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Listing Analytics

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Listing Analytics
Release Date: Sep 14, 2010
Categories: Research & reporting, Listing
Get a new level of insight into the visibility, clicks, and sales that your listings are generating. Learn about your best and worst performers and revise listings right from the app to maximize sales.
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Key features
With Listing Analytics you can:
  • Search for a listing by keyword to instantly see its rank in search results.
  • View impressions, clicks and sales metrics to better understand the behavior of your buyers. Find answers to the questions: Are buyers finding your listings in search results? If so, are they clicking to view your listings? Once they click, are they buying?
  • Sort by your listing by performance metrics to identify your best and worst performers.
  • See how your listings stack up for impressions, clicks and sales against the top five results for similar Fixed Price and Auction-style listings.
  • Get rolling 30-day trending data for impressions, clicks and sales for both active and completed listings.
  • Get tips and best practices to help optimize your listings.
The free eBay Listing Analytics app gives you a new level of insight into your sales funnel, the rate at which buyers see, click, and buy from your listings. This knowledge can help you to identify your best and worst performing listings and the revisions needed to maximize your sales.
Application requirements
Supported browsers:IE7, FF3, Safari 4, Opera 10. and Chrome 4.
Supported languages:English, French, German
Supported eBay
Required eBay subscriptions:
Application support
This app is supported through eBay Customer Support.

Listing Analytics, an application that presents key metrics about the performance of your eBay listings, is provided by eBay Inc. in conjunction with Terapeak, an eBay Certified Provider and leader in eBay research.
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by: Review created: Mar 28, 2015

Great App!
by: Review created: Mar 27, 2015
Review: Keeps me up to date on every thing so I never miss anything :)

Poor capabilities and VERY slow
by: Review created: Mar 27, 2015
Review:No geo statistics

Very good
by: Review created: Mar 27, 2015
Review:Very good

by: Review created: Mar 27, 2015
Review:There are some apps that work and there are some that do not. This is one that does not.

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