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Ki Sales
Ki Sales
By KiOui llc
Release Date: Nov 19, 2012
Categories: Finance & accounting , Research & reporting
Get a unique view on your transactions. Learn where your buyers come from.
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5 star26
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2 star4
1 star9

Key features
  • Fully automated reporting.
  • Search your sales.
  • Use the search to see if a buyer opened another account to buy your items after you blocked them.
  • Export your sales to csv or excel.
  • Transactions per State or Country.
  • Total and Averages summary.
  • Most Valuable Buyer reports.
  • Try it free for 7 days!
Ki Sales is the App every serious eBay seller needs. With Ki Sales you get a very unique view and insight of your sales and transactions. Ki Sales reports will help you to get a new perspective as to where your buyers come from. You can even export all your transactions to Excel to write your own reporting.
Application requirements
Supported browsers:any modern web-browser
Supported languages:English
Supported eBay
Required eBay subscriptions:
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We take your support concerns seriously and any information that can help us improve our applications is much appreciated. Or send us an e-mail just to say how much you like our applications!

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KiOui llc

At KiOui our goal is to save you time as well as helping sellers automate daily tasks. Freeing you from the daily manual process will help you keep your sanity but will also help you grow your business. With our apps, you will be able to run your business more efficiently, faster and you will have more time to source and list new items. Wether you are a new online seller or a seasoned seller, we are here to make your life easier.
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Ki Tracking
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Ki Markdown
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Ki Googalytics
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Ki Quantity
By KiOui llc (Released on: Dec 11, 2012)
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Ki DynaPrice
By KiOui llc (Released on: Jan 28, 2013)
Raise and Lower your prices based on sales and maximize profits!
Categories: Listing, Research & reporting
( 21 )
5 star16
4 star1
3 star1
2 star0
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Ki Social Links
By KiOui llc (Released on: Jul 31, 2013)
Add an icon to your Facebook Fan Page to link to where ever you want.
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
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Ki Social Pages
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Ki Phoenix
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"Out of Stock" control for your items, save important sales history and don't let your item ends!
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Profit Predictor
By KiOui llc (Released on: Jun 17, 2014)
The Danni App Profit Predictor was built to help you compare all the value you bring to an item
Categories: Research & reporting, Sourcing
( 3 )
5 star1
4 star0
3 star0
2 star0
1 star2
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Like this app a lot
by: Review created: Oct 23, 2016
Review:.csv download makes book keeping a lot easier for us. this app downloads eBay account info much faster than downloading from your account history.  One criticism is that we should be able to select how many days of sales history we want to download, rather than choosing between 24 hours, yesterday, this week, last week, etc.  For example "last X days" where we set the default to whatever we want (3, 4, 7, 15, etc) would be helpful.

Useful !
by: Review created: May 03, 2016
Review:It is useful, because I can see certain aspects in one place !

I Like it
by: Review created: Apr 19, 2016
Review:I have only been using it less than a month, but so far I like the features it has. 

Great app.
by: Review created: Aug 31, 2014

Nice snapshot for less than 1.00 per month.
by: Review created: Jun 04, 2014
Review:it shows sales, fees and other info as an overview snapshot. I t is simple but easy and very inexpensive which in the current sales environment is good. These days all sellers are trying to keep expensess down and profits up due to the gyrations. Thank you KI this is a great niche now. Newer sofrware too.

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