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Terapeak Keywords
Terapeak Keywords
Release Date: Oct 26, 2009
Categories: Marketing & merchandising, Research & reporting
Build your listing titles faster and more effectively using Terapeak Keywords research!
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Key features
Each FREE Terapeak Keywords search gives you:
  • 20 suggested keywords, related to your search
  • Average, maximum and minimum prices for each suggested keyword
  • A self-refreshing suggestions list as you select additional keywords
  • The ability to build your title until you've used up all 55 characters
  • All data based on 100 recently-closed eBay listings
If you've ever sold on eBay, you know the first step to creating a listing is coming up with a title. The first step to creating a great listing? Come up with a great title. Terapeak Keywords is a free tool that helps sellers optimize their listing titles. Powered by the marketplace leaders in eBay research, Terapeak Keywords asks users to type an item's name/description into a search field. It then samples 100 recent eBay listings that have also included the specified search term(s), and automatically produces a list of related keywords accompanied by average prices and other metrics. By clicking the most valuable relevant keyboards and adding them to your listing, you can continue to build your title until you've used up all 55 characters. And as any eBay seller should know, every character counts! For more comprehensive eBay research, check out Terapeak's full version. Not only does it its keyword research tool sample 1000 listings per report, it can also research up to 90 days of closed eBay listings, as well as two years of category trends. Terapeak also comes with seller research, hot products research, Value Track, and more. For further information, check out Terapeak for more advanced tools in the eBay application catalog.
Application requirements
Supported browsers:Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox 2 or later, Safari 2 or later, Google Chrome
Supported languages:English
Supported eBay
Required eBay subscriptions:None
Application support
  • Live support is available between 8am PST and 4:30pm PST Monday through Friday excluding holidays.
  • Email us at, use Live Chat from the members homepage, or call us toll free at 1-866-959-8372 during live support hours.

Terapeak, an eBay Certified Provider, was founded in 2002 by brothers Anthony and Andrew Sukow while running their eBay Power Seller business. Terapeak then quickly established itself as the industry leader for eBay Research and eBay Education by being the first to provide eBay seller, eBay category, eBay Motors Parts and Accessories, and eBay international research. Terapeak is also the only company to focus exclusively on eBay research. Terapeak places focus on eBay Motors Parts, education, innovation and the customer experience. Terapeak also boasts the largest customer base for eBay research and is the fastest growing eBay research and eBay education company.
Also from the developer
By Terapeak (Released on: Aug 14, 2009)
Marketplace research will help you make more money on each sale. Sellers using Terapeak average 65% more profit per sale than other sellers.
Categories: Marketing & merchandising, Research & reporting
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5 star124
4 star45
3 star17
2 star11
1 star66
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Very good, Excellent.
by: Review created: Dec 15, 2014
Review:Good App. A+++++

excellent app
by: Review created: Dec 14, 2014
Review:help to built the title and find the best keywords

New Title Builder is Awesome!
by: Review created: Dec 10, 2014
Review:Free and useful. Highly recommend!

Very Simple to Use, Yet Increased my Sales by 20%
by: Review created: Dec 10, 2014
Review:I have been using this app to make my listing titles, and it is awesome. My sales are UP. It's like a secret weapon

havent seen anything
by: Review created: Dec 06, 2014
Review:No good

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