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Smart Gallery
Smart Gallery
By Page Mage Inc
Release Date: Oct 04, 2012
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
Free cross sell galleries that let you advertise your other products in all of your listings. Sell more to each buyer by targeting them with other items you sell. The only eBay app that let’s you pick the specific items YOU want to cross sell. You can feature related products, advertise your most profitable items, and more!
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5 star69
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Key features
  • Cross sell exact items YOU choose in your eBay listings
  • Create unique messaging and a customized appearance
  • Bulk apply to your live listings or pick specific listings to apply based on category, keyword, or ID.
  • Supports mobile devices including iPads, iPhones, and other smart phones
  • It is FREE forever!
  • Our Premium Plan gives you even more features such as the ability to create multiple galleries so you can target each Gallery to specific listings
  • Description

    The Smart Gallery goes in the bottom of your listing description and displays the items you want to cross sell. Buyers visiting your listings view more of your items so they can purchase more from you.

    PREMIUM PLAN: All the features of the Free Plan plus lets you choose from a range of gallery templates that display from 1 to 8 cross sell items at once. You can also create multiple galleries to feature special sales on specific items or categories, promote similar items, match galleries to keywords like 'Free Shipping,' or other scenarios, so you can control the items that your customers see.

    Page Mage was awarded the 2011 Ecosystem Champion Award by eBay for our support of the eBay seller community.

    Application requirements
    Supported browsers:Internet Explorer 7 or later, Firefox 3 or later, and Google Chrome
    Supported languages:English
    Supported eBay
    Required eBay subscriptions:
    Application support

    Page Mage support includes email support and Frequently Asked Questions as well as a Knowledge Base builder that grows as we receive more questions. All emails will be responded to within 24-48 hours. See additional resources links for more information.

    Page Mage Inc

    Page Mage was founded in 2008. We are transforming the way sellers market their products on eBay. We provide easy to use applications for creating better listings and bigger profits. Our eBay App Center applications including Billboards and Smart Gallery let you create breakthrough listing designs and more effective use of your listing space to stand out from your competition, look more credible and professional, and sell more. Page Mage was awarded the 2011 Ecosystem Champion Award by eBay for our support of the eBay seller community.
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    Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
    ( 635 )
    5 star369
    4 star61
    3 star27
    2 star24
    1 star154
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    App dont work for a 2 month, and there email don/t work..
    Review:App dont work for a 2 month, i try to contact support but there email do not work.

    Best Free Gallery App So Far!
    by: Review created: Aug 24, 2015
    Review:Love this App for making my listings automatically look better and advertising my other listings! All I would change is let the free version show more items and add themes instead of having to manually chose the colors.

    by: Review created: Jul 04, 2015

    Excellent i am new to use this but i hope my shop selling is high
    by: Review created: May 12, 2015
    Review:i am new here but i try this i hope my seling is high

    by: Review created: Apr 21, 2015

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