consumer and product behavior in e- commerce. Terapeak analyzes.
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yeee hawww
by: Review created: Apr 30, 2016
Review:                                     gfgb

Terapeak is 'Tera-bull'
by: Review created: Apr 28, 2016
Review:I purchased this for $189.00/year to research similar items sold on eBay in the past.  Of course, I have been selling on eBay since the year 2000 so I know many tricks for pricing items without a pay-per program...
I found that the feature for researching items sold on eBay was absolutely worthless.
Case in point: I looked up an item ON THE SITE WORTHPOINT and found that it sold ON EBAY for $644 on July 20, 2015.  When I tried to search the item on TERAPEAK using the exact same keywords and time period sold in, the search engine rendered no results.
eBay's STANDARD SEARCH ENGINE used to allow users to go back 3 months to 1 year and on any day, one could find hundreds of similar items sold and thus get an idea how to price items for sale.  This worked well for sellers and buyers and it also worked well for eBay as when a seller maximized profit, while keeping price within fair market value... eBay also maximized profit due to greater sales commissions rendered.
eBay got greedy

Majestic quality
by: Review created: Apr 21, 2016

by: Review created: Apr 20, 2016

Just a blank page
by: Review created: Apr 19, 2016
Review:Does nothing. After reloading multiple times still just a blank page

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