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Terapeak SEO
Terapeak SEO
By Terapeak
Release Date: Jan 15, 2015
Categories: Marketing & merchandising, Research & reporting
Include the most searchable, most valuable keywords for any product in your listing using the free Terapeak SEO app!
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Key features

Start typing your product's name into the search box and watch Terapeak SEO automatically identify your product, analyze real eBay listings, and offer you powerful, profitable suggestions. Let Title Builder do the work for you:

  • Include the most searchable, most valuable keywords for any product
  • Automatically place keywords in the most profitable order
  • Identify and fix commonly misspelled keywords
  • Include powerful brand, color, and model keywords from eBay's catalogIdentify bad or ineffective keywords and remove them
  • Group related keywords together for maximum searchability

Best of all, Terapeak SEO is FREE. Use it for all of your listings and improve your search ranking and visibility to shoppers—starting now.


Every eBay seller understands that having the right keywords in listing titles is a big part of making sales. Your listing titles have to match what buyers are searching for, make sense to search algorithms, then get shoppers to actually click on and buy your products. Terapeak SEO is an intelligent, data-driven keywording tool that relies on Terapeak's eBay analytics engine—drawing on real eBay listings and search results for its suggestions.

Terapeak SEO understands which keywords are most important which are less important, what keywords mean, the contexts in which they're used, and the relationships between them. Don't guess about which keywords are hot and which aren't—or about the keyword order you ought to use in your title—let Terapeak SEO tell you as you build effective listings interactively, click by click.

When you're ready to include complete eBay analytics and data-driven decision making in other phases of your eBay selling, Terapeak offers a full line of tools to identify hot products, get in-depth sales statistics, monitor niche and category trends, source wholesale inventory, and more.

Application requirements
Supported browsers:IE10+, Firefox 35+, Chrome 41+
Supported languages:English
Supported eBay
Required eBay subscriptions:None
Application support
Terapeak SEO is supported by Terapeak. Please visit the Terapeak Help Center for training, assistance, or to contact the customer success team.


An eBay Certified Provider, Terapeak is the leading source for analyzing, understanding and predicting consumer and product behavior in e-commerce. Terapeak analyzes more than 4.6 billion transactions per year and over $70 billion in online consumer spending to provide marketplace intelligence to clients ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. E-commerce merchants use Terapeak's analytics platform to evaluate pricing, sourcing opportunities, market trends, product behavior across regions and their competition.
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Been a Week Still Will Not load
by: Review created: Dec 05, 2016
Review:Sent two emails to support with no response. Been in pending download status now for about a week.

Never installed waiting 3 weeks
by: Review created: Dec 03, 2016
Review:Never installed waiting 3 weeks

never opened up
by: Review created: Nov 28, 2016
Review:has been pending for a month  what a joke worthless.
not worth your time. a useless site i am sorry I cannot rate it with no stars

Great Service
by: Review created: Nov 27, 2016
Review:Great Service for EBay seller.

Doesn't work
by: Review created: Nov 24, 2016
Review:Pending installing for over an hour and no way to remove the app.

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