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ShipSaver Shipping App

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eBay Certified Provider Solutions
eBay Certified Provider Solutions
The eBay Certified Provider Program recognizes third party companies excelling at providing the tools or services for eBay sellers. The Certified Provider designation helps an eBay seller identify providers with the expertise and experience to assist in growing their eBay business. In addition to other criteria, companies must have extensive experience with eBay, pass certification exams and provide a number of proven customer references checked by eBay.
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ShipSaver Shipping App
By SellerJam, LLC
Release Date: Nov 02, 2009
Categories: Shipping & payments, Checkout
Save money on USPS labels & insurance. Bulk Print and insure - auto sync of tracking #&#39s back to eBay.
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5 star532
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2 star16
1 star126

Key features
  • Huge discounts over USPS on labels and insurance
  • Commercial Plus pricing on USPS labels
  • Print USPS labels in bulk
  • USPS insurance starting at just $0.79 per $100 domestic
  • UPS and FedEx insurance (labels coming soon) - starting at just $0.60 per $100
  • Insurance for USPS First Class International shipments
  • Insure in bulk
  • Claims are done completely online
  • Track everything from a single, central location

ShipSaver Shipping app is a great way to purchase shipping labels and shipping insurance at a huge discount. Get commercial plus pricing on USPS labels (the best you can get), print in bulk, and get the best insurance available at huge savings.

Application requirements
Supported browsers:Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox 3 or later, Safari 5 or later
Supported languages:English
Supported eBay
Required eBay subscriptions:None
Application support
Support is available 24/7 through email and our ticketing system.

SellerJam, LLC

SellerJam, LLC, the parent company of ShipSaver, and Its founders have been providing tools for eBay sellers since 1999. Owned and founded by the same people who founded inkFrog, we pride ourselvers on providing the highest level of service available. Visit us at
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List to eBay and manage your eBay business faster and easier than ever before. The best app in eBay!
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
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5 star170
4 star25
3 star11
2 star8
1 star47
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Works if you don't need it
by: Review created: Jan 10, 2017
Review:I've used this service since like 2011 with only two requests for insurance to be honored.  Each time was difficult.  The most recent item was not even honored.  I've gone to Auctiva.  It costs more but since my coverage is being denied, I might as well pay more.  I gave them ample opportunity to do the right thing for a long term profitable client and they chose poorly!

Much easier and faster to file a claim. Super fast on giving your money back.
by: Review created: Jan 05, 2017
Review:Never use USPS Insurance when Ship Saver is so much easier and cheaper.

This insurance actually pays claims
by: Review created: Jan 05, 2017
Review:Originally I only used Ship Saver for multiple boxes and First Class items that could not be insured.  I am now a convert, since in one of my boxes insured through Ship Saver a decoy had a beak broken off. Photos were sent, and the claim was paid in 3 days.  Unfortunately, at this same customer's insistence, his next purchase was sent and insured through UPS.  This time, a decoy was decapitated, (a fatal injury) and we are on the second week of even trying to file a claim.  All my future sales will be insured through Ship Saver no matter what the customer wants.

Great prices and support
by: Review created: Jan 04, 2017
Review:Had an issue on my end and they got back to me same day and fixed it. Prices beat etsy and ebay for priority. 

Excellent service- saves money, easy as pie to use
by: Review created: Dec 21, 2016
Review:I've been using shipsavr for several years 

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ShipSaver is a free app. You only pay for the cost of labels and insurance.

ShipSaver Rates:
Commerical Plus pricing on USPS labels (the best you can get!)
USPS Shipping Insurance Domestic - .79c per $100 of coverage up to $2500 ($1000 for First Class Shipments)
USPS Shipping Insurance International - $1.00 per $100 of coverage up to $2500 ($1000 for First Class Shipments)
UPS & Fedex - .60c per $100 after the first $100