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eZ labelZ for eBay
eZ labelZ for eBay
By eZ labelZ for eBay
Release Date: Aug 14, 2009
Categories: Shipping & payments, Inventory
Quickly create customized inventory and address labels with data from your eBay items and transactions. Translate buyer data into marketing materials including flyers, cards and much more!
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Key features
  • Quickly print customized inventory labels with instant importing of eBay item data.
  • Quickly print customized address labels with instant importing of eBay buyer data.
  • Bulk import hundreds of items/transactions at once using a comma delimited file!
  • Easy barcoding! Convert any field into a barcode!
  • Print eBay item gallery images on any label.
  • Build custom labels and even flyers, printouts, or cards using our WYSIWYG label editor.
  • There's no requirement to import eBay data if you don't need to. Static text or barcodes and uploaded images are all supported.

As your business grows, so does your inventory, and your need for efficiency sky-rockets. Now you can take your eBay item and buyer data, format it, and print it in whatever way works best for you with the ease of a WYSIWYG label editor and fast print wizard.

eZ labelZ for eBay (pronounced "easy labels for eBay") makes short work of creating labels with data from your eBay items and transactions. You can even barcode your eBay data with a simple click.

We have provided a large selection of label styles and label sheet templates (organized by Avery compatibility). You can also input your own custom label sheets, build your own custom labels, and import your items in a flash.

eZ labelZ makes it easy to put an item title, item number, starting bid, start time, end time, and, yes, even the gallery image onto any label you can imagine and/or design. You can also import buyer contact information, including name, address fields, phone number, user ID, and email!

eZ labelZ for eBay WILL make it easier for you to manage your inventory and your outgoing packages. It will also let you make professional, custom labels to deliver a rich, more focused brand to your buyers.

If that powerful functionality isn't enough, you can also build flyers, printouts, cards and any other printout you can imagine -- just with a few clicks of the mouse. You don't even have to import eBay data! Static text, barcodes, and uploaded images are all supported!

Application requirements
Supported browsers:Latest version of FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or IE
Supported languages:English
Supported eBay
Required eBay subscriptions:None
Application support
Drop us a line at, or submit a note via the HELP! tab in the application.

eZ labelZ for eBay

Our goal is simply to build tools to enhance the web!
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Very Good service but slow...
by: Review created: Dec 07, 2014
Review:This app provides very good service that sellers need. But it's a pity that we have to wait a few HOURS after listing items on eBay be able to print these labels with this app. Unfortunately, this app doesn't have access to listed items quickly. But major idea of this app is wonderful.

Perfect Label Solution and Great Support
by: Review created: Dec 03, 2014
Review:For someone who ships USPS First Class this is an amazing free app. Better custom label tool than or Shipstation etc. I requested a feature and the dev added it a few hours later - awesome.

Wish would print more than last 14 days.....
by: Review created: Oct 25, 2014
Review:Is there anyway that I can print beyond the last 14 days? If it were 30 it would be awesome.  I have to remember to print either each time I list or weekly to obtain labels for all items listed.  OTHERWISE, I love this!!!

Simple, Convenient, Easy... and FREE! Must have for all avid sellers! A+ App!!
by: Review created: Oct 23, 2014
Review:Super basic layout, not too many options, which makes it very user friendly. Has exactly everything you need, for identifying and/or organizing any/all of the item(s) you're selling on eBay with labels. Completely cusomizable templates with all the information needed, easily searchable through the listings you've posted and automatically imported into the template fields for you. All this, formated just right to fit any size label paper on the fly, and instantly print right from the app! So easy! So handy! Super Stellar App! :D

Having a problem, need help please
by: Review created: Oct 19, 2014
Review:I tried generating labels by manually setting up the labels using the "search" option to fill in the data in each label section.  It looked like it was working; message saying "your labels are being generated" only it's had that message on the screen for over an hour now.  I tried generating labels using the option to select dates but that didn't import correct data.  Can someone from support please contact me? I don't see any support link within the app.  Thank you.

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