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Ki Googalytics
Ki Googalytics
By KiOui llc
Release Date: Oct 04, 2012
Categories: Listing, Research & reporting
Track your Items with Google Analytics.
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5 star31
4 star1
3 star1
2 star2
1 star6

Key features
  • Auto installs tracking image in your listings.
  • Store traffic tracking code (added manually).
  • Listings custom variables tracking (duration,listing type, ....).
  • Event tracking (revised, listed, sold, ...).
  • Profile and host filtering.
  • Custom code to add to anything that does not allow for java-script.
Ki Googalytics is a bridge between your eBay items and Google Analytics. Ki Googalytics will add a small image at the end of your listing. Provides you with a link to add to your eBay store and even lets you add a tracking code to any other place that does not allow for javascript. Ki Googalytics is not a traffic tracking application, it connects your store to Google Analytics.
Application requirements
Supported browsers:any modern web-browser
Supported languages:English
Supported eBay
Required eBay subscriptions:
Application support

For application tips and tricks, check out our YouTube Channel:

We manage our support via a ticketing system. Simply e-mail
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  • Your eBay User Id
  • Which application you are subscribed to
  • Any Item ID numbers that pertain to concern
  • Any screenshots
  • Steps to replicate your concern

Our support hours are between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Time.

We take your support concerns seriously and any information that can help us improve our applications is much appreciated. Or send us an e-mail just to say how much you like our applications!

To get updates about our company you can visit our website: Follow us on,, or

KiOui llc

At KiOui our goal is to save you time as well as helping sellers automate daily tasks. Freeing you from the daily manual process will help you keep your sanity but will also help you grow your business. With our apps, you will be able to run your business more efficiently, faster and you will have more time to source and list new items. Wether you are a new online seller or a seasoned seller, we are here to make your life easier.
Also from the developer
Ki Bay Social
By KiOui llc (Released on: May 22, 2012)
The Best eBay to Facebook App you'll ever need. Only 99 cents per month!
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Ki Feedback
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Increase your feedback and worry about it no more.
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Ki To Do
By KiOui llc (Released on: May 22, 2012)
A Gadget/Widget for Selling Manager that displays informations on the state of your sales.
Categories: Research & reporting, Shipping & payments
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5 star79
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Ki Tracking
By KiOui llc (Released on: Jun 11, 2012)
Track your packages in one quick easy view, communicate with your customers easily about their packages.
Categories: Marketing & merchandising, Shipping & payments
( 62 )
5 star52
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Ki Markdown
By KiOui llc (Released on: Aug 30, 2012)
Automate your Markdowns with extra features Markdown Manager does not offer.
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
( 68 )
5 star39
4 star3
3 star5
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Ki Sales
By KiOui llc (Released on: Nov 19, 2012)
Get a unique view on your transactions. Learn where your buyers come from.
Categories: Finance & accounting , Research & reporting
( 41 )
5 star27
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Ki Quantity
By KiOui llc (Released on: Dec 11, 2012)
Make your own rules to manage quantity the buyer sees of your items.
Categories: Inventory, Listing
( 48 )
5 star32
4 star1
3 star0
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Ki Terminator
By KiOui llc (Released on: Dec 26, 2012)
Best ender/ re-lister, duplicate finder, and bad image finder!
Categories: Inventory, Listing
( 25 )
5 star18
4 star0
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2 star1
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Ki DynaPrice
By KiOui llc (Released on: Jan 28, 2013)
Raise and Lower your prices based on sales and maximize profits!
Categories: Listing, Research & reporting
( 21 )
5 star16
4 star1
3 star1
2 star0
1 star3
Ki Social Links
By KiOui llc (Released on: Jul 31, 2013)
Add an icon to your Facebook Fan Page to link to where ever you want.
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
( 13 )
5 star11
4 star0
3 star0
2 star0
1 star2
Ki Social Pages
By KiOui llc (Released on: Jul 25, 2013)
Create customized HTML webpages to link to your Facebook Fan Page.
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
( 11 )
5 star10
4 star1
3 star0
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Ki Phoenix
By KiOui llc (Released on: Feb 21, 2014)
"Out of Stock" control for your items, save important sales history and don't let your item ends!
Categories: Inventory, Listing
( 29 )
5 star23
4 star2
3 star0
2 star0
1 star4
Profit Predictor
By KiOui llc (Released on: Jun 17, 2014)
The Danni App Profit Predictor was built to help you compare all the value you bring to an item
Categories: Research & reporting, Sourcing
( 3 )
5 star1
4 star0
3 star0
2 star0
1 star2
Showing 1-5 of 33
I dont understand who would waste time on this app
by: Review created: Oct 17, 2016
Review:I am not sure if it works on not, because I never made it working. Too many fields to configure, it could be done much simpler.  

A great bridge to helpful Analytics.
by: Review created: Jan 31, 2016
Review:I have had to update my ads often after the holidays and making sure Ki is on every page is as simple as a submit click.

I love this app
by: Review created: Jul 03, 2015
Review:It has worked well for me. It's well worth it especially since we no longer have traffic reports.

You can't market if you don't know where the traffic is coming from
by: Review created: Jun 09, 2015
Review:although it takes a a while to dial in the settings it's great to have metrics available on our bay store

Had some installation issues but support was vwery good with both proactive communication 

Not worth it unless you sell a lot.
by: Review created: May 05, 2015
Review:I have had the hardest time cancelling this. It's not easy to do. No useful information for a small seller like me.

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  • 3.99 per month
  • Or 29.99 per year
  • The first month is prorated and may vary.
  • If you cancel you can get a prorated refund!
  • If you have a billing concern please e-mail